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Is the song baby blue about George Strait’s daughter?

For years, the country music community has been asking whether the popular song “Baby Blue” by George Strait was written in memory of his daughter Jenifer. The speculations about the song’s origin have been circulating for years, but there has never been any official confirmation on the matter. In this blog post, we’ll explore the possible connections between the song and Jenifer, and try to uncover the truth about whether “Baby Blue” is about George Strait’s daughter.

The Song “Baby Blue”

“Baby Blue” is a song that George Strait recorded and released in 1988. The song was a major success, reaching the top of the charts and becoming one of the most popular songs of the year. The song was written by Aaron Barker, who had a long history of working with George Strait. Barker wrote the song as an expression of his love for his wife.

The song’s lyrics focus on a man who is trying to express his love for a woman and how she brings light to his life. The song’s chorus is particularly memorable, with the line “Baby blue was the color of her eyes, baby blue like the Colorado skies.” It’s a romantic song that has been a favorite of country music fans for years.

The Connection to Jenifer

Despite the fact that the song was written by Aaron Barker about his own wife, rumors have persisted for years that the song was actually written in memory of George Strait’s daughter, Jenifer. There are a few different reasons why this belief has become so widespread.

Firstly, there is the fact that Jenifer did, in fact, have baby blue eyes. Photos of Jenifer show that her eyes were piercing blue, just like the lyrics of the song suggest. This has led some fans and music writers to surmise that Aaron Barker may have been inspired by Jenifer when he wrote the song.

Another reason why fans believe the song is about Jenifer is due to the fact that she died tragically in a car accident in 1986, just two years before “Baby Blue” was released. The song’s lyrics are certainly poignant and emotional, which could be interpreted as being written as a tribute to someone who has passed on. Additionally, George Strait has never publicly discussed what inspired the song, which has only fueled the rumors even further.

The Lack of Confirmation

Despite all of the speculation and rumors, the truth is that there is no official confirmation that “Baby Blue” is about Jenifer. In fact, there has never been any statement from George Strait, Aaron Barker, or anyone else involved with the song that would definitively connect it to Jenifer.

It’s worth noting that George Strait has always been a very private person when it comes to his family life. He rarely discusses his personal life and keeps his family mostly out of the public eye. It’s possible that he has never mentioned anything publicly about the song because it’s just not how he operates.

Additionally, there is the fact that Aaron Barker has stated publicly that the song was written about his own wife. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that Jenifer was not an inspiration for the song, it does suggest that the connection between the song and Jenifer may simply be a rumor.


In conclusion, there is certainly reason to believe that the song “Baby Blue” by George Strait could have been written in memory of his daughter Jenifer. However, there is no official confirmation of this fact, and the connections between the song and Jenifer are mostly based on speculation and rumor.

While the truth about the song’s origins may never be known for sure, what is clear is that “Baby Blue” is a beautiful and emotional song that has touched the hearts of countless listeners over the years. Whether or not it was written in memory of Jenifer, the song remains a classic of the country music genre and a testament to the enduring power of love.


Who was the song Baby Blue written about?

The song “Baby Blue” was written by the British band “Badfinger,” who rose to fame in the 1970s. The song was released on their album “Straight Up” in 1971 and was inspired by the late Badfinger singer Pete Ham’s ex-girlfriend. Her name was Dixie Armstrong.

After Badfinger signed with Apple Records, they moved to London, where Pete Ham met Dixie Armstrong. They started dating, and their relationship inspired the song “Baby Blue.” Pete Ham wrote the romantic track and dedicated it to his former girlfriend.

However, their relationship was not meant to be. Dixie Armstrong eventually left Pete Ham, leaving him heartbroken. Sadly, Pete Ham struggled with depression and financial issues, which eventually led to him taking his own life in 1975. Despite this, “Baby Blue” remains a beloved classic and a tribute to the love that inspired it.

The song’s emotional lyrics, catchy chorus, and guitar riff have been praised by many critics and fans. It has become one of Badfinger’s most popular songs, reaching number 14 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1972. It was also featured in the hit television show Breaking Bad, introducing the song to a new, younger audience.

The song “Baby Blue” was written about Dixie Armstrong, Badfinger’s late singer Pete Ham’s ex-girlfriend. Though their relationship did not last, Pete Ham’s inspiration lives on in this beautifully written and memorable song.

What is the story behind the song Baby Blue?

“Baby Blue” is a song written and recorded by Badfinger, a British rock band, for their album “Straight Up” in 1972. It was released as a single in the United States in December 1971 and reached number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was written by Pete Ham, one of the founding members of the band, and tells a story about a man who keeps his girl (his “baby blue”) waiting too long and ultimately loses her.

The lyrics of the song suggest that it was based on Ham’s long-distance relationship with his girlfriend Dixie Armstrong. In the opening lines, he sings, “Guess I got what I deserved / Kept you waiting there too long, my love.” The song continues with the narrator expressing regret over losing his love. The chorus is particularly poignant, with the narrator addressing his lost love directly, singing, “But baby, I’ll be there, I’ll be there when you’re down / I’ll be there when you’re through / And I’ll be there when you’re needing me too.”

In addition to the lyrics, the melody and arrangement of “Baby Blue” are also noteworthy. Todd Rundgren produced the track, and his influence can be heard in the song’s lush harmonies and layered instrumentation. Hammond organ, piano, and acoustic guitar blend with a string section and pounding drums to create a powerful and emotional sound. The guitar solo in the middle of the song is particularly memorable, and has been cited as an example of Ham’s songwriting and guitar playing abilities.

Despite its success, “Baby Blue” has a tragic legacy. Ham committed suicide in 1975 at the age of 27, leaving behind a note that quoted the lyrics from the song. It has been suggested that the pressures of the music industry and financial difficulties contributed to his depression and suicide.

“Baby Blue” is a poignant and emotional song whose meaning is rooted in the personal experiences of Pete Ham. Its powerful melody and arrangement continue to captivate audiences over four decades after its initial release.

What happened to George Strait’s daughter Jennifer?

On June 25, 1986, George Strait’s life changed forever when he lost his 13-year-old daughter Jenifer in a car crash. The accident took place at around midnight, just outside San Marcos, Texas. Jenifer was riding in a car driven by another teenager who had been drinking, and neither of them survived the crash.

Jenifer was just a teenager when she died, and her death came as a huge shock to George Strait and his family. At the time, Strait was already a famous country musician, but he was also a devoted family man. With his wife Norma, he had two other children, a son named George Jr. and a daughter named Julie.

After Jenifer’s death, George Strait was understandably devastated. He took a break from music for a while, and he and his family were understandably private about their loss. Strait did not speak publicly about Jenifer’s death until many years later, when he started the Jenifer Lynn Strait Foundation.

The foundation, named after his daughter, is a nonprofit organization that provides college scholarships to deserving students in the San Antonio area. It was started in 1996, ten years after Jenifer’s death, and it has since helped many students further their educations.

Though Jenifer’s death was a tragedy, George Strait has used it as an opportunity to do good in the world. His foundation has helped many students achieve their dreams, and it is a testament to the kind of person George Strait is. Fans of his music may know him as the king of country, but he is also a loving father who has used his grief to make a positive impact in the world.

Where is Jenifer Strait buried?

Jennifer Strait, daughter of the legendary country singer George Strait, tragically lost her life in a car accident at the young age of 13. The incident took place in rural central Texas, where Jennifer and her friends were on their way home from a George Strait concert. Jennifer was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, leaving her family, friends and fans utterly devastated.

In order to pay their respects and bid farewell to Jennifer, a funeral was arranged for her at the First United Methodist Church in San Marcos, Texas. The funeral service was held in the presence of close family members, friends and well-wishers who came to express their condolences and sympathies. The ceremony was an emotional one, with many paying tribute to the young girl and remembering her fondly.

Following the funeral service, Jennifer Strait was laid to rest in Pearsall, her hometown. She was buried in a quiet, peaceful cemetery where her family members gathered to say their final goodbyes. Although Jennifer’s life was short-lived, her memory lives on, both in the hearts of her loved ones and in the hearts of George Strait’s fans.

Jennifer Strait was buried in Pearsall, Texas, her hometown, following a funeral service held at the First United Methodist Church in San Marcos. Her death was a tragic loss, but her legacy lives on and she will always be remembered fondly by those who knew her and loved her.

How many children did George Strait and his wife have?

George Strait is a legendary country musician who has always been a private person, and not much is known about his personal life. However, George Strait was married to his high school sweetheart Norma, and they have been together for over 50 years.

Together, George and Norma Strait have two children, a daughter named Jenifer who was born in 1972 and a son named George Jr., who is also known as “Bubba,” he was born on 14th May 1981. Sadly, the couple lost their daughter, Jenifer, in a tragic car accident when she was only 13 years old. Jenifer’s death was a devastating blow to the Straits, and they dedicated a song called “You Can’t Make A Heart Love Somebody” to her memory.

Despite their loss, George Strait and his wife Norma have remained married and have been a strong support system for each other throughout their lives. Today, their son George Jr. is a successful businessman and has made his own name in the industry.

George Strait and his wife Norma have two children together; a daughter named Jenifer and a son named George Jr. Their love for each other and their family has been a constant source of inspiration to fans and admirers around the world. Though they may not be in the spotlight often, their story serves as a reminder of the importance of family and the resilience needed to overcome life’s challenges.

Is George Strait still married?

Yes, George Strait is still married to his wife Norma Strait. The couple has been married for almost five decades now and they are still going strong. They met when they were both in college and started dating soon after. However, after their first date, George did not ask Norma out for a long time, which made her think that he wasn’t interested in her.

Fortunately, George realized his mistake and decided to look for Norma again. He eventually found her and they started dating again. After a few years, they decided to take their relationship to the next level and tied the knot at a church in Mexico on 4th December 1971.

Ever since their wedding day, George and Norma have been inseparable. They have faced many challenges over the years, including the loss of their daughter Jenifer in a car accident in 1986. However, they have always stood by each other and supported each other through thick and thin.

Despite being a famous country music icon, George Strait remains a humble and family-oriented man. He is often seen spending quality time with his wife, children, and grandchildren. In fact, his wife Norma even inspired one of his hit songs, “I Cross My Heart”, which was featured in the movie “Pure Country”.

George Strait is still happily married to his wife Norma Strait. Their enduring love story is an inspiration to many, and a reminder that true love can last a lifetime.