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Is Connor and Mackenzie from Love Island still together?

Love Island season 2 cast members Connor Trott and Mackenzie Dipman seemed to have a strong connection on the show. They were one of the most popular couples and viewers were rooting for them to make it to the end. However, after the show ended, rumors circulated that the couple had split up. Fans have been wondering ever since if Connor and Mackenzie are still together or if they have gone their separate ways. In this blog post, we will explore the truth about their relationship status and what led to their rumored breakup.

The Love Island Connection

Connor Trott and Mackenzie Dipman first met on Love Island in 2020. They were both contestants on the show and immediately hit it off. Their chemistry was undeniable and viewers loved watching their love story unfold. They would often be seen chatting and laughing together, and it was clear that they had a strong connection.

After several weeks in the villa, Connor and Mackenzie became official and declared their love for each other. They were one of the strongest couples in the house and seemed destined to make it to the end.

The Rumored Breakup

Shortly after Love Island ended, rumors began to circulate that Connor and Mackenzie had split up. Fans were shocked and devastated to hear the news. The couple had seemed so happy and in love on the show, so it was difficult to understand what could have gone wrong.

However, neither Connor nor Mackenzie confirmed the breakup rumors. In fact, they both remained relatively quiet about their relationship status in the months that followed. This only fueled speculation that they had indeed split up, but were keeping it under wraps for personal reasons.

What Led to the Rumored Breakup?

There are several theories about what led to the rumored breakup between Connor and Mackenzie. One of the most popular theories is that distance played a major role. After Love Island ended, Connor returned home to Pittsburgh while Mackenzie stayed in Arizona. The couple was forced to navigate a long-distance relationship, which can be difficult even under the best of circumstances.

Another theory is that the couple simply grew apart. They had spent several weeks in the Love Island villa, where they were constantly surrounded by each other and the other contestants. Once they returned to the real world, they may have realized that they were incompatible after all.

The Final Verdict

The truth is, we may never know for sure whether Connor and Mackenzie are still together. As of this writing in February of 2023, neither of them has confirmed their relationship status. They have not been seen together in public or on social media in quite some time, which has led many to believe that they have indeed split up.

However, it’s also possible that the couple is simply keeping their relationship private. They may be enjoying spending time together away from the public eye, or they may be working on their relationship behind the scenes.


In conclusion, the relationship status of Love Island season 2 contestants Connor Trott and Mackenzie Dipman remains a mystery. Despite rumors of a breakup, neither of them has confirmed or denied their current relationship status. Fans will likely continue to speculate about the couple’s future, but ultimately, only time will tell whether they will stay together or go their separate ways. For now, we can only hope for the best for both Connor and Mackenzie in their personal lives and careers.


Are any of the Love Island couples still together?

Love Island has become a phenomenon in the world of reality TV, with couples pairing up and sharing their journey with viewers around the world. However, as with many reality TV shows, fans often wonder if these relationships last beyond the show. So, are any of the Love Island couples still together?

The answer is yes, some of them are. One of the most famous couples to emerge from Love Island is Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury. They participated in the show’s fifth season in 2019, and their relationship has stood the test of time. Four years on from their series ending, they are still together and going strong. They have even moved in together and started a life as a couple.

In a recent interview, Molly-Mae revealed that both she and Tommy had no idea their relationship would last beyond the show. However, when they came out of the villa, they realized that they had a lot more in common than they first thought and that they were genuinely compatible with each other. They enjoyed getting to know each other outside of the show, and their relationship blossomed from there.

Molly-Mae and Tommy’s relationship has not been without its ups and downs, though. They have faced criticism from fans online, who accused them of faking their relationship. They have also dealt with trolling and online abuse, which they have publicly spoken out against.

Despite these challenges, Molly-Mae and Tommy’s relationship has gone from strength to strength. They are one of the few couples from Love Island who have managed to maintain a successful relationship outside of the show. They recently welcomed their first child together, a baby girl named Bambi, and they seem happier than ever.

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are one Love Island couple who are still together, four years after their series ended. Their relationship has been tested but has successfully stood the test of time. They are proof that Love Island does not always have to end in heartbreak and that true love can blossom even on reality TV.

Are Moira and Calvin still together?

Moira Tumas and Calvin Cobb were one of the most talked-about couples on Love Island: USA season 2. Fans of the show were invested in their relationship and wanted to know if they were still together. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Moira confirmed that the two had broken up two months after the finale of the show.

While many fans were upset by the news, Moira provided some insight into why the relationship didn’t work out. She stated that she and Calvin had different communication styles, and that became a problem for them. Moira also revealed that they didn’t have the same long-term goals and values which made it difficult for them to see a future together.

Moira’s decision to talk openly about the breakup is admirable. Many people struggle with sharing the details of their failed relationships, but Moira’s transparency provides insight into why some couples just don’t work out. It’s also a reminder that even though couples seem perfect on shows like Love Island, they still face the same challenges as any real-life couple.

Although Moira and Calvin’s relationship may have ended, Love Island: USA fans can still appreciate the connection they had on the show. It was clear that they genuinely cared for each other, and the connection they shared was apparent to everyone watching.

Is Cely and Justine still best friends?

Cely and Justine were two of the most beloved and popular contestants on the fifth season of the popular American reality television series, Love Island USA. They met and became friends while living in the villa together during the show’s filming in Las Vegas, which ran for a total of 22 episodes from August to September 2020.

Despite forming strong romantic connections with their respective partners, both Cely Vazquez and Justine Ndiba ended up winning the hearts of viewers with their genuine and uplifting personalities. They quickly became known as the show’s dynamic duo, with many fans referring to them as “Celstine” and even predicting that they could go on to win the show together.

While neither of the top four final couples from the season have endured long-term, including Justine and her partner Caleb Corprew, and Cely and her partner Johnny Middlebrooks, their friendship off-screen has bloomed. In fact, they remain best friends who have continued to pursue their friendship outside of the villa in 2022.

Their friendship is frequently documented on social media, where they share photos and videos of each other, attend events together, and show support for each other’s personal and professional endeavors. Fans have been overjoyed to see their friendship thrive outside of the Love Island USA experience, with many commenting on how heartwarming it is to see two people who genuinely care for one another.

Cely and Justine’s friendship has remained as strong as ever even after exiting the Love Island USA villa. They have shown that true friendship can be formed even amidst the pressures and complexities of reality television show stardom. Fans are happy to see their bond continue to grow and flourish.

Who is Moira with now?

I’m sorry, but I’m afraid the provided question was not very clear. It sounded like it was asking about who Moira is currently in a relationship with. However, based on the answer I provided, it seems like the question may have been intended to ask about what Moira is currently doing.

According to the answer given, Moira is now living in Miami and working as a model. She has worked with well-known brands in the fashion and cosmetics industry such as Eddie Bauer and Loreal Paris, as well as with athletic wear company Nike. Additionally, Moira has partnerships with health companies like The Good Patch and CELSIUS Energy Drink.

It seems like Moira has made quite a name for herself in the modeling world, and has established herself as a successful and sought-after model. While we don’t know anything about her personal life from the information given by the answer, we can assume that Moira is living a fulfilling and exciting life as a model in Miami.

Which couples from Love Island season 3 are still together?

Love Island is a popular British reality TV show where a group of contestants stay in a luxurious villa for several weeks. During this period, they have the opportunity to find love and couple up with their fellow contestants. By the end of the show, the winning couple is voted for by the public, and they take home a cash prize.

Season 3 of the show saw a mixture of contestants, from models to personal trainers and dancers, enter the romantic villa, all looking for love. The contestants went through a lot during their time in the villa — shock dumps, recouplings, and, of course, the notorious lie detector test.

Despite the chaotic nature of the Love Island villa, some couples formed real and lasting connections that have stretched beyond the show. But which couples from Love Island series three are still together?

Only Jamie Jewitt and Camilla Thurlow remain together as a couple from season three. Despite coming in third place on the show, which ended in 2017, they have kept their relationship going strong. The couple has been together for over three years and seems to be going strong.

Unfortunately, the rest of the couples could not sustain their relationships. Winners Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies split just months after the season ended. Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood also went their separate ways, with Olivia now engaged to Blackburn Rovers footballer, Bradley Dack.

Montana Brown and Alex Beattie made it to the final but split on the Love Island reunion show, and their relationship barely made it past that. Georgia Harrison and Sam Gowland, who got together on the show, also split after leaving the villa.

Most contestants from Love Island season three have moved onto new relationships. Jonny Mitchell is now with girlfriend Danielle Zarb-Cousin, while Tyla Carr has a baby boy with Rossco Edmonds. Marcel Somerville and Gabby Allen, who got together on the show, also split and moved on to different partners.

Only Jamie Jewitt and Camilla Thurlow are still together from Love Island series three. Some couples split quickly after the series ended, and others had explosive breakups. Many have moved onto new love interests. While the show has left a lasting impact on their lives, most contestants had to move on to find what they were looking for romantically.