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Should you wear pantyhose with a dress to a wedding?

Weddings are a time of celebration, love, and togetherness. As you prepare for the big day, you may be wondering if you should wear pantyhose with your dress. The answer may surprise you as it depends on various factors. This blog post will discuss the reasons why you should or should not wear pantyhose to a wedding.

What are Pantyhose?

Pantyhose, also known as tights, are a type of hosiery worn by women that cover both your legs and hips. They come in different colors, styles, thickness, and textures, making them a versatile piece of clothing. Some pantyhose have a control top that can help smooth out any bulges around the waist, while others have reinforced toes and heels for durability.

Reasons to Wear Pantyhose

1. Dress Code: Some weddings may have a dress code that requires guests to wear pantyhose. It’s essential to read the invitation or check with the hosts if there are any dress code requirements. In this case, wearing pantyhose is not only appropriate but expected.
2. Formal Event: A wedding is a formal event, and pantyhose can add sophistication and elegance to your outfit. If you’re wearing a dress or skirt, pantyhose can help make your legs look smooth and polished. It’s also an excellent opportunity to wear sheer or patterned pantyhose to add a touch of personality to your outfit.
3. Cold Weather: If the wedding is in the fall or winter, wearing pantyhose can help keep your legs warm. It can be uncomfortable and look unprofessional to wear boots or thick socks with a dress. Pantyhose can protect your legs from the cold while still looking stylish.

Reasons Not to Wear Pantyhose

1. Comfort: Pantyhose can be uncomfortable, especially when they don’t fit well. It can be frustrating to constantly pull them up or adjust them throughout the day. Some women also experience skin irritation or allergic reactions to the material. If you’re not used to wearing pantyhose, it may be best to skip them and wear something you’re comfortable in.
2. Outdated Fashion: Pantyhose used to be a staple item in many women’s wardrobes, but fashion has evolved. In recent years, it’s become more acceptable to wear bare legs to formal events, including weddings. Wearing pantyhose can make you look outdated and out of touch with current fashion trends.
3. Warm Weather: Weddings during the spring and summer can be hot and humid. Wearing pantyhose in this weather can be uncomfortable and make you sweat. It’s better to wear comfortable sandals, pumps, or flats and skip the pantyhose altogether.

Tips for Wearing Pantyhose

1. Choose the Right Size: Wearing pantyhose that are too big or small can be uncomfortable and unflattering. Make sure to check the sizing chart before purchasing and consider your height and weight.
2. Shop for Quality: Low-quality pantyhose can rip or tear easily, which can be embarrassing and ruin your outfit. Invest in high-quality pantyhose, so they last longer and better fit your shape.
3. Stick to Neutral Colors: While it’s tempting to wear colorful or patterned pantyhose, it’s better to stick to neutral colors that complement your outfit. Black, nude, or sheer pantyhose are versatile and work well with most dresses.


In conclusion, whether you should wear pantyhose to a wedding depends on various factors. It’s essential to consider the dress code, weather, and personal comfort when deciding to wear pantyhose. If you choose to wear pantyhose, make sure to select the right size, shop for quality, and stick to neutral colors. Remember to enjoy the wedding and celebrate the happy couple!


Is it OK to wear hose with a dress?

When it comes to wearing hose, there is no definite rule that one must follow. However, certain considerations can be taken into account to determine whether pantyhose or tights are appropriate to wear with a dress.

In general, wearing pantyhose or tights can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a dress. It can also be an excellent way to complete an outfit or complement the dress’s color. However, there are a few factors to consider before putting on pantyhose with a dress.

Firstly, the occasion should be taken into account. For formal events such as a wedding or a business meeting, pantyhose or tights can be an excellent choice to wear with a dress. They give a finished look and can express professionalism and elegance.

On the other hand, if attending a casual gathering, a pair of pantyhose or tights might not be necessary. In an informal setting, wearing a dress with bare legs would look perfectly acceptable.

The weather is another factor to consider when deciding whether to wear pantyhose. In cooler months, opaque tights are an excellent choice as they provide a bit more warmth than regular pantyhose. In summer, however, sheer pantyhose can be more appropriate to wear with a dress.

Lastly, personal style plays a significant role. What works for one person might not be suitable for another. Some individuals may prefer to wear pantyhose or tights with every outfit, whereas others might never wear them.

Wearing pantyhose or tights with a dress is entirely dependent on personal preference, the occasion, the weather, and the outfit’s style. Regardless, experimenting with different outfits with pantyhose or tights can be a fun and exciting way to elevate your look and express your style.

Does anybody wear pantyhose anymore?

Pantyhose were a staple in the fashion industry in the past, but with the advent of more casual and comfortable dress codes, many people wonder if pantyhose have become obsolete. However, the reality is that pantyhose are still widely worn by many women today.

There are many reasons why women still choose to wear pantyhose. Some women find that they provide a polished and sophisticated look, especially when wearing dresses, skirts, or dress pants to professional events. Pantyhose also offer the added benefit of covering up imperfections or blemishes on the legs, which can boost one’s confidence.

While some may associate pantyhose with discomfort and a “squeezed-in” feeling, modern options have been developed to offer both comfort and support. For instance, low-rise pantyhose with a non-squeeze waistband are now available, making them a popular choice among modern women who prioritize both style and comfort.

Additionally, many women wear pantyhose for practical reasons. Pantyhose can provide an extra layer of warmth during cooler months, and they can also prevent chafing and rubbing between the thighs. Furthermore, certain professions may require the wearing of pantyhose, such as jobs in the airline or hospitality industries.

It’s also important to note that pantyhose have continued to evolve and adapt in response to changing fashion trends. Today, there are many different types of pantyhose available, from sheer to opaque and even patterned or textured designs. This variety allows women to express their personal style while still benefiting from the practical and aesthetic advantages of pantyhose.

Pantyhose may not be as ubiquitous as they once were, but they are still very much a part of modern fashion. Women may choose to wear pantyhose for reasons of style, comfort, practicality, or a combination of factors. As fashion continues to evolve, we can expect to see pantyhose continue to play a role in women’s wardrobes for years to come.

What color stockings should you wear with a black cocktail dress?

When it comes to choosing stockings to wear with a black cocktail dress, there are a few approaches you can take. One of the easiest and most foolproof options is to match the color of your stockings to the color of your dress. This can create a sleek, cohesive look that is both elegant and sexy. For instance, a pair of opaque black tights or sheer black stockings worn with a black cocktail dress can create a classic and sophisticated look that is perfect for eveningwear.

On the other hand, some fashion experts advise against wearing black stockings with black dresses, as it can sometimes create too much darkness and make the outfit seem too heavy. If you are concerned about this, you may want to consider another option. For example, you could choose to wear sheer nude or neutral stockings instead. These can complement your skin tone and create the illusion of longer legs without detracting from the overall look of the dress.

Another thing to consider when choosing stockings to wear with a black cocktail dress is the occasion or event you will be attending. For more formal occasions, like black tie events or weddings, it is generally best to stick with black or neutral-colored stockings that are more subdued and understated. However, for more casual or trendy events, you may want to choose bolder or more colorful stockings that can add some pop to your outfit.

No matter what color stockings you choose, it’s important to make sure they fit well and are comfortable to wear throughout the event. Stay away from stockings that are too tight or constricting, as they can create unsightly bulges or lines. And if you are wearing shoes, make sure your stockings are long enough to cover any exposed skin and create a polished finish to your look.