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Is Nate Jacobs in love with Jules?

“Euphoria” is a popular HBO series that has captured the attention of millions of viewers around the world. The show portrays the lives of teenagers dealing with drugs, sex, and identity issues. One of the main characters of the show is Nate Jacobs, the son of a wealth businessman, who is known for his hostile behavior. In season two, the audience is left to wonder if Nate Jacobs is in love with Jules.

Nate Jacobs’ Character

Nate Jacobs is a complex character in “Euphoria.” He is known for his aggressive and controlling behavior towards his peers. He often bullies other students at school, and his relationships with his family members are strained. Nate’s toxic masculinity is explored throughout the show.

Throughout the first season, Nate is shown having a girlfriend named Maddy (Alexa Demie). However, their relationship is not a healthy one. Nate is controlling and abusive towards Maddy, which leads to several conflicts between them. Maddy, on the other hand, is dependent on Nate for validation and attention.

In season two, Nate’s character undergoes some significant changes. He opens up to his therapist and reveals his sexuality, which he had been hiding from others. This revelation adds a new dimension to Nate’s character and sets the stage for his complicated relationship with Jules.

Jules’ Character

Jules (Hunter Schafer) is another important character in “Euphoria.” She is a transgender girl who has faced her own set of challenges due to her identity. Jules is depicted as a confident and carefree person. Her relationship with Rue (Zendaya) is one of the highlights of the show.

Jules and Nate first meet at a party in the first season of the show. They have a brief interaction, but it is clear that Nate is intrigued by Jules. However, Jules is not interested in Nate and sees him as just another privileged jock at school.

Nate and Jules’ Relationship

The nature of Nate and Jules’ relationship is explored throughout season two of “Euphoria.” Nate’s sexuality is a major plot point, and his attraction towards Jules is a part of this. In one episode, Fezco, a drug dealer, reveals to Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane) that Nate is “in love” with a girl named “Jewel,” which is an obvious reference to Jules.

Nate’s feelings for Jules are complicated. On the one hand, he is attracted to her. On the other hand, he sees her as a threat to his masculinity. Nate’s controlling behavior is on full display whenever he interacts with Jules. He wants to possess her and control her.

Jules, on the other hand, is not interested in Nate. She sees him as a bully and is not attracted to him. However, Jules is also dealing with her own issues and is not in a place to deal with Nate’s advances. Jules and Nate have several confrontations throughout the second season, which reveal the toxic nature of their relationship.


In conclusion, Nate Jacobs is in love with Jules, at least, according to Fezco. However, this love is not a healthy one. Nate’s toxic masculinity and controlling behavior make it difficult for him to have a healthy relationship with anyone. Jules, who is a confident and independent person, is not interested in Nate. The relationship between Nate and Jules is complicated and highlights the struggles that teenagers face when dealing with sexuality and identity. The show’s creators have done an excellent job of exploring these themes, and the dynamic between Nate and Jules is just one of the many examples of this.


Does Nate love Jules and Cassie?

In the popular TV series “Euphoria,” there has been a lot of debate among fans about whether or not Nate, the show’s antagonist, has genuine feelings for Jules and Cassie. Nate’s character is often portrayed as aggressive, controlling, and emotionally manipulative, which makes it difficult to discern his true feelings for anyone.

Some fans argue that Nate’s only real romantic interest is Jules. They point to several scenes in the series where Nate and Jules share intimate moments, and suggest that Nate’s hostile behavior towards Jules is a manifestation of his own internal confusion and emotional turmoil. In this interpretation, Cassie is essentially a pawn in Nate’s emotional games, and is not a particularly significant figure in his romantic or sexual life.

However, other fans have a different take on Nate’s relationships with Jules and Cassie. They suggest that Nate uses Cassie as a means of projecting his feelings for Jules onto a more socially acceptable partner. In this interpretation, Cassie is a sort of substitute for Jules, allowing Nate to explore his own feelings without risking his reputation or social status. Critics argue that this interpretation shows a disturbing amount of callousness on Nate’s part, as he is essentially using another person’s emotions as a tool to serve his own ends.

It is impossible to definitively say whether or not Nate truly loves Jules or Cassie. The show’s creators have deliberately left Nate’s motivations and emotions somewhat ambiguous, leaving fans to interpret his behavior as they see fit. However, it is clear that the dynamics of Nate’s relationships with these two characters are complex and often distressing, reflecting the complex and often painful realities of real-life romantic entanglements.

Does Nate know he’s texting Jules?

In the HBO original series “Euphoria,” there are several characters with complex and intertwined storylines. One of these characters is Nate, a popular and athletic high school student who appears to have everything going for him. However, as the show progresses, we learn that Nate has some dark secrets and is not as perfect as he seems.

One of the most intriguing storylines in “Euphoria” involves Nate and Jules, a transgender girl who moves to town and becomes one of Nate’s classmates. Initially, Nate and Jules meet on a dating app, where Nate is using a fake identity to communicate with her. While it is not explicitly clear whether Nate knows he is texting Jules, there are several clues that suggest he may not be aware of her true identity.

Firstly, in the first episode of “Euphoria,” we see Nate on the dating app talking to a girl and exchanging explicit photos. However, the photos are only of their bodies and do not show their faces. This suggests that anonymity is the norm on the app, and users do not necessarily know who they are talking to unless they agree to meet in person.

Furthermore, Nate is using a fake name and a fake profile picture on the app, which indicates that he is trying to hide his identity. If he knew he was talking to Jules, it is unlikely that he would be using a fake name, as they are classmates and he would likely recognize her real name.

Another clue that suggests Nate may not know he is texting Jules is his reaction when he sees her in person for the first time. In the second episode of the series, Nate and Jules cross paths in the hallway at school, and Nate does a double-take when he sees her. This indicates that he did not recognize her from their conversations on the dating app, where he might have seen her profile picture.

While it is not entirely clear whether Nate knows he is texting Jules, the evidence suggests that he may not be aware of her true identity. The anonymity of the dating app, Nate’s use of a fake name and profile picture, and his reaction to seeing Jules in person all point towards him not knowing who he is texting. This adds an intriguing layer to their storyline and raises questions about what will happen when Nate eventually discovers Jules’s true identity.

Why did Nate seduce Jules?

In the HBO television series “Euphoria,” Nate is one of the main characters who is known for his manipulative and cruel behavior towards others. Throughout the show, he shows a pattern of abusive and controlling behavior towards women, including Maddy and Jules. When it comes to his motivations for seducing Jules, there are several factors at play.

One of the main reasons why Nate seduced Jules was to protect his own reputation and that of his family. Jules discovered that Nate’s father, Cal Jacobs, had been having an affair with a trans woman, and she threatened to expose him to the police. Cal, who is a respected figure in their small community, would have been ruined if the truth came out. Nate, who has a strained relationship with his father, saw an opportunity to take control of the situation. He started flirting with Jules through a dating app, hoping to get nude photos of her that he could use to blackmail her into silence. By seducing Jules, Nate was able to prevent her from reporting his father’s secret, thus saving his reputation and his family’s standing in the community.

Another reason why Nate seduced Jules was to satisfy his own twisted desires. Throughout the show, Nate is depicted as a sexual deviant who enjoys manipulating and dominating others. He is attracted to Jules, not just because she is a beautiful and popular girl, but also because he sees her vulnerability and naivete as an opportunity to control her. By seducing Jules, Nate was able to assert his power over her, which gave him a sense of satisfaction and control.

The reasons why Nate seduced Jules are complex and multilayered. On the one hand, he did it to protect his family’s reputation and his own interests. On the other hand, he did it to satisfy his own twisted sexual desires. Nate’s actions were both manipulative and abusive, and they had long-lasting consequences for Jules and the other characters in the show.