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Is Love Story by Taylor Swift a wedding song?

As one of Taylor Swift’s most popular and celebrated songs, “Love Story” has made its way into many wedding playlists. The nostalgic and sweet lyrics, coupled with Swift’s melodious voice and the romantic string arrangement, make it an instant hit for couples who want to have a fairy-tale and romantic wedding.

However, there has been some controversy among wedding planners, couples, and music enthusiasts on whether “Love Story” is indeed a good choice as a wedding song. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the arguments for and against including “Love Story” in a wedding playlist.

Why “Love Story” is a great choice for weddings

Let’s start with the reasons why “Love Story” is a beloved wedding song by many. Firstly, the lyrics of the song are incredibly romantic and tell a story of true love that overcomes all obstacles. The heartwarming chorus goes:

“Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone
I’ll be waiting, all there’s left to do is run
You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess
It’s a love story, baby, just say yes”

This chorus perfectly captures the essence of a love story that most couples dream of having. By playing this song during the ceremony or reception, couples can easily convey the romantic and enchanting environment they desire for their special day.

Additionally, the accompanying music to “Love Story” is both classical and modern, making it a hit with audiences of all ages. The use of the violin and guitar make it a perfect background music for the ceremony’s processional and recessional music, while its upbeat tempo makes for an excellent first dance song.

Why couples should reconsider using “Love Story” for their wedding

Now let’s explore the counter-argument that “Love Story” might not be the right choice for every wedding. Firstly, the lyrics of the song may not be personal or meaningful enough for some couples. While there is no doubt that the lyrics are romantic, they are also very generic and may not have a particular connection with the couple. For this reason, some couples prefer to choose a song that is more personal and specific to their love story.

Additionally, some people feel that the song is overplayed and therefore lacks the unique appeal that a wedding song should have. “Love Story” has been used in many other contexts beyond weddings, such as in movies and TV shows, making it a less original choice for a couple’s special day.

Finally, some people argue that the song’s message is not entirely positive. Critics argue that the theme of the song is too focused on the idea of love overcoming obstacles through romantic gestures, rather than respecting each other’s boundaries and differences. This message might not be suitable for everyone and could send mixed signals to guests who might not be aware of the more nuanced implications of the song’s lyrics.


In conclusion, while “Love Story” is a beautiful song that captures the essence of a romantic love story, it may not be the right choice for every wedding. Couples should weigh out their options and decide on the best song that represents their love story and preferences. Whether they choose a classic or a more modern song, the most important thing is that it resonates and reflects their unique love story and the journey that brought them together.


Who did Taylor Swift write Love Story about?

Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” is one of her most iconic songs, and its inspiration has been a topic of speculation among fans for many years. While Swift has never confirmed the person she wrote the song about, it is widely believed that it is about her former flame, Joe Jonas.

Swift dated Joe Jonas, a member of the Jonas Brothers, in 2008, around the time she wrote “Love Story.” The lyrics of the song depict a tale of forbidden love, with a Romeo and Juliet-like storyline. The characters in the song are named Romeo and Juliet, and their families are opposed to their relationship. However, they insist on fighting for their love, even if it means defying their families.

In interviews, Swift has described “Love Story” as being about “a love that’s not convenient and not as comfortable as something else, but it’s something you have to fight for.” This sentiment could easily apply to her relationship with Jonas, which was short-lived but presumably intense.

While Swift has moved on from Jonas and had many other high-profile relationships since then, “Love Story” remains one of her most beloved songs. Its timeless message of love triumphing over obstacles has resonated with fans for years, and it is likely to remain a favorite for many more to come.

What is the difference between Love Story and Love Story Taylor’s version?

In late 2020, Taylor Swift began to re-record her back catalog in an effort to regain ownership of her master recordings. One of the songs she re-recorded was her 2008 hit “Love Story”. While the lyrics and melody of the two versions are the same, there are a few significant differences in the production and overall sound of the song.

The most noticeable difference between the two versions is the fidelity of the recordings. “Love Story Taylor’s Version” sounds more crisp and polished than the original. This is likely due to advances in technology and production techniques in the intervening years since the original was recorded. The separation between the instruments is more pronounced, allowing the listener to pick out details that were previously buried in the mix. For example, you can now hear the sound of the banjo pick scraping the strings or the cymbal hits in the middle eight.

Another major difference between the two versions is the maturity of Taylor Swift’s voice. In 2008, Swift was just starting out as a musician and her singing style reflected that. Her voice was higher pitched and less mature. In “Love Story Taylor’s Version”, Swift’s voice has deepened and strengthened. Her delivery is more confident and assured, demonstrating just how much she has grown as an artist in the past 13 years.

“Love Story Taylor’s Version” is a faithful and successful recreation of the original that updates it for a new generation of listeners while also demonstrating how Swift has grown and matured as an artist in the years since she first released the song.