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Is beautiful in white a wedding song?

A wedding day is one of the most significant events in a person’s life, and music plays an essential role in making it a memorable experience. The choice of the perfect wedding song can convey the expression of love and make the day even more special. One song that has gained popularity among Asian couples for weddings is ‘Beautiful in White’ by Shane Filan, a former frontman of the Irish band ‘Westlife.’ In this blog post, we will explore if ‘Beautiful in White’ is a wedding song.

The Story Behind ‘Beautiful in White’

Shane Filan wrote ‘Beautiful in White’ in 2006 when he was still a member of ‘Westlife.’ However, the song didn’t make it onto their album and was instead released as a demo. The demo failed to make a significant impact initially, but it resurfaced online in 2010 and instantly became a sleeper hit in Asia.

Many Asian couples embraced the song as a wedding song. It started to gain popularity in countries like China, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. People started to use it in their wedding videos, and it quickly became the go-to song for weddings.

The song talks about a woman who stands out and looks beautiful in a white dress. The lyrics mention that she doesn’t need any elaborate accessories or jewelry to look stunning, indicating that the narrator (presumably the groom) values her purity and simplicity.

Why Is ‘Beautiful in White’ a Popular Wedding Song?

‘Beautiful in White’ has continued to be a popular wedding song for several reasons. First, the song’s theme is related to a wedding, with lyrics like “I’ve waited all my life for this day.” This theme resonates with most couples, and the song provides a feeling of love and romance that is perfect for a wedding day.

Secondly, the song’s melody is beautiful, and Shane Filan’s vocals are smooth and emotional. The somber piano and the accompanying strings in the background add to the romantic atmosphere that makes it a perfect first dance song.

Finally, the lyrics of the song are genuinely heart-touching and give listeners a sense of the ideal kind of love. For many couples, the lyrics express their thoughts and feelings towards each other, making ‘Beautiful in White’ the perfect soundtrack for their special day.

The Criticism of ‘Beautiful in White’ as a Wedding Song

Despite its immense popularity, some people have criticized ‘Beautiful in White’ as a wedding song. One criticism is that it is too generic and overplayed, and lacks originality. Some people feel that using such a common song removes the uniqueness and originality of their wedding day.

Others feel that the song is too sentimental and cheesy for their taste. They prefer a more upbeat and celebratory song that will make their guests dance. Additionally, some skeptical music enthusiasts don’t like the notion of music being labeled as a “wedding song,” claiming that music is meant to stand independently on its own.


In conclusion, ‘Beautiful in White’ by Shane Filan is indeed a wedding song, and its popularity in Asia is a testament to its popularity. The song’s lyrics are romantic, and the melody is beautiful, making it perfect for a wedding day. However, as with all things, some people may not appreciate its sentimentality and may prefer more upbeat wedding songs. At the end of the day, the choice of the wedding song is a personal one. It should reflect the couple’s preferences and story while providing a memorable experience for everyone involved.