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Is Princess Diana’s wedding dress still on display?

As the world still mourns the loss of the iconic Princess Diana, her legacy remains everpresent in the form of her charitable work, timeless fashion sense, and of course, her legendary wedding dress. Princess Diana’s wedding dress, one of the most iconic dresses in the history of fashion, was the center of attention at her royal wedding which was watched by millions worldwide on July 29, 1981. For decades, the dress was on display for all to see. But, the question remains, is Princess Diana’s wedding dress still on display?

The History of Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress

Princess Diana’s wedding dress, designed by David Emanuel, was an elaborately detailed, 25-foot-long train masterpiece made with silk taffeta and antique lace. With a 153-year-old lace detail, Prince Charles’ then-fiance stunned the world with a look that would remain one of the most iconic in the history of fashion.

Diana’s royal dress was adorned with over 10,000 pearls and had an impressive 25-foot train. The eye-catching train required a team of six to carry it behind the bride as she walked down the aisle, adding to the grandeur and spectacle of the ceremony. It is no wonder that it remains one of the most famous wedding dresses of all time.

Where has Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress Been?

After her wedding in 1981, the dress was immediately put on display at Buckingham Palace for five years. The exhibit attracted over 700,000 visitors from around the world. From there, it was moved to Diana’s childhood home, Althorp, where it was on display until 2014. Following the exhibit’s end, there was a great deal of speculation about the dress’s next location.

However, in 2019, Kensington Palace, Princess Diana’s former home, announced that the legendary wedding dress would be returning to London as the centerpiece of a new exhibit titled, “Royal Style in the Making.” In addition to Princess Diana’s wedding dress, the exhibit will feature a collection of clothes belonging to other members of the Royal Family.

Why is Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress so Iconic?

While there has been no shortage of iconic dresses over the years, none have maintained the same level of significance as Princess Diana’s wedding dress. The public’s obsession with the dress can be attributed to a number of factors, including:

Historical Significance

Princess Diana’s wedding marked a significant moment in history. As the wedding of the future King and Queen, it was watched by millions worldwide, leaving a lasting impact on those who witnessed it.

The Uniqueness of the Design

Diana’s wedding dress was groundbreaking from a fashion standpoint. Its elaborately detailed train required a team of six people to carry it down the aisle, and the stunning dress featured a 153-year-old lace detail.

The Bridal Train

The train of Princess Diana’s wedding dress has become one of the most iconic features of the dress. Measuring an impressive 25 feet long, the train required a team of six people to carry it behind the bride.

Princess Diana’s Legacy

Princess Diana was beloved by millions around the world, not just for her fashion sense, but for her charitable work and humanitarian efforts. The wedding dress is a symbol of her ongoing legacy, a tribute to the people’s princess and the impact she made on the world.


Princess Diana’s wedding dress remains one of the most iconic dresses of all time. With its elaborate design and historical significance, it’s no wonder that the dress has captivated the public’s attention for decades. While the dress may not always be in the public eye, it continues to have an undeniable impact on the world of fashion and beyond.


What happened to Princess Diana’s wedding dress?

Princess Diana’s wedding dress was an iconic piece of fashion history. Designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, the dress was made of ivory silk taffeta and had a 25-foot train. The dress also had a number of intricate details, including thousands of pearls, sequins, and embroidery.

After Princess Diana wore the dress for her wedding, it went on display at exhibitions around the world, including at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, as well as the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In 2014, according to Princess Diana’s will, the dress was passed down to her sons Prince William and Prince Harry after Harry’s 30th birthday, as reported by People. The dress was part of a collection of Diana’s personal items that were divided among her sons, with William receiving her engagement ring and Harry receiving a gold Cartier watch that had belonged to his mother.

Upon receiving the dress, both William and Harry expressed a desire to keep it in the family, with Harry saying in an interview that he hoped that one day the dress would be worn by his own future daughter. However, there have been no official announcements regarding the dress’s current whereabouts or plans for future public displays or use. Nonetheless, Princess Diana’s wedding dress remains one of the most recognizable and beloved fashion pieces in history.

Where are the royal wedding dresses on display?

Royal weddings capture the attention of people worldwide. From the grandeur of the setting to the intricate details of the couple’s attire, everything about a royal wedding is fascinating. One of the most exciting aspects of a royal wedding is the dress worn by the bride. A royal bride’s wedding dress is often the most talked-about element of her big day, so it’s understandable that many people would want to see it up close. Fortunately, members of the public are often given the opportunity to do just that.

After a royal wedding, the bride’s dress and other significant items worn during the ceremony are usually sent to Buckingham Palace. The royal collection at Buckingham Palace features many historical pieces of attire. The royal wedding dresses are among the most popular items in the collection, and they are often put on display for the public to see. Visitors can go to Buckingham Palace and view the dresses up close.

The wedding dresses are usually part of an exhibition that includes other notable items that the royal family has collected over the years. With the exhibition, members of the public can learn about the couple’s history and the significance of the dress. Additionally, the exhibition usually also includes a replica of the wedding cake, photographs of the ceremony, and other objects related to the wedding.

The royal wedding dresses are on display at Buckingham Palace for the public to see up close. The exhibition allows people to learn more about the royal family, the wedding ceremony, and the significance of the dress and other items worn during the big day. It’s always an exciting experience to view these historical pieces of attire and gain insight into the royal family’s traditions.

Where is Kate Middleton’s wedding dress now?

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress has undoubtedly become one of the iconic moments of the royal wedding. The dress was designed by Sarah Burton for the fashion house of Alexander McQueen, and it is considered one of the most memorable bridal gowns in modern history. The exquisite details of the dress perfectly highlighted the bride’s natural beauty and elegance on her big day, and it immediately captured the attention of the public worldwide.

Since the wedding, many people have been curious about what happened to the dress. The good news is that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have ensured that the dress is given a special place where people can continue to see and appreciate it. After the wedding, the dress was sent to the Conservation Studio at Buckingham Palace, where it underwent further restoration and was made ready for public display.

For several months, the dress was put on display at the palace during the summer opening of the state rooms. Visitors from around the world flocked to the palace to see the masterpiece up close and personal. In addition to the dress itself, the public had the chance to see the Cartier tiara which the bride wore on her wedding day. The exhibition also featured a replica of Kate’s bridal bouquet, which was designed to represent love, innocence, and happiness.

Today, the dress is no longer on display at Buckingham Palace since the exhibition has closed. However, the Duchess of Cambridge has played an essential role in ensuring the dress remains iconic. The dress can still be seen from time-to-time at special exhibitions where it continues to make a significant impact. Millions of people worldwide, for instance, saw it at the Summer opening of the state rooms. Kate Middleton’s iconic wedding dress is among the most treasured artifacts of the royal family and has been celebrated both in the Royal Palace and beyond, and will undoubtedly continue to be for many years to come.