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Is Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates appropriate?


Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is a raunchy comedy movie directed by Jake Szymanski that hit theaters worldwide in 2016. This movie features Zac Efron, Adam DeVine, Aubrey Plaza, and Anna Kendrick in lead roles. While this movie has received mixed responses from critics and viewers for its humor and storyline, one major concern arises among parents if this movie is appropriate for kids or not.

In this blog post, we will be analyzing the suitability of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates for different audiences, and what aspects of the movie may not be appropriate for younger viewers.

Plot Summary:

The plot of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates revolves around the lives of two brothers, Mike (DeVine) and Dave (Efron), who frequently party and have a history of ruining family occasions with their wild and out-of-control behavior. In an effort to find suitable dates to their sister’s wedding in Hawaii, they post an advertisement on Craigslist that goes viral. Two openly reckless, fun-loving girls, Alice (Plaza) and Tatiana (Kendrick), respond as fake “respectable” dates. The real fun starts as the couples arrive in Hawaii, and the girls’ true, wild nature is revealed.

Suitability for Children and Teens:

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is rated R, which means that the movie is meant for mature audiences only. The movie is not suitable for young children, and even older teens may not appreciate or understand some of the humor portrayed in the film.

A major aspect that is not suitable for children is the use of drugs and alcohol in the movie. The characters in the movie frequently use drugs, such as Ecstasy, to enhance their fun and do things they wouldn’t usually do. Such condoning of drug use is inappropriate for younger viewers who are susceptible to shaping their ideas and behaviors based on what they see in movies.

Furthermore, the movie features several sexual references, nudity, and profanity that is not suitable for children. The movie contains several explicit sexual scenes, and while they are not considered graphic, they are still not suitable for children or even younger teens.

Suitability for Adults:

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is entirely suitable for mature adult audiences. The movie is hilarious and raunchy, and the overall comedic plotline of the movie appeals to adults who find satire and situational comedy entertaining.

The movie does feature some brief nudity and explicit sexual content, but these scenes are not overly graphic or offensive to adult viewers. As the movie is rated R, it should be expected that it will feature inappropriate humor and content, making it more appropriate for adult viewers who can appreciate the film’s humor without being offended by the more adult humor.


To conclude, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is not suitable for children and younger teens and is only meant for mature audiences. The movie features drug use, explicit sexual content, and profanity, which may harm the morals and values of younger viewers. Instead, the movie is more suitable for adult viewers who can acknowledge and appreciate its satire and humor.

It is essential for parents and guardians to consider the age of the audience while deciding to let them watch such R-rated movies. Instead of viewing the movie together with kids or younger teens, older and matured viewers can enjoy Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates without being uncomfortable due to its inappropriate jokes and content.


Did Anna Kendrick wear a wig in Mike and Dave need wedding dates?

In the 2016 movie “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates,” Anna Kendrick played the role of Alice, a character with short and spiky hair. However, it was evident that Kendrick’s natural hair was much longer than Alice’s hair, leading some fans to speculate whether or not she wore a wig for the role.

To set the record straight, Kendrick confirmed in an interview that she did, indeed, wear a wig for the role of Alice. The wig was a custom piece designed specifically for the movie and was made from real human hair. Kendrick explained that the wig came from a girl with “unbelievable long red, like naturally red, hair.” She added that if that were her natural color, you couldn’t pay her enough to cut it all off.

Kendrick also revealed that the wig took some getting used to, especially when it came to the styling. As the wig was much shorter than her natural hair, Kendrick had to adjust to the different haircuts and styles required for the film. Additionally, because the wig was made from real human hair, it required a fair amount of maintenance to keep it looking good throughout the shoot.

The decision to use a wig for Kendrick’s role in “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” was a smart one. The wig helped to create a distinct look for the character of Alice and allowed Kendrick to step into the role more fully. While it took some getting used to, Kendrick was ultimately happy with the results and felt that the wig helped to bring her character to life on screen.