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Is Cole gay in Anne with an E?

Anne with an E is one of the most popular Netflix TV shows aired in recent years. The show has captured hearts all over the world with its immense cinematography, incredible storyline, and outstanding scriptwriting.

One of the main characters on the series is Cole, who has become quite popular ever since the show’s premiere. However, many fans are left wondering whether Cole is gay or not. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into this issue and find out more about his sexuality in Anne with an E.

Cole’s introduction in Anne with an E

Cole is a very shy, introverted, and talented boy with a keen eye for drawing. The character is first introduced in season 2, when Anne Shirley-Cuthbert and her friends stumble upon his secret hideaway in the woods, where he creates his artwork, away from the distractions of his family.

Over the course of season 2, the Audience gets to know Cole more, his artistic skills, and eventually, his sexual orientation is revealed. Early in season 2, Cole’s interactions with others are minimal, and he is mainly shown on his own, completely immersed in his art.

As the season progresses, we see him opening up, conversing with his fellow artists, and gradually discovering his sexuality. He soon becomes more comfortable with his friends and reveals his secret to his closest confidante, Anne.

Cole’s sexual orientation in Anne with an E

Cole’s sexuality is never explicitly discussed in the show. However, subtle hints and various dramatic elements lead us to conclude that he is gay. Throughout the season, Cole is shown displaying strong attachment towards several male characters, particularly Billy, who he becomes romantically attached to.

Furthermore, his energy and mannerisms are typically associated with homosexual men. Although Cole’s sexuality is never directly addressed throughout the show, the smooth and subtle portrayal of Cole’s Gayness has rightfully been praised by many fans and critics alike.

Why Cole’s sexuality is important in the show

Given the limited representation of LGBTQ+ characters on Television, Cole’s introduction in Anne with an E has been a massive breakthrough. This representation matters not only because it gives an LGBTQ+ individual representation in the show but also because it models a healthy way of living for those who may also be grappling with their own sexual identity.

Watching Cole come to terms with his sexual orientation can help others struggling with similar issues and provide them with hope that it gets better. The representation of Cole also helps to destigmatize LGBTQ+ people and highlights the harm caused by stereotyping.


Cole’s character in Anne with an E is an excellent example of a well-written LGBTQ+ character. Although his sexuality is only hinted at and never explicitly discussed in the show, the subtle portrayal is what makes his representation in the show significant. It provides valuable representation for teens and young people, who may be discovering their sexuality and grappling for answers in an often unwelcoming world.

Overall, Cole’s contribution to Anne with an E as a character is invaluable. The show has undoubtedly showcased him as an incredibly talented artist and a genuinely kind-hearted person. His creativity and personality transcend any categorization, reinforcing the idea that a person’s sexuality is just one part of who they are. Hopefully, more shows will follow suit and display the diversity and variety of life and love that exists in the world.


Who does Cole like in Anne?

In the TV series “Anne with an E”, Cole MacKenzie is introduced as a new student of Avonlea school who quickly catches the attention of many students, including Anne Shirley. However, Cole seems to have a particular liking towards Anne and they soon become fast friends. In fact, Cole becomes one of Anne’s closest confidants, and the two are often seen walking and talking together around Avonlea.

Cole’s fondness for Anne is evident in how he draws her in his artbook and how he helped her with the set design of the winter play. He even goes as far as defending Anne when other students make fun of her. Their friendship becomes stronger as they share their hopes and dreams with each other.

Although Anne is not romantically interested in Cole, it is clear that he admires her. Cole’s gentle and kind demeanor is a perfect match for Anne’s fiery personality, making them a great match as friends. Cole’s friendship with Anne plays an essential role in her growth and understanding of the world around her.

Cole MacKenzie likes Anne Shirley in the sense that he admires her as a person and regards her as a dear friend. Their friendship is a testament to the power of human connection and how it is not always based on romantic attraction.

Did Mr Phillips like Cole?

In the book “Touching Spirit Bear” by Ben Mikaelsen, the character of Mr Phillips is introduced as a teacher at Cole’s school who is portrayed as stern and impatient with his students. As the story progresses, we find out that Mr Phillips is attracted to men and that his disdain for Cole and eagerness to marry one of his students, Priscilla Andrews, is an attempt to avoid dealing with his own sexuality.

Throughout the book, Mr Phillips displays a clear dislike towards Cole. In one scene, Cole shared an uncomfortable moment with Mr Phillips, which provoked disgust in the teacher. Cole’s actions were perceived as violent and aggressive, and Phillips even went as far as to call him a “savage.”

However, it becomes clear that Mr Phillips’ animosity towards Cole is not solely based on his behavior. Instead, it is suggested that Phillips is projecting his own self-hatred onto Cole. By criticizing Cole and belittling him, Phillips is attempting to distance himself from his own feelings of same-sex attraction.

It can be inferred that Mr Phillips did not like Cole, but that his reasons for this were psychological and complex. His dislike of Cole was rooted in his own insecurity and fear of confronting his sexuality, rather than any specific actions on Cole’s part.

Does Anne end up with Cole or Gilbert?

In the beloved novel series Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery, the main character Anne Shirley goes through many romantic ups and downs throughout her life. However, the two main love interests in the series are Cole Mackenzie and Gilbert Blythe.

Throughout much of the early books in the series, Anne’s fiery and impulsive personality clashes with the more studious and serious sensibilities of Gilbert. Despite being rivals in academics and frequently teasing one another, it’s clear that Gilbert has a deep admiration and fondness for Anne. In the third book, Anne of the Island, Gilbert even confesses his love for Anne, but she declines his proposal, feeling that she is not ready to settle down yet.

In the meantime, Anne meets Cole Mackenzie, a charming and artistic fellow who sweeps her off her feet. Cole is a kindred spirit to Anne, sharing her love of nature and imagination. Although Anne cares deeply for him, Cole ultimately proves to be too restless for her, and they part ways when Cole decides to travel and pursue his art.

As the series progresses, Anne and Gilbert continue to cross paths and develop their friendship and affection for one another. Eventually, as they both mature and become adults, they fall deeply in love. In the novel Anne’s House of Dreams, the two finally get engaged after years of will-they-won’t-they tension. However, their happiness is interrupted when Gilbert becomes seriously ill, causing him to delay their wedding plans until he has recovered.

Finally, in the next novel, Anne of Ingleside, Anne and Gilbert are happily married with children, and it is clear that they are intended to be together forever. While Cole Mackenzie was an important part of Anne’s life and growth, it is ultimately Gilbert Blythe who wins her heart and becomes her lifelong partner.