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Is Dolly Parton currently married?

Dolly Parton has been a staple in the entertainment industry for over five decades, known for her country music hits, acting roles, and philanthropy. While Parton has often been in the public eye for her career and personality, fans may be curious about her personal life, specifically whether or not she is currently married. In this article, we will be exploring the question of Dolly Parton’s marital status and providing some background information on her relationship history.

Dolly Parton’s Early Years and Marriage

Dolly Parton was born and raised in Tennessee, where she began singing and performing at a young age. She had a strong passion for music and eventually moved to Nashville to pursue a career in the industry. In 1966, at the age of 20, Parton met Carl Thomas Dean, a businessman from Georgia. The two fell in love and were married the following year in a private ceremony in Georgia.

Throughout the course of their marriage, Dean has stayed out of the public eye, rarely accompanying his wife to events or appearing with her in interviews. In a 2020 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Parton explained that her husband was a very private person who preferred to stay away from the spotlight. She also mentioned that they’ve been a happy couple since 1966, saying that “he’s crazy about me. He’s proud of me. And he loves to be around me.”

Rumors and the Truth About Divorce

There have been rumors circulating over the years that Parton and Dean’s marriage was in trouble, and that they were headed for divorce. However, Parton has repeatedly denied these rumors and stated that their marriage is strong and thriving. In a 2018 interview with The Guardian, Parton stated that she and Dean have an understanding when it comes to their marriage and their personal lives.

“We’re really good friends, and we’ve been together for 54 years, and we’ve just always respected and appreciated each other,” she said. “We’ve always let each other be individuals and never tried to change each other or tried to make each other into something that we weren’t.”

Parton has also been open about the fact that she and Dean live largely separate lives, with him spending most of his time at their home in Nashville while she travels for work and events. However, she has explained that they stay connected through phone calls and messages, and that they make a point to spend time together whenever they can.

The Secret to Marriage

Even though Parton and Dean lead relatively separate lives, they are still able to maintain a strong and happy marriage. In interviews over the years, Parton has shared her secrets to a successful partnership, including the importance of mutual respect, communication, and compromise.

“I always say that respect is most important,” Parton said in an interview with Today in 2020. “I do respect him. And I think he respects me because we allow each other to be who we are. I don’t try to change him. And he doesn’t try to change me.”

Parton has also stated that she and Dean enjoy spending time together, whether it’s going for a drive or just sitting together and talking. She has joked that their secret to a long marriage might be that they don’t spend too much time together, but at the end of the day, it seems that their love and respect for each other is what keeps them going.


In summary, Dolly Parton has been happily married to Carl Thomas Dean since 1966, and while there have been rumors of divorce over the years, Parton has consistently denied them. She and Dean have a close relationship built on mutual respect and understanding, even if they spend much of their lives apart. Parton’s secrets to a successful marriage include respect, communication, and compromise, all of which have helped her stay connected to her husband for over five decades.


What happened to Dolly Parton and her husband?

Dolly Parton and Carl Dean are known for having one of the longest-lasting marriages in the entertainment industry, having been married for over 56 years. Their love story began many years ago when they first met at a local launderette in Nashville, Tennessee. Dolly had just moved to the city and was still pursuing her music career, whereas Carl was the owner of an asphalt-paving business.

Their first encounter was a brief one, but they quickly hit it off and began dating. They were married two years later, in a private ceremony that was attended by only a few close friends and family members. Although Dolly went on to become one of the biggest country music superstars of all time, Carl stayed out of the limelight and kept a relatively low profile.

Throughout their marriage, Dolly has always kept her relationship with Carl private and rarely discusses it in public. She has credited their strong bond to their mutual respect and understanding of each other’s dreams and ambitions. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Dolly said, “He’s always been supportive. He’s always been my biggest fan behind the scenes. He’s always been there for me.”

In recent years, there have been rumors that Dolly and Carl’s marriage was on the rocks, but Dolly has denied these rumors, stating that they are still very much in love. She has even stated that the secret to their long-lasting marriage is their ability to maintain their independence while also supporting each other’s dreams and goals.

Dolly Parton and Carl Dean’s marriage is one of the most enduring and inspiring love stories of all time. Despite the many challenges that they have faced over the years, they have remained devoted to each other and have continued to build a strong foundation for their marriage. Their story serves as a testament to the power of love, commitment, and mutual respect in any relationship.

Did Dolly Parton have a baby?

Dolly Parton, one of the most beloved country music icons of all time, has been married to her husband, Carl Dean, for over 50 years. However, Dolly Parton has never given birth as she remained childless throughout her life. In interviews, she has often talked about why she decided not to have kids. Dolly has said that she didn’t want to risk her career or personal life for the sake of motherhood. She explained that not having kids had given her the chance to achieve her dreams as a country superstar and focus more on her legendary career. “Since I had no kids, and my husband was pretty independent, I had freedom,” Parton said.

Dolly Parton is very happy with Carl Dean, and they have a strong marriage that has lasted over half a century. She has joked about their relationship in interviews, such as saying that Dean has only seen her perform live once and that she dresses up as a prostitute for him occasionally. However, despite their unconventional relationship, the lack of children in their life has not hampered their love for each other.

So in conclusion, Dolly Parton does not have a child. Though she has devoted most of her life to her music career, she does not regret her decision to not have children. Instead, she is content with the freedom it gave her and the strong relationship she has built with her husband, Carl Dean.

Is Dolly Parton in a relationship?

Yes, Dolly Parton is currently in a relationship with her husband Carl Dean, whom she has been married to for over 50 years. The couple met in 1964, right when Parton first moved to Nashville to start her music career, and they got married two years later in 1966. Despite being a high-profile celebrity, Parton has always kept her relationship with Dean very private, and they are rarely seen together in public.

In fact, Dean is so private that many fans and even some of Parton’s close friends and collaborators have never even met him. Parton has said that their private and low-key life together is what has helped their marriage last so long, and that she has always appreciated his support and understanding of her hectic career.

While there have been rumors of infidelity and speculation about the couple’s relationship over the years, Parton has always staunchly defended her husband and their marriage. She has also spoken publicly about why she has never had children, citing her busy career and the fact that she and Dean wanted to focus solely on their relationship.

While Dolly Parton is a beloved icon and one of the most successful country musicians of all time, she is also just a regular person who has found love and companionship in her long-standing relationship with Carl Dean.