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Is the Sweet Annie video real wedding?

Zac Brown Band brought a new twist to the music video world with their release of “Sweet Annie”. This music video went above and beyond the usual concept of simply accompanying a song with a visual representation, as it actually captured the genuine wedding of ZBB member Coy Bowles.

A lot of fans might have wondered if this video is a real wedding or just a staged event. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into what went behind the making of the video and get a better understanding of the inspiration behind it.

The Making of “Sweet Annie” Music Video

The idea for “Sweet Annie” came after Coy Bowles proposed to his longtime girlfriend and now wife, Kylie. Instead of having a traditional wedding, Coy had the idea of tying the knot on camera while shooting a music video.

While this was an ambitious vision, it wasn’t easy. The band and the production team had to coordinate extensive planning and preparation for the event. The video was shot in two days at Camp Southern Ground, a non-profit camp that was founded by Zac Brown.

The shooting of the video happened in the Summer of 2013. This massive undertaking involved not only the wedding itself, but the entire lineup of the Zac Brown Band, extended family, and a who’s-who of Nashville music video directors.

The Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony itself was simple but beautiful – with Bowles and his bride exchanging vows under a floral archway. The wedding party was made up of the band members, and they all wore their notorious fedoras. One of a kind choir with their children was part of the procession that cemented the event as something quite unique in the history of country music.

Following the ceremony, the group walked and danced in a field as Zac Brown Band crooned the song. This beautiful and moving part of the music video captured a moment of pure joy and love between Coy and Kylie.

Cultural Significance of the “Sweet Annie” Video

The “Sweet Annie” music video has become a cultural touchstone and landmark in the country music genre. The video blends the humanity of television with the sincerity of real-life events, establishing a connection between the audience and the subject.

The video opens a door to the personal life of Coy Bowles, making fans feel they are part of his story. It’s clear that the entire Zac Brown Band are a tight-knit group both on and off the stage. By sharing this particular event with their fans, they are not only sharing their heart but also building a sense of trust and intimacy.


Now you know that the “Sweet Annie” music video is a real wedding that took place between ZBB member Coy Bowles and his wife, Kylie. The innovative concept of capturing a wedding in a music video certainly spoke to the hearts of Zac Brown Band fans, country music fans, and lovers of a great love story.

By opening up their personal life to the world, the Zac Brown Band has created a deeper connection with their fans and has cemented their status as one of the most genuine and soulful country music bands of our time.


What is the story behind Sweet Annie?

“Sweet Annie” is a hit song from the popular country music group, the Zac Brown Band. This beautiful tune was released on July 22, 2013, as the fourth single from their album “Uncaged”. Ever since the release of this song, it has been gaining recognition and appreciation from both old and new country music fans.

The song is a heartbreaking plea from a man who just got really tired of his life on the road. He pleads with his love, Sweet Annie, to stay with him and not leave him alone in his dark, road-worn misery. The poignant lyrics depict his deep yearning to settle down and have some peace in his life, showing his vulnerability and sensitivity.

The lyrics of “Sweet Annie” are touching and evoke emotions in the listeners. The song portrays a relatable love story filled with despair, nostalgia, and hope. It has been noted that the song has a timeless quality to it, which is what makes it so special to its listeners.

Musically, “Sweet Annie” is an excellent example of the Zac Brown Band’s style. It blends country, rock, and folk genres to deliver a smooth and catchy melody that can stick to the listeners’ minds. The song’s chorus is undeniably the pinnacle of the song, where the melody hits its high point, and the vocals shine their brightest.

“Sweet Annie” is a beautiful and touching song that tells a relatable love story of a man who just wants to settle down and find peace. The powerful lyrics and the Zac Brown Band’s masterful execution of the music create a mood that can be felt and appreciated by listeners of all ages and backgrounds.

How many kids does Coy Bowles have?

Coy Bowles is a musician and member of the Zac Brown Band, as well as a proud father. He has two daughters named Hattie and Millie. Hattie is set to turn four years old soon, while Millie is two and a half. While being a member of a successful band, Bowles acknowledges the difficulties that come with being away from home for extended periods of time. He has expressed the sentiment that one doesn’t fully realize how much they miss while they’re gone. However, despite the challenges of balancing his music career and family life, Bowles is grateful for the love and joy that his daughters bring to his life.

What happened to Zac Brown Band?

The Zac Brown Band is an American country music band known for songs like “Chicken Fried,” “Homegrown,” and “Colder Weather.” In recent times, the band members have had their fair share of setbacks, both in terms of their music career and their personal lives.

The band’s 2020 tour plans were disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic like many others in the music industry. Despite this, they managed to perform a few shows in 2021, including opening for the Rolling Stones in the SoFi Stadium in September. Unfortunately, Zac Brown contracted COVID-19 during this time and had to cancel a few shows. The news of his diagnosis came to light through a post on the band’s Instagram page, where he revealed that he had tested positive despite being fully vaccinated.

Later, in an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer explained that he had mild symptoms, which included headaches and muscle aches. He also mentioned that he had been vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine in the spring and had received a booster shot before the tour, but still contracted the virus. Following his diagnosis, the band canceled a few performances, and Brown was in quarantine as per the recommended guidelines.

However, things took an unfortunate turn for the band when Brown tested positive for the virus a second time in late December. He was set to perform at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve, but had to cancel due to his diagnosis. In a statement, the band mentioned that Brown was feeling fine and that the rest of the band and crew had tested negative.

Despite the setbacks, it appears that Zac Brown and the rest of the band are on the road to recovery, and they have a busy tour schedule set for 2022. Fans are looking forward to seeing the band back in action once they’re fully healthy and safe to perform.

Who are the original members of the Zac Brown Band?

The Zac Brown Band is a popular American country music group that has sold millions of albums and won multiple Grammy awards. The band was formed in 2002 in Dahlonega, Georgia by lead vocalist Zac Brown, who was also the guitarist of the band. The original lineup of the Zac Brown Band consisted of Brown, drummer Marcus Petruska, and bass guitarist Jacob Lawson.

In the early years, the Zac Brown Band performed at local bars and clubs, building a fan base and honing their craft. Their music was influenced by a variety of genres, including country, bluegrass, rock, and folk. Their unique blend of styles and Brown’s soulful voice quickly caught the attention of the music industry.

In 2003, Zac Brown started his own label called Home Grown, which later became Southern Ground. This allowed the band to have creative control over their music and opened up more opportunities for the band to showcase their talents to the public. The band’s first album, “Far From Einstyne,” was released in 2004 under Home Grown.

Over the years, the Zac Brown Band’s lineup has changed, but the group continues to be one of the most successful country music acts in the world. In addition to Brown, the current members of the band include Coy Bowles (guitar, keyboards), Clay Cook (guitar, keyboards, mandolin), Chris Fryar (drums), Matt Mangano (bass guitar), Jimmy De Martini (violin), and Daniel de los Reyes (percussion).

The original members of the Zac Brown Band were Zac Brown, Marcus Petruska, and Jacob Lawson. Through hard work, dedication, and a unique sound that blends many genres, the band has continued to grow and evolve, gaining fans around the world.

Who plays steel guitar in Zac Brown Band?

Coy Bowles is a multi-instrumentalist best known as a member of the highly successful Zac Brown Band, a three-time Grammy Award-winning group that has sold over 25 million records worldwide. Bowles joined the band in 2007 and has played various instruments with the band including guitar, slide guitar, dobro, piano and organ.

While Bowles is not technically the steel guitarist of the band, he is often seen playing a variety of stringed instruments including the dobro. The dobro is a resonator guitar that is played with a slide and is commonly used in country, bluegrass and blues music. It is often mistaken for a steel guitar, as it produces a similar sound due to its metal resonator cone.

Bowles has been an integral part of the writing and recording process for Zac Brown Band, co-writing several of their hit songs including “Colder Weather,” “Toes” and “The Wind.” In addition to his musical talent, Bowles has also dabbled in acting, appearing in several films and TV shows including The Walking Dead and The Founder.

While Coy Bowles may not be the dedicated steel guitarist of Zac Brown Band, he plays an important role in the band’s sound by contributing his talents on multiple instruments and in writing and arranging their music.