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Is Lisa Kleypas still writing?

Lisa Kleypas is a New York Times bestselling author famous for her historical and contemporary romance novels. Her books are known for their central themes of love, loss, heartbreak, and redemption. Lisa has published numerous books and has won several accolades for her literary work. However, with the author’s silence in recent years, fans are left wondering, Is Lisa Kleypas still writing?

Who is Lisa Kleypas?

Lisa Kleypas is an American author, born on November 5, 1964. She is a graduate of Wellesley College, Massachusetts, where she obtained a degree in political science. Lisa started her writing career in 1987, with her debut novel, “Where Passion Leads.” Subsequently, she went on to write numerous other historical romance novels, including her “Wallflowers,” “Hathaways,” and “Bow Street Runners” series.

Apart from the historical romance genre, Lisa has explored the contemporary genre as well. Her “Travis Family Series,” and “Friday Harbor Series” are some of her well-known contemporary romance novels.

Lisa Kleypas has won several prestigious awards such as the RITA award for Best Historical Romance, the RITA award for Best Long Historical Romance, and the RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award. The author’s work has been translated into more than 20 languages worldwide, with millions of copies sold globally.

Is Lisa Kleypas Still Writing?

The answer to whether Lisa Kleypas is still writing is a bit vague. As of 2022, the author hasn’t made any official announcements regarding upcoming books. Her last book, “Devil in Disguise,” was released in July 2021, leaving her fans eagerly waiting for her next release, if any.

However, despite the recent silence with regards to new books, it remains unclear whether Lisa Kleypas has stopped writing. She may be busy taking a break, working on a project, or simply taking her time to come up with her next masterpiece.

Her Recent Novels

Lisa Kleypas’s last book, “Devil in Disguise,” was the third novel in the “Ravenels” series, published in 2021. The series focuses on the Ravenels family and their romantic interests. “Devil in Disguise” is a heart-wrenching story of a young woman, Lady Merritt Sterling, who becomes a victim of theft and deceit, leading her into a life-changing adventure.

Before “Devil in Disguise,” Lisa Kleypas published “Chasing Cassandra” in 2020. “Chasing Cassandra” is a part of the “Ravenels” series and tells the story of a young woman, Cassandra Ravenel, who is not interested in getting married but ends up falling in love with a wealthy industrialist, Tom Severin.

In 2019, Lisa Kleypas published “Devil’s Daughter,” which is a part of the “Ravenels” series. “Devil’s Daughter” had a heroine who was unique, strong, and independent and the story explored themes of forgiveness, redemption, and second chances.


In conclusion, Lisa Kleypas is an award-winning author who has made a significant contribution to the romance genre. Despite the silence regarding upcoming books, it remains unclear whether she has stopped writing altogether. Her fans are eagerly waiting for her next masterpiece, and hopefully, we will be hearing from her soon. Until then, we can always revisit her previous works and bask in the joy of her beautiful storytelling.


What author writes like Lisa Kleypas?

Lisa Kleypas is a renowned author of historical romance novels that have captivated readers for years. If you are a fan of her writing and style, it’s natural to look for other authors who write in a similar way. One author who writes like Lisa Kleypas is Tessa Dare. Tessa Dare is an award-winning author who has written numerous bestselling romance novels. Her books are known for their witty banter, complex characters, and passionate love stories. Like Kleypas, Dare sets her stories in historical settings, and her heroines are strong, independent women who defy societal norms.

Another author who writes like Lisa Kleypas is Julia Quinn. Quinn is the author of the popular Bridgerton series, which has recently been adapted into a hit Netflix series. Her novels are set in the Regency era and focus on the romantic escapades of the Bridgerton family. Like Kleypas, Quinn’s books are known for their witty dialogue, charming characters, and swoon-worthy romances.

Liz Carlyle is another author who writes like Lisa Kleypas. Carlyle’s books are set in the same historical period as Kleypas and focus on the romantic relationships between strong, independent women and the men who love them. Her novels are known for their complex and well-developed characters, intense emotional connections, and steamy love scenes.

If you’re a fan of Lisa Kleypas and looking for similar authors, Tessa Dare, Julia Quinn, and Liz Carlyle are all great choices. These authors share similar styles and themes with Kleypas and write beautiful historical romances that are sure to capture your heart and leave you wanting more.

What order should I read Lisa Kleypas?

If you’re a fan of historical romance novels, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Lisa Kleypas. She’s a New York Times bestselling author with over 40 novels to her name. Her series are especially popular, and her Ravenels series is no exception. But with all those novels in Kleypas’s bibliography, where do you even start? If you’re wondering what order you should read Lisa Kleypas in, here is a guide to help you get started.

Kleypas’s Ravenels series is one of her most beloved, following the lives and loves of the charming and wealthy Ravenel family. The story begins with “Cold-Hearted Rake,” the first book in the series that was published in 2015. It introduces us to the Ravenel family, who are captivated by a young woman named Kathleen. This book is where readers get to meet the larger-than-life family members and the estate where they live. The second book in the series, “Marrying Winterborne,” was published in 2016, and it follows the love story of Helen Ravenel and Rhys Winterborne.

The next novel in the Ravenel series, “Devil in Spring,” features Pandora Ravenel and Gabriel, the son of Kleypas’s famous wallflower Evie from the “Wallflowers” series. Published in 2017, “Devil in Spring” is undoubtedly one of the best books in the series. It’s the novel that readers can’t put down, especially since Gabriel is charming, witty, and absolutely swoon-worthy.

The fourth novel in the Ravenel series is “Hello, Stranger,” which was published in 2018. This book put the spotlight on Dr. Garrett Gibson and Ethan Ransom, a detective with a tragic past who is now working undercover. It’s a thrilling and exciting story of love and adventure that fans of historical romance will surely appreciate.

“Devil’s Daughter,” the fifth book in the series, was released in 2019. This time, the story follows the love story of Phoebe, West Ravenel’s widow, and the dashing West Ravenel’s good friend, Mr. St. Vincent. From a tender relationship to a passionate romance, “Devil’s Daughter” is a heart-warming and satisfying read.

And lastly, the sixth and final book in the series is “Chasing Cassandra,” published in 2020. It tells the love story of Tom Severin and Cassandra Ravenel, who takes center stage throughout the novel. It’s a fitting ending to the series, with all character arcs coming beautifully and satisfyingly full-circle.

To get the most out of the Ravenels series, it’s best to read these books in the order they were published. However, readers can still enjoy each novel as a standalone, so feel free to jump in and read the novel that catches your eye first.

Will there be a 3rd Bridgerton season?

Fans of the Netflix period drama Bridgerton are eagerly awaiting an announcement regarding the third season. Fortunately for them, during the Netflix Tudum event held on September 25th 2021, it was confirmed that the show has indeed been renewed for a third season. This confirmation came as a great relief to fans who have been speculating about the show’s future since the release of season two earlier this year.

The official statement released by Netflix regarding the third season of Bridgerton was brief and to the point. It stated, “Bridgerton is back for its third season and finds Penelope Featherington finally given up on her long-held crush on Colin Bridgerton after hearing his disparaging words about her last season.” While this statement doesn’t reveal much about the upcoming season’s storyline, it does provide some hints.

It’s been speculated that season three of the series will be based on the third book in Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series, titled “An Offer From A Gentleman.” This book focuses on the story of the third Bridgerton sibling, Benedict, and his tumultuous relationship with Sophie Beckett. Details on how closely the show will follow the plot of the book, or whether any significant changes will be made, are scarce at this point.

The news of a third season will no doubt come as a great relief to fans who have been eagerly awaiting a confirmation. The first season of Bridgerton, which was released in December 2020, quickly became one of Netflix’s most popular shows, with 82 million households tuning in within the first four weeks of its release. Its popularity only grew when it was announced that the show would return for a second season, and now with confirmation of a third season, it seems that Bridgerton has firmly established itself as a fan favorite.

Based on the official statement released by Netflix during the Tudum event, it is confirmed that a third season of Bridgerton is in the works. Though there are no concrete details yet about the show’s storyline or release date, fans can be assured that their favorite show will be back once again for another season.

Are there more Bridgerton books coming?

Yes, there are more Bridgerton books in the works. The Bridgerton book series, written by Julia Quinn, consists of eight novels. However, in 2020, Quinn announced that she is writing two new Bridgerton books. The first book, titled “The Bridgertons Prequel,” explores the origins of the Bridgerton family and will focus on the life story of Edmund Bridgerton, the family patriarch. This prequel is set to be published in November 2021.

The second book, which is yet to be titled, is a continuation of the original series. Quinn has revealed that this book will focus on the character of Hyacinth Bridgerton, and it’s expected to come out in 2023. Fans of the Bridgerton series can anticipate to binge the books and show some time in 2023.

The Bridgerton book series has been a huge success since its debut in 2020. Besides the original eight books, the series has so far inspired two spin-off novellas, “The Other Miss Bridgerton” and “Because of Miss Bridgerton.” These novellas focus on other family members and their romantic escapades.

The success of the Bridgerton book series has also led to the creation of a popular Netflix series. The series made its debut in December 2020, and it has been a massive hit. It has been renewed for a second season, and the show’s creator, Chris Van Dusen, has hinted that it could run for up to eight seasons, which would coincide with the number of books in the series.

Bridgerton fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming years. With two new books in the works and a promising future for the Netflix series, it’s a great time to be a fan of the Bridgertons.

Is Julia Alvarez still writing books?

Yes, Julia Alvarez is still an active writer and continues to publish books. She is a prolific author known for her works that often explore themes of cultural identity, belonging, and immigration. Alvarez has written over 20 books in her career, including novels, poetry, and children’s books.

In 2020, Alvarez published her first adult novel in 14 years, Afterlife, which deals with issues of loss and resilience. Her previous works have been widely recognized and she has received many awards, including the PEN Oakland/Josephine Miles Literary Award and the Hispanic Heritage Award in Literature.

Alvarez is also a dedicated teacher and mentor to writers, having founded the Borderlands/ La Frontera: The New Mestiza Workshop to help other women writers of color find their voices. She has also served as a writer-in-residence at many universities, including Middlebury College in Vermont and Florida Atlantic University.

Julia Alvarez remains an influential and accomplished writer who continues to contribute to the literary world with her thought-provoking works.

Is the Miss Julia series ending?

The Miss Julia series is a beloved collection of books by author Ann B. Ross, featuring the eponymous protagonist. Miss Julia is a wealthy, Southern woman who finds herself in a variety of humorous and heartwarming situations throughout the series. As with any long-running book series, fans of Miss Julia were likely concerned about when the series would end.

In 2021, Ann B. Ross announced that she would be ending the Miss Julia series with the publication of the 22nd novel, Miss Julia Happily Ever After. This news likely came as a mixture of disappointment and satisfaction for fans of the series. While it may be difficult to say goodbye to beloved characters, the fact that Ross was able to wrap up the series and give it an ending may have provided a sense of closure for readers.

In the decades-long run of the series, readers grew to love Miss Julia and her eccentric cast of characters. It is a testament to Ross’s skill as a writer that she was able to keep the series fresh and engaging for so many volumes. While it is always hard to say goodbye to a series that has been a part of our lives for so long, the Miss Julia series will continue to be treasured by fans for years to come.

How many Bridgerton books has Julia Quinn written?

Julia Quinn is a New York Times bestselling author who is known for her romance novels. She is credited with creating the widely popular Bridgerton series, which has gained a large following among readers worldwide. The Bridgerton series consists of eight novels, with each book focusing on a different member of the Bridgerton family.

The first novel in the series, The Duke and I, was published in 2000. It tells the story of Daphne Bridgerton, the eldest daughter of the family, and her search for love. The subsequent novels introduce readers to other members of the Bridgerton family and their romantic adventures. The second book, The Viscount Who Loved Me, follows Anthony Bridgerton, the eldest son of the family, as he navigates the world of love and romance. The third book, An Offer From a Gentleman, tells the story of Benedict Bridgerton, the second eldest son, and his own search for love.

The series continues with Romancing Mr. Bridgerton, the story of Colin Bridgerton, the third son of the family, and his own romantic entanglements. The fifth book in the series, To Sir Phillip, With Love, tells the story of Eloise Bridgerton, the fourth eldest daughter, and her journey towards finding true love. The sixth book, When He Was Wicked, follows the story of Michael Stirling and Francesca Bridgerton, the next eldest in the family’s line of siblings.

The Penultimate book in the series, It’s in His Kiss, tells the story of Hyacinth Bridgerton, the youngest daughter in the family. Finally, the series concludes with On the Way to the Wedding, which tells the story of Gregory Bridgerton, the youngest son in the family, and his romantic journey. In total, the Bridgerton series consists of eight novels, each one focusing on a different member of this captivating family.

Julia Quinn has written eight books in the Bridgerton series, each one telling the romantic story of a member of the Bridgerton family. The series has become wildly popular among readers worldwide and has inspired a television adaptation by the famous producer, Shonda Rhimes. The books showcase Quinn’s exceptional writing skills and her ability to weave together complex and intriguing stories that keep readers coming back for more.