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Is Nathan on Geordie Shore gay?

Geordie Shore is a reality television show that first aired in 2011, following the lives of young people in Newcastle, England. One of the show’s most popular cast members is Nathan Henry, known for his outgoing personality, sense of humor, and stylish fashion sense. However, over the years, many fans have wondered about Nathan’s sexual orientation. Is Nathan on Geordie Shore gay? In this blog post, we’ll explore Nathan’s sexuality, how he identifies, and his journey towards self-acceptance.

Nathan’s Journey towards Self-Acceptance

Nathan first joined Geordie Shore in 2015, during the show’s tenth season. From the moment he appeared on screen, fans were drawn to his bubbly personality and unique sense of style. However, it wasn’t until a few episodes into the season that Nathan opened up about his sexual orientation. In a candid conversation with fellow cast member Scott Timlin, Nathan revealed that he is attracted to men.

At the time, Nathan identified as bisexual rather than gay. However, he admitted that he didn’t feel fully comfortable with either label, as he felt that they didn’t fully capture the complexity of his feelings and experiences. For Nathan, coming out was an important step towards self-acceptance and living authentically. It allowed him to be more open and honest with himself and others about who he truly is.

Being an Openly Gay Cast Member on Geordie Shore

Since coming out on Geordie Shore, Nathan has been one of the show’s most visible and vocal advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and representation. He has spoken openly about his experiences as a gay man, including his struggles with body image and mental health. He has also used his platform to raise awareness about issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community, such as discrimination, bullying, and stigma.

Nathan’s openness and honesty have won him legions of fans and admirers, both within and outside of the Geordie Shore fandom. Many young people look up to him as a role model and an inspiration, as he has shown that it’s possible to be true to oneself and live a happy, fulfilling life, regardless of one’s sexual orientation or gender identity.


So, is Nathan on Geordie Shore gay? The answer is yes, Nathan identifies as a gay man. However, his journey towards self-acceptance and self-discovery has been a complex and nuanced one. Nathan has spoken openly and candidly about his experiences, challenging stereotypes and promoting greater understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ+ people. He serves as an inspiration for young people everywhere, showing that it’s possible to be proud of who you are and find acceptance, love, and success, despite the challenges and obstacles that life may bring.


Are Nathan and Declan still together?

According to recent reports, Geordie Shore star Nathan and his ex-boyfriend, Declan, have officially called it quits. The couple had previously been in a relationship for a significant amount of time, but ultimately decided to end things in April 2022, citing that they were no longer compatible. While the news of their split may come as a disappointment to fans, it is important to remember that relationships can be complicated and sometimes lead to different paths.

It is unclear what led to Nathan and Declan’s breakup, but it seems that the decision was made amicably. Nathan has not provided any public statements or released any information about why the relationship ended, while Declan has shared a heartfelt message with fans on his social media channels. In his statement, he thanked supporters for their love and understanding and emphasized that Nathan and he were on good terms.

While some fans may hope for a reconciliation between the two, it is important to respect their decisions and privacy at this time. It can be difficult to navigate the challenges of a relationship, and sometimes, a split is a necessary step to find individual happiness and growth. For now, fans will have to watch and wait to see what the future holds for Nathan and Declan.

Does Nathan have a boyfriend?

Yes, Geordie Shore star Nathan Henry is currently in a romantic relationship with his boyfriend Declan Doyle. The two initially started dating in 2019, but broke up later on. However, they decided to give their relationship another chance and rekindled their love after filming for the current series of Celebrity Ex on The Beach. Nathan and Declan, who were both on the show as exes of other cast members, found themselves drawn back to each other. Since then, the couple has been inseparable, often sharing cute and romantic moments of them together on social media. Despite some skeptics, Nathan and Declan seem to be going strong, and fans of the reality star are happy to see him in a happy and loving relationship.

Why did Nathan from Geordie Shore break up with his boyfriend?

Nathan from Geordie Shore recently broke up with his boyfriend. According to reports, the couple realized they were no longer compatible after their holiday to Mexico. They concluded that they did not fully know each other until they lived together, which was different in a show like “Ex on the beach” where they were in an environment with cameras. Despite being in an environment with recording devices, living together was very different, which seemingly led to the end of their relationship.

Breakups are typically difficult and emotional experiences, and it is unclear how Nathan and his ex-boyfriend are coping with the split. However, reports indicate that both parties mutually agreed that it was best to end the relationship. It is hoped that they can both recover from the emotional stress and find happiness in the future. As fans of the show, we can only wish them well and hope that they can move on smoothly from this tough period.