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Is there a gay character in GREY’s anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy has become one of the most popular and long-running medical drama series on television. It has captured the hearts of viewers from around the world with its engaging characters, gripping storylines, and occasional celebrity guest appearances. Over the years, the show has tackled many social issues, including gender, race, faith, and sexuality.

One of the most controversial issues that Grey’s Anatomy has addressed is the representation of the LGBTQ+ community. In recent years, there has been a push for greater representation of this community on television, and Grey’s Anatomy was one of the first shows to depict same-sex relationships and openly gay characters. In this post, we will explore the question of whether there is a gay character in Grey’s Anatomy and how the show has handled this issue.

The Evolution of the LGBTQ+ Representation on Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy has always been a show that is dedicated to championing the underrepresented. It’s this commitment that makes the show such a great ally for the LGBTQ+ community. In the early seasons, the show didn’t have any major LGBTQ+ characters, but it did tackle the issue of homosexuality when Callie Torres (played by Sara Ramirez) revealed her bisexuality in Season 2.

Callie’s decision to come out was a pivotal moment in the show’s history. It showed that Grey’s Anatomy was willing to tackle complex social issues head-on and become an advocate for change on television. Callie’s storyline was groundbreaking, and it paved the way for other LGBTQ+ storylines in the show.

It wasn’t until later seasons that Grey’s Anatomy introduced a gay character in the show. In Season 9, we were introduced to Dr. James Avery (played by James Remar), a renowned surgeon who is openly gay. While James wasn’t a main character on the show, his presence as a gay person in a position of power was significant in changing the narrative on television.

Meet Levi Schmitt: Grey’s Anatomy’s Gay Protagonist

Grey’s Anatomy’s first gay main character is Levi Schmitt, played by Jake Borelli. Levi is introduced in Season 14 as a medical intern who is instantly likable and relatable. He’s a lovable and endearing character who is easy to root for. When Levi comes out as gay in Season 15, it’s a monumental moment for the show.

Levi’s story arc is inspired by Jake Borelli’s experience coming out as gay. This personal connection makes the storyline more organic and real. Borelli has been praised for his representation of the LGBTQ+ community on the show and for his commitment to the cause off-screen.

Levi’s coming out is not an easy process, but it’s handled tastefully and respectfully. His journey is not dissimilar to the coming out stories that millions of people around the world have experienced. It’s an honest portrayal of the struggle and fear that comes with being true to yourself and your identity.

The Importance of Gay Representation on Grey’s Anatomy

The presence of gay characters on Grey’s Anatomy is important because it sends a message of inclusion and acceptance to millions of viewers around the world. The show’s commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and representation is admirable, and it’s why Grey’s Anatomy has remained one of the most popular television shows of the past two decades.

Representation matters. It helps people who are struggling with their identity to see themselves on screen and know that they are not alone. It also helps to educate those who may not be familiar with the LGBTQ+ community and promotes understanding and acceptance.

When Grey’s Anatomy first aired in 2005, it was one of the only shows that featured a prominent LGBTQ+ character. Now, just over a decade later, we have seen a significant increase in the representation of the community on television. This progress is thanks in part to the trailblazers like Grey’s Anatomy who have helped pave the way for change.


Grey’s Anatomy has become a leader in promoting diversity, inclusivity, and representation on television. The show’s commitment to tackling social issues head-on has led to some of the most groundbreaking moments on television.

The introduction of gay characters on the show, including Levi Schmitt, has provided important representation for the LGBTQ+ community. It has helped to raise awareness and promote acceptance and understanding of the community. It is clear that Grey’s Anatomy will continue to lead the way in this important area of social justice and progress for years to come.


Is Izzie gay in Grey’s Anatomy?

In Grey’s Anatomy, Izzie Stevens is portrayed as a complex character who is dealing with various personal issues throughout the show. One of the questions that have been raised by fans is whether Izzie is gay or not. To answer this question, it is important to examine Izzie’s relationships throughout the show and her sexual orientation.

In season two, Izzie enters the show as a surgical intern along with other cast members. Initially, she develops a friendship with George O’Malley but later becomes romantically involved with Alex Karev. However, later in season two, a character named Casey enters the show and begins to develop a close friendship with Izzie. Their friendship soon turns into a romantic relationship and the two women became a couple.

It is important to note that Izzie’s sexuality is not explicitly addressed in the show. However, her relationship with Casey, which is portrayed as a romantic one, suggests that she is indeed a lesbian. Additionally, some of the shows’ characters refer to her as “gay” or “lesbian” when discussing her past relationship.

While Izzie’s sexuality is not a major plot point in the show, her relationship with Casey and the way it is portrayed suggests that she is a lesbian. Regardless of her sexual orientation, Izzie remains a beloved character in Grey’s Anatomy and her character arc provides insight into a range of issues faced by women in their personal and professional lives.

Did Jo and Levi sleep together?

Yes, Jo and Levi did sleep together. It happened when Levi, a new intern, accidentally dropped his glasses into a patient’s body cavity during a surgery, and met Jo while apologizing for the incident. Despite Jo’s initial reluctance, the two of them ended up going to Levi’s mom’s basement. While there, they talked about their shared experiences and ended up having sex. It should be noted that Jo was going through a difficult time in her life, as her husband was abusing her and she later found out that he was still legally married to his previous wife. Despite the circumstances surrounding the encounter, it is clear that Jo and Levi did have sex. This event led to a brief relationship between the two characters, which ultimately did not work out.

When did Amelia come out?

In Season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy, Amelia Shepherd secretly harbored a crush on Carina DeLuca, leading her to come out as bisexual. While her sexuality had previously never been explicitly discussed on the show, it was clear that she had always been open to pursuing romantic relationships with both men and women but had never felt the need to label herself.

It wasn’t until a conversation with Carina, who is openly bisexual, that Amelia felt comfortable enough to reveal her attraction to her, and the two even discussed the possibility of having a threesome. While the threesome never ended up happening, Amelia was relieved to finally come out and discuss her attraction to women, something that had been weighing on her for some time.

Amelia’s coming out moment was a significant moment for the LGBTQ+ representation on Grey’s Anatomy, as it showed a character acknowledging and embracing their sexuality in a realistic and relatable way. It also helped to challenge the stereotypes and stigmas often associated with bisexual individuals, showcasing that attraction to both men and women is perfectly normal and valid. Amelia’s coming out moment was a significant step forward for the inclusivity and diversity of the show.