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Is there an LGBTQ character in Black Panther 2?

Black Panther 2, the highly-anticipated sequel to the 2018 blockbuster film, has been the talk of the town ever since its announcement. Fans have been eagerly waiting for any news or updates about the movie, including whether any new characters or storylines will be introduced. One question that has been on everyone’s minds is whether there will be an LGBTQ character in the film. In this blog post, we will look into the rumors about an LGBTQ character in Black Panther 2 and explore what it could mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Rumors about an LGBTQ character in Black Panther 2

There have been various rumors surrounding an LGBTQ character in Black Panther 2. The rumors started when Letitia Wright, who plays Shuri in the film, retweeted a video of a fan edit that featured her character and Lupita Nyong’o’s character, Nakia, in a romantic relationship. Fans quickly took notice of this and speculated that this could mean that there will be an LGBTQ relationship in the movie.

However, this tweet was later deleted, and neither Wright nor any other cast member has confirmed or denied the rumors. But there is another rumor that suggests that Ayo, a member of the Dora Milaje, Wakanda’s all-female elite team of royal bodyguards, will have a significant role in the film. Ayo, played by Florence Kasumba, is openly gay in the comics, which has led fans to believe that her sexuality might be explored in the movie.

What an LGBTQ character in Black Panther 2 could mean

If there is indeed an LGBTQ character in the film, it would be a significant step forward for representation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the MCU has had a few LGBTQ characters, such as Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok and Joe Russo’s cameo in Avengers: Endgame, they have been relatively minor roles. Having an LGBTQ character as a prominent member of the ensemble cast in one of the biggest franchise films in the world would be a massive win for representation.

It would also make Black Panther 2 more reflective of the world we live in, where people of all sexual orientations are part of our everyday lives. By including an LGBTQ character, the movie would be able to provide representation to those who have been historically marginalized in Hollywood. It would also send a message of acceptance to those who may not understand or accept LGBTQ people.

Furthermore, an LGBTQ character could add depth and complexity to the story. It could explore relationships and experiences that have not been seen before in the MCU, providing new perspectives and giving the audience a fresh look at the characters and their world.


While the rumors about an LGBTQ character in Black Panther 2 remain unconfirmed, the possibility of having such a character in the film is exciting. Not only would it be groundbreaking for representation in the MCU, but it would also send a powerful message of acceptance to the world. Whether or not there is an LGBTQ character in Black Panther 2, it is clear that the film is shaping up to be another masterpiece in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Who is Okoye dating in Black Panther 2?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the character of Okoye, the leader of the Dora Milaje and a trusted ally of King T’Challa, played by Danai Gurira, has a different romantic partner than what fans may be accustomed to from the comics.

In the comics, Okoye is a loyalist to the Wakandan throne and is ultimately married to W’Kabi, the head of Wakanda’s Border Tribe. However, in the MCU, their relationship is not explored beyond their close working relationship. Instead, Okoye is dating Aneka, a character who was part of the comic book series “World of Wakanda” which was written by Roxane Gay.

In the comics, the character of Aneka was a former member of the Dora Milaje, who after witnessing the injustices within Wakanda, forms the Midnight Angels, an all-female Wakandan vigilante group. She eventually falls in love with fellow Midnight Angel, Ayo. However, in the MCU Okoye replaces Ayo in this whole scenario by becoming the lover of Aneka.

Fans were ecstatic when this change was announced, as it represented significant strides for representation in mainstream superhero movies, showcasing a same-sex relationship between two Black women. Although their relationship is not a central plotline in either “Black Panther” or its forthcoming sequel, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” their inclusion represents a decisive step forward for inclusivity in the superhero genre.

It’s important to note that the MCU version of Aneka is not identical to her comic book counterpart either. In the comics, Aneka rebels against T’Challa’s leadership, whereas in the MCU she is depicted as an ally and a friend. Additionally, the Midnight Angels’ mission in the comics is to protect Wakanda from external and internal threats, but they are not presented as villains in the MCU and their goals appear to be similar to those of the Dora Milaje.

To conclude, Okoye’s love interest in “Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever” will be Aneka, whom she is shown dating in the comics. This addition to the MCU represents a significant moment in superhero cinema, as a same-sex relationship between two Black women is depicted on the big screen, signaling progress towards increased representation and inclusivity in the genre.

Who is Shuri love interest?

Shuri, the brilliant and charismatic younger sister of T’Challa (the former Black Panther), has captured the hearts of Marvel fans. In the comics, Shuri has had several romantic interests over the years, including the likes of the Winter Soldier and Miles Morales. However, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, her love interest has yet to be revealed.

In the highly anticipated upcoming film, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” fans have been speculating on who Shuri’s love interest might be. Confirming some of those rumors, production designer Hannah Beachler recently revealed that Marvel has been exploring a romantic connection between Shuri and Namor, the ruler of the underwater city of Talokan.

In the comics, Namor has a history with the Black Panther and Wakanda, often making appearances as either an enemy or ally. He is known for his arrogance, but also his loyalty to his people. While it is unclear how his character will be portrayed in the upcoming film, it is clear that the team behind “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” sees potential for a love story between Namor and Shuri.

It is important to note, however, that Marvel has not confirmed any romantic plotlines in the film. It is possible that the in-development script could take the story in another direction, or that the romance between Shuri and Namor could be a subtle subplot rather than a major focus.

Regardless of whether or not Namor truly becomes Shuri’s love interest, fans are eagerly anticipating more details about the upcoming film and the future of the Black Panther franchise.

Who is Aneka dating in Wakanda Forever?

Aneka is a member of the Dora Milaje, Wakanda’s all-woman special forces team who are tasked with protecting the king and the country from threats both foreign and domestic. She is a skilled fighter who is devoted to her duty and to upholding the traditions of her people. However, Aneka is not just a warrior; she is also a woman with a heart full of passion and love.

In the Marvel comics, Aneka falls in love with Ayo, another member of the Dora Milaje, which is forbidden according to Wakanda’s laws. Ayo and Aneka’s relationship is a taboo in Wakanda, as same-sex relationships are not culturally accepted. Despite the society’s disapproval, Aneka and Ayo continue to love each other.

Their relationship has had a significant impact on the storyline of the Wakanda comics. When their love is discovered, Ayo and Aneka are sentenced to death. However, they are saved by the Umbalayo tribe, who view their relationship as a symbol of progress and modernization.

In the comics, their romantic relationship was an essential part of Aneka’s character, as it showed that even the most devoted Wakandan warrior can fall in love with someone who society tells them they should not love. Furthermore, their relationship represented the idea that progress requires us to question the old traditions.

In the upcoming movie “Wakanda Forever,” it is unclear how much of their romantic relationship will be explored, given that it is not the main focus of the story. However, the inclusion of characters such as Aneka and Ayo, who challenge traditional norms, might be a way of showing that Wakanda is a progressive society that strives for equality and justice for all its citizens.