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Is cream color the same as ivory?

Finding the perfect color for your wedding dress, living room, or even your business logo can be quite challenging. Two colors that often get confused with each other are cream and ivory. While these two colors may look similar, they are actually quite different. In this blog post, we will discuss the differences between cream color and ivory.

What is Cream Color?

Cream color is a pale, warm color that is sometimes referred to as off-white. It is commonly used in interior design to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Cream color is created by mixing white with a small amount of yellow or brown. This creates a warmer, less bright version of white.

One of the best things about cream color is that it complements other colors very well. You can pair it with any color, from pastels to bold, bright colors, and it will look great. Cream color is also a great option if you are looking for a subtle and elegant touch to your wedding dress or business logo.

What is Ivory?

Ivory is a pale, yellowish-white color that is often confused with white or cream. The color is named after the tusks of the elephant, which are made of ivory. Ivory is created by mixing white with a small amount of yellow and brown, just like cream. However, in the case of ivory, there is more yellow than brown, creating a brighter and whiter version of cream.

Ivory is often used in fashion and interior design to create a classic and elegant look. It is a popular color for wedding dresses, as it is less harsh than pure white. Ivory can also be used to create a vintage or shabby chic look in interior design.

The Differences Between Cream Color and Ivory

While cream color and ivory may look similar, there are some key differences between the two:

Shade: Ivory is brighter and whiter than cream color.

Undertones: Cream color has a warm, yellow or brown undertone, while ivory has a yellow undertone.

Lighting: Cream color tends to look best in warm lighting, while ivory looks best in natural light.

Uses: Cream color is versatile and can be used in a variety of design applications, while ivory is often used in fashion and interior design to create a classic and elegant look.


In conclusion, cream color and ivory may look similar at first glance, but they are two distinct colors with different shades and undertones. Cream color is warmer and more versatile, while ivory is brighter and more classic. When choosing between these two colors, consider which look you are trying to achieve and the lighting in the space or situation where the color will be used. With this knowledge, you can confidently choose between cream and ivory to create the perfect look for your project or event.


What color is closest to ivory?

Ivory is a color that is often associated with luxury, elegance, and sophistication. It is a delicate and beautiful shade that sits somewhere between white and beige. As a natural material, ivory has been highly valued for centuries due to its smooth texture, durability and color that evokes an aura of opulence.

However, determining the exact color closest to ivory can be a subjective and challenging task. This is because ivory is considered a shade of white, much like its color siblings of eggshell, cream, and off-white. The addition of a subtle tint of yellow, cream, or peach is what separates ivory from pure white or other shades.

To further narrow down the closest shade to ivory, we must consider the color wheel and its many hues. Ivory has a range of warm and cool undertones, which can vary depending on the lighting conditions and surrounding colors. Warm undertones can include undertones of yellow and orange, while cool undertones can include blue and gray.

Based on the color wheel comparison, ivory appears closest to the light beige or pale yellow hue. These colors share a similar level of warmth as ivory, and can blend seamlessly with ivory in a variety of color schemes.

The closest color to ivory will depend on each individual’s perception. But whether it’s a warm beige or a pale yellow, there is no doubt that ivory is a timeless and beautiful color that exudes luxury and elegance.

What two Colours make cream?

The color cream is a soft, warm white with a yellow hue. It is a popular color often used in fashion, interior design, and other applications. To create the color cream, you need to mix two colors – yellow and white. Yellow is a primary color that cannot be created by mixing other colors, and white is the color of light and is considered the absence of color.

When you mix yellow and white, the white color lightens the vibrancy of the yellow and creates a softer, lighter version of the color. The mixture of yellow and white results in a soft, warm-toned off-white color that resembles the shade of cream. It’s important to note that the exact quantities of yellow and white used to make the color cream will affect the shade.

If you want to create the color cream, mix yellow and white paint or dye to create a soft and warm off-white color. The mixture of these colors will create a perfect blend of warm yellow hues and the light color of white, giving you a beautiful cream tone.

Is ivory darker than eggshell?

When it comes to colors, there are a multitude of shades that can be difficult to differentiate, and ivory and eggshell are two such shades that people often confuse. While both ivory and eggshell are light and subtle shades of white, they do have some differences in their tone and brightness.

Ivory is a warm, creamy color with a yellow or beige undertone that is slightly darker than white and has a bit more pigment in it. In fact, ivory is often described as a soft white or an off-white that has a light creamy or yellowish hue to it. It’s a versatile color that pairs well with other earthy tones and can bring warmth to any space or outfit.

On the other hand, eggshell is a delicate, pale shade of white that has a slight blue or gray undertone to it. Eggshell is a lighter shade of white than ivory and appears brighter and more airy, making it a popular choice for interior design and wall paint.

While both ivory and eggshell are in the same color family of white, ivory is a shade darker than eggshell, with a warmer and creamier appearance. This subtle difference in tone and brightness can make a significant impact when selecting fabrics, paints or decor for a specific project or room.