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Is Alex and Piper together in real life?

“Orange is the New Black” is a Netflix original series that made waves upon its release in 2013. The show has been praised for its diverse cast and portrayal of real-life issues, from racism to mental health. However, the romantic relationship between main characters Piper Chapman and Alex Vause has also drawn a lot of attention.

Fans can’t help but wonder: are Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon, the actresses playing Piper and Alex respectively, together in real life? In this blog post, we will dig into this topic and try to answer the question that has been on many “OITNB” fans’ minds.

Their Onscreen Relationship

In “Orange is the New Black,” Piper and Alex have a tumultuous relationship that begins as a casual fling and grows into a deep love. However, their past catches up with them, and Alex’s betrayal leads to Piper’s arrest and imprisonment.

Throughout the series, the two are shown struggling with their feelings for each other, as well as the challenges of life in prison. Their relationship is a central plot point of the show, and viewers have been invested in their story from the beginning.

Their Offscreen Relationship

While Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon have great onscreen chemistry, there is no evidence that they were ever romantically involved in real life. In fact, the two have confirmed that they are just friends.

In an interview with People, Schilling said, “I’ve had very deep connections with people I’ve worked with before, and those relationships can only enrich the work, and I think that’s what we experienced on ‘Orange is the New Black.'”

Prepon also addressed the rumors about her relationship with Schilling in an interview with SheKnows. “It’s so funny, because when you talk about this small, tiny little detail on a show that runs for seven years, that’s the thing people will hone in on,” she said. “There’s nothing to spill because we are just friends, and that’s how it is.”

Other Offscreen Relationships

Although Schilling and Prepon are not romantically involved, both have dated other people throughout the run of the show. Schilling was linked to actress/musician Carrie Brownstein in 2015, while Prepon has been married to actor Ben Foster since 2018.

It’s worth noting that romantic relationships between actors who work together are not uncommon. However, it is also important to respect the personal lives and boundaries of the actors involved.

The Impact of Their Relationship

Despite the fact that Schilling and Prepon are not together in real life, the impact of their characters’ relationship on “Orange is the New Black” cannot be denied. The show has been praised for its portrayal of LGBTQ+ relationships, as well as its depiction of life in prison for women.

Piper and Alex’s relationship has been a central part of the show’s success, and their love story has resonated with many viewers around the world. By portraying a same-sex relationship with depth and complexity, “Orange is the New Black” has helped to break down stereotypes and promote acceptance.


In conclusion, it is clear that there is no romantic relationship between Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon in real life, despite their powerful onscreen chemistry. While fans may be disappointed to hear this, it is important to respect the personal lives of the actors involved.

Their portrayal of Piper and Alex’s relationship has had a significant impact on viewers and has helped to promote acceptance and understanding. Whether or not they are romantically involved, Schilling and Prepon have created a memorable and powerful love story that will be remembered for years to come.


Who is Piper Chapman dating in real life?

Piper Chapman, the popular character from the hit Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, has been a subject of interest for fans throughout the show’s run. However, the dating life of the actress who portrays Piper, Taylor Schilling, has also been a topic of discussion among fans and followers.

According to the latest reports, Taylor Schilling is dating artist Emily Ritz. The actress, famous for her portrayal of Piper Chapman, confirmed her relationship with Ritz on Instagram during Pride 2020. Emily Ritz, who is a musician and artist, shared a series of photographs with Taylor on her private Instagram account, which Taylor subsequently reposted on her own account. The couple’s posts were filled with love quotes and bright rainbow hearts, celebrating their relationship and the love they share.

The news of Taylor Schilling’s relationship with Emily Ritz came as a surprise to her fans, who previously knew her to be private about her dating life. Schilling, who has never spoken publicly about her sexual orientation, has previously identified herself as being straight. However, her new relationship with Ritz marks her first public relationship with a woman and has been widely accepted and celebrated by her fans.

In the past, Taylor Schilling has been linked to various men, including actor Zac Efron and writer Tom McCarthy. However, none of these relationships ever turned into a long-term commitment, and the actress remained focused on her work and personal development. With her newfound love and public proclamation of her relationship with Emily Ritz, Taylor Schilling seems to have found happiness and contentment in her personal life.

Taylor Schilling, the actress who plays Piper Chapman in Orange Is the New Black, has confirmed her relationship with artist Emily Ritz during Pride 2020. The couple has shared their happiness and love with their fans, who have welcomed them with open arms. While Taylor’s past relationships have been with men, she seems to have found a connection and a commitment with Emily Ritz, and we wish them all the best for their future together.

Are Piper and Alex still together?

Throughout the seven seasons of the popular Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black,” the on-and-off relationship of Piper Chapman and Alex Vause has been one of the central storylines. However, by the end of the show, viewers are left wondering if the two characters are still together.

In the Season 6 finale (“Be Free”), Alex and Piper tie the knot in a prison ceremony officiated by their friend Nicky Nichols and witnessed by other inmates Lorna Morello, Flaca Gonzales, and Cindy Hayes. The two brides exchange heartfelt vows and are surrounded by their “family” inside the prison walls.

The final season of the show sees Piper being released from prison, while Alex is still serving time for a probation violation. Throughout the season, the two struggle to maintain their relationship, with Piper trying to adjust to life on the outside while still supporting Alex in any way she can.

In the series finale (“Here’s Where We Get Off”), Piper visits Alex in prison for the last time before her release and takes a moment to reflect on their tumultuous journey. In a heartwarming scene, the two express their love for each other and vow to make it work once Alex is released.

While the show doesn’t provide a definite answer on whether Piper and Alex are still together, the implication is that they intend to stay committed to each other despite the challenges they face. Their relationship is presented as not just a prison romance, but as a genuine connection that has endured even outside the walls of Litchfield.

While the show doesn’t explicitly confirm if Piper and Alex are still together, the final season suggests that they are committed to making their relationship work. The journey of their relationship throughout the series emphasizes the strength of their bond and the resilience of love, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Who is Alex Vause in real life?

Alex Vause is a prominent character in the Netflix original series “Orange is the New Black.” She is portrayed by actress Laura Prepon. The character of Alex Vause is loosely based on the real-life experience of Catherine Cleary Wolters, who is a former girlfriend of Piper Kerman, the author of the memoir on which the series is based. Wolters was also an executive consultant on the show, providing guidance to the writers to ensure that the portrayal of her life was factually accurate.

In Kerman’s memoir, Wolters is given the pseudonym Nora Jansen, who is a marginal character in the book. However, in the television series, the character of Alex Vause is a significant player. She is an intriguing and complicated character who first appears in the show’s pilot episode and quickly becomes a central figure in the plot.

The character of Alex Vause is depicted as a drug smuggler and a former lover of the show’s protagonist, Piper Chapman. The two meet again when Piper is sent to prison for a crime she committed ten years earlier. Throughout the series, Alex Vause and Piper Chapman experience a complicated on-again-off-again relationship that is a significant plot point in the show.

In real life, Catherine Cleary Wolters was also a drug smuggler who had a romantic relationship with Piper Kerman. Wolters spent nearly six years in prison for her involvement in the drug trade, the same crime for which Piper Kerman was also incarcerated. Wolters and Kerman’s relationship was tumultuous, and they ultimately went their separate ways after Wolters was released from prison.

Although the character of Alex Vause is a fictional creation, it is closely based on the real-life experiences of Catherine Cleary Wolters, who provided extensive input to the writers and producers of the show. The character of Alex Vause serves as a compelling and complex representation of the struggles and challenges that face those who are incarcerated within the US prison system.