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Is Lee Brice good in concert?

Lee Brice is a popular country music artist known for his hit songs like “Love Like Crazy,” “I Drive Your Truck,” and “Hard to Love.” Brice has released six studio albums and has won multiple awards for his contribution in the country music industry, including the Country Music Association Award for Song of the Year in 2013 and ACM Award for Single Record of the Year in 2015.

However, when it comes to live performances, some fans are skeptical about Brice’s ability to deliver a memorable concert experience. In this blog post, we will dive into the world of Lee Brice’s concert performances and analyze what critics and fans have to say about his live shows.

Lee Brice’s Live Performances: A Brief Overview

Lee Brice has been performing live since the early 2000s, and he has built up a loyal fanbase over the years. His live shows consist of a mix of high-energy performances and emotional ballads that showcase his talents as a singer and songwriter.

Brice’s live performances are known for his soulful voice and energetic stage presence. He likes to interact with the crowd, and his shows often feature singalongs and call-and-response sections that keep the audience engaged.

However, the question remains: is Lee Brice good in concert? To answer this question, we analyzed a range of concert reviews from both critics and fans.

Critic Reviews of Lee Brice’s Live Performances

Critics have praised Lee Brice’s live performances for their energy and consistency. The following are excerpts from reviews by notable music critics:

  • “Lee Brice’s concerts are always entertaining, and his live performances are a testament to his talent as a country musician. He knows how to keep the audience engaged, and his setlist is filled with hit songs that have everyone singing along. Overall, Lee Brice is a must-see live performer for any country music fan.” – Billboard
  • “Lee Brice’s live shows are a perfect blend of heart-wrenching ballads and upbeat anthems. He connects with the audience on a personal level and creates an intimate atmosphere that makes his shows feel like a great big family gathering. His energy on stage is infectious, and his vocals are nothing short of amazing.” – Rolling Stone

Based on these reviews, it’s clear that critics see Lee Brice as a talented live performer who knows how to engage the audience and deliver a memorable concert experience.

Fan Reviews of Lee Brice’s Live Performances

Fans have mixed opinions about Lee Brice’s live shows. While some rave about his energy and musicianship, others are disappointed by his stage presence and lack of variety in his setlist. Here are some snippets from fan reviews:

  • “I saw Lee Brice in concert last week, and it was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. He’s an amazing singer with a great stage presence, and he really knows how to connect with the audience. I thought his setlist was perfect, and he played all of my favorite songs.” – Sarah B.
  • “I’m a big Lee Brice fan, but I was disappointed by his live show. He spent most of the time talking instead of singing, and his setlist was almost identical to what he played the last time I saw him. I was hoping to hear something new, but it was just the same old songs.” – John S.
  • “If you’re a fan of Lee Brice, you have to see him in concert. His performances are always a blast, and he really knows how to work the crowd. Plus, his voice sounds even better live than it does on record.” – Mary H.

As we can see from these reviews, Lee Brice’s live performances can be a hit or miss for fans. Those who enjoy his energy and connection with the audience love his concerts, while others are disappointed by his lack of variation in his setlist and stage presence.

The Verdict: Is Lee Brice Good in Concert?

After analyzing a range of concert reviews, it’s clear that Lee Brice is generally considered a good live performer. Critics rave about his energy and consistency, while fans have mixed opinions based on personal experiences.

Ultimately, whether or not Lee Brice is good in concert is subjective and depends on personal taste. Those who enjoy his music and live performances are likely to have an enjoyable time at his concerts, while others may find his shows underwhelming.


Lee Brice is a talented musician and songwriter with a loyal fanbase and a successful career in country music. While opinions on his live performances may differ, there is no denying that he knows how to connect with his audience and deliver an entertaining concert experience.

If you’re a fan of country music and have the chance to see Lee Brice in concert, it’s worth checking out to see for yourself what all the fuss is about.


Who is opening for Lee Brice?

Lee Brice, the famous singer/songwriter, is on his “Beer Drinking Opportunity Tour” and fans are excited to know who will be joining him on this upcoming adventure. The good news is that Lee Brice has announced his special guests, and they are none other than Tenille Arts and Josh Ross. Tenille Arts is a Canadian country pop singer/songwriter who has made a name for herself in the music industry with her beautiful voice and heart-touching lyrics. With her songs, “I Hate This” and “Somebody Like That,” she has established a name for herself in the country music scene.

Josh Ross, on the other hand, is an emerging country singer/songwriter from Western Canada who has already made his mark in the music industry with his distinctive voice and meaningful lyrics. He has been compared to the likes of Keith Urban and Luke Bryan and has been winning the hearts of country fans with his hit singles “Marlene” and “First Time.”

With Tenille Arts and Josh Ross opening for Lee Brice, the “Beer Drinking Opportunity Tour” promises to be a memorable event for all the country music fans out there. Music enthusiasts can expect an amazing night filled with great music and a vibe that only Lee Brice can create. So, it’s time to mark your calendars because Lee Brice is coming to a town near you, and he’s bringing some exciting talents like Tenille Arts and Josh Ross to entertain the crowd.

What songs is Lee Brice playing on tour?

Lee Brice, the American country music singer, is currently on tour and playing a variety of songs for his fans. According to recent setlists, Brice is performing some of his popular hits, as well as some newly released tracks. In his live shows, Brice is known for engaging with his audience and putting on an electrifying performance.

Some of the songs that Lee Brice is playing on tour include “Soul,” “Parking Lot Party,” “She Ain’t Right,” “If You,” and “Memory I Don’t Mess With.” These songs are some of Brice’s biggest hits and have been well received by audiences throughout his career.

In addition to his popular tracks, Lee Brice is also performing some newly released songs on tour. These include “Love Like Crazy,” “Boy,” and “Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up).” Fans have been thrilled to hear these fresh tracks, as they showcase Brice’s musical talent and versatility.

Lee Brice’s setlist is carefully crafted to provide a memorable experience for his fans. He often includes a mix of upbeat and slower songs, as well as crowd favorites and lesser-known tracks. This ensures that there is something for everyone in his audiences, whether they are die-hard fans or new to his music.

Lee Brice’s tour setlist is an exciting mix of old and new hits that showcases his musical abilities and entertains his fans. His lively performances and engagement with the audience make for an unforgettable experience, and fans can’t wait to see what he has in store next.

Who is the longest concert in the world?

The longest concert in the world was performed by Canadian musician Chilly Gonzales, who holds the Guinness World Record for the longest solo concert. In 2009, Chilly Gonzales set out to break the previous record of 26 hours and 12 minutes for the longest concert by a solo artist, which was set by American saxophonist Kenneth Gilbert Jenkins in 1978.

Chilly Gonzales’ performance started on May 8, 2009, at 7:30 PM, at the Odeon Theatre in Paris, France. He was accompanied by a band and a string quartet, and over the next 27 hours and 3 minutes, Chilly Gonzales performed his music, as well as covers of other artists’ songs, while interacting with his audience and taking requests.

During his concert, Chilly Gonzales showed incredible endurance and skill, playing the piano for long stretches without taking a break, and engaging in different genres of music such as jazz, classical, and hip-hop. Throughout the performance, his band and the string quartet joined in and added to the experience.

Chilly Gonzales’ feat was not just a display of musical talent, but it also demonstrated how music can be a test of physical and mental endurance, as well as a celebration of art and creativity. His record-breaking performance was a tribute to the power of music and the dedication of musicians, who strive to push their limits and inspire others with their art.