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Is Fry actually his own grandfather?

Futurama is one of the most beloved animated shows in recent history. The show takes place in a distant future where Earth has become a bustling city filled with robots, aliens, and all manner of futuristic technology. The show is known for its humor, inventive storylines, and unique characters. One of the most intriguing storylines of the show involves Fry’s time travel and the question of whether or not he is actually his own grandfather. In this blog post, we will explore this theory and attempt to answer the question once and for all.

The Time Travel Paradox

To understand Fry’s relationship to his own grandfather, we must first examine the concept of time travel and the paradox it creates. According to the theory of time travel, if someone were to go back in time and interfere with events in the past, it could have serious consequences on the future. This creates a paradox where the time-traveler’s actions could create an alternate reality or erase their own existence entirely.

In Fry’s case, he accidentally falls into a cryogenic chamber and wakes up 1,000 years in the future. Throughout the show, Fry travels through time on numerous occasions, creating a series of paradoxes and altering the timeline repeatedly. However, it is Fry’s relationship to his own grandfather that is the most perplexing.

Fry’s Grandfather

Fry’s grandfather, Enos, is introduced in the episode “Roswell That Ends Well”. The episode sees the Planet Express crew accidentally traveling back in time to Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Fry meets his grandmother, Mildred, who is pregnant with his father and Enos.

Fry, Bender, and Professor Farnsworth disguise themselves as alien invaders to avoid detection by the military. Enos meets Mildred while she is searching for her missing husband and believes that she has been impregnated by an alien. Enos then impregnates Mildred himself, thus becoming Fry’s biological grandfather.

The Predestination Paradox

The relationship between Fry and his grandfather creates what is known as a predestination paradox. In a predestination paradox, a time traveler goes back in time and becomes part of an established event that has already occurred. This creates a paradox because if the time traveler had not gone back in time, the event would not have occurred in the first place.

In Fry’s case, he goes back in time to Roswell in 1947 and becomes his own grandfather. This creates a paradox because if Fry had not gone back in time, Enos would not have impregnated Mildred, and Fry would not exist.


In conclusion, Fry is in fact his own grandfather, at least in the world of Futurama. The show’s clever use of time-traveling paradoxes creates a unique and entertaining storyline. Fry’s relationship with Enos and Mildred raises questions about the consequences of time travel and the nature of predestination. However, despite the paradoxes and complexities of the story, Fry’s loveable character and comedic antics are what truly make the show memorable.


Who is Philip Fry’s grandfather?

Enos Fry was a character from the popular animated television series Futurama, who was introduced in the episode “Roswell That Ends Well”. He was the grandfather of the show’s protagonist, Philip J. Fry, who accidentally traveled back in time to the year 1947 along with his colleagues from the Planet Express delivery service. Enos Fry was a soldier stationed at an army base in Roswell, New Mexico, which became the site of a supposed UFO crash landing, one of the most famous UFO incidents in history.

Enos Fry was portrayed as a typical military man of his time, following strict protocols and adhering to traditional values. He was married to Mildred Fry, with whom he had a son named Shermy Fry, who later became the father of Philip J. Fry. Enos Fry was depicted as a stern and conservative figure, who frequently clashed with his son over their differing opinions and beliefs. He also showed a strong dislike for his grandson, Philip, whom he considered to be an embarrassment to the Fry family name.

Despite his initial misgivings, Enos Fry later came to appreciate his grandson’s tenacity and resourcefulness, after witnessing Philip’s efforts to repair the damaged ship that had brought them to the past. He also shared some similarities with his grandson, such as a love of adventure and a willingness to take risks. Enos Fry proved to be an important character in the series, not only because of his ancestral ties to the main character, but also because of his role in one of the most iconic events in UFO lore.

Is Fry his mother’s father?

In the television show Futurama, the main character is a young man named Fry, who, after being cryogenically frozen for 1000 years wakes up in the year 3000. Throughout the series, there are a number of instances in which Fry interacts with members of his family from the past. In one particular episode, titled “Roswell That Ends Well,” Fry and his friends accidentally travel back in time to the year 1947 and become involved in the infamous Roswell UFO incident. While there, Fry becomes romantically involved with a woman named Mildred, who turns out to be his own grandmother.

Confused? Well, it turns out that Fry’s time travel means that Yancy, Sr’s paternal grandmother is Mrs. Fry, his wife and Fry’s mother. Therefore, Fry is not his own father, but rather his own grandfather. This has been confirmed by the show’s creators, who have explained that it is a result of a “temporal paradox” that occurs when Fry interacts with his own past. Essentially, Fry becomes his own grandfather because he travels back in time and has a child with his own grandmother, which ensures that he is eventually born and able to travel back in time in the first place.

While this may seem like a strange and confusing concept, it is not uncommon in science fiction stories that involve time travel. In fact, the idea of a character becoming their own ancestor or descendant has been explored in a number of films, books, and television shows throughout the years. However, it is important to note that this is purely a fictional concept and is not based in any scientific reality.

While Fry is not his own father, he is his own grandfather as a result of time travel and a temporal paradox. This unique aspect of the character and the show adds an interesting twist to the story and has become a popular topic of discussion among fans of the series.

Who is the father of Mom’s Children Futurama?

In the popular animated television series Futurama, Mom is a recurring character known for being the CEO of MomCorp, one of the largest and most powerful corporations in the Futurama universe. Throughout the show, Mom is depicted as having three children, Larry, Walt, and Igner, who are all large and muscular but not very intelligent.

For a long time, the father of Mom’s children is not explicitly revealed in the show. However, in the episode “Bender’s Game,” it is uncovered that the father of Mom’s youngest son Igner is the eccentric inventor and scientist, Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth.

In that episode, the story unfolds as the Planet Express crew ventures into a fantasy world inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. In this world, the Professor is depicted as a powerful wizard who was once a romantic partner of Mom. However, their relationship ended when Mom discovered that the Professor was the true father of Igner, which infuriated her to the point of hatred.

The revelation of the Professor being the father of Igner is surprising to the characters in the show and the audience alike, as Mom’s other two children were shown to be fathered by different men. The revelation not only explains Mom’s animosity towards the Professor but also sheds some light on the complex personal relationships that exist within the show’s universe.

While the identity of the father of Mom’s children was a long-standing mystery in the show, it was ultimately revealed that the Professor is the biological father of Mom’s youngest son, Igner. The revelation added an interesting facet to the characters’ personalities and relationships and kept viewers engaged in the story of Futurama.