Our Family Album
Capturing memories in a family album used to be much more complex than it is now. I spent hours over a scrapbooking table, cutting and pasting paper after paper to make the perfect design. Eventually I stopped making albums, because it was so overwhelming. All of my pictures started... Read more
Planning an LGBT Friendly Family Vacation
These tips and links will help you when planning a LGBT friendly family vacation. Major hotel chains, including Wyndham Hotels and Resorts and Hilton, are actively marketing to the LGBT community and LGBT families, in particular. In a recent survey by Community Marketing 68% of gay men and lesbians... Read more
Dealing with the Families on the Holidays
Some tips on how to survive the holidays and have a good, if not great, time this year. Holidays can be a fun and festive time, but it can also be anticipated with dread, especially for LGBT couples. In some cases, our families can be loving and supportive, but... Read more
LGBTQ Family Events Provide Increased Pride and Self-Esteem
LGBTQ parents often face the sense of isolation their children feel as they spread their wings into the big wide world. Many children face being shunned, bullied, and misunderstood at school and elsewhere. LGBTQ families getting together can be a positive experience helping ground children by sharing an experience... Read more