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Is Alan Jackson’s daughter Mattie remarried?

Country music has always been a source of inspiration and entertainment for many people all over the world. One of the most iconic country music stars is Alan Jackson, who has produced countless hits over the years. The Jackson family has always been in the limelight, and fans wanted to know if Alan Jackson’s daughter Mattie is remarried. In this blog post, we’ll explore the rumors and find out the truth.

The Engagement

In November 2019, Mattie Jackson got engaged to her boyfriend, Connor Smith. The news of the engagement broke out on Instagram, where Mattie shared a photo of herself and her fiancé, with her stunning engagement ring on display. Friends and family of the couple shared their congratulations, and fans all over the world were thrilled for the couple.

The Wedding

Mattie Jackson and Connor Smith tied the knot on October 9, 2020, at The Breakers Palm Beach in Florida. It was a beautiful ceremony, with close family and friends in attendance. The wedding was a private affair, and the couple has not shared any photos or details of the ceremony.

However, Mattie did share a heartfelt message on Instagram, expressing her gratitude and love to her new husband. She said, “10.9.2020 was the best day of my life. I married my best friend and have never felt so loved and cherished. Thank you, God, for bringing Connor into my life. I can’t wait to spend forever with you, my love. Cheers to our forever.”

Mattie’s Life Now

Since the wedding, Mattie Jackson and Connor Smith have been enjoying their newlywed life. Mattie has been sharing glimpses of their life on social media, and the couple seems madly in love. They have been traveling, spending time with family, and even launched their own jewelry line together.

Mattie is also a doting mother to her two children, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Ben Selecman. Sadly, Ben passed away in 2018 after a tragic accident. Mattie has been very vocal about her grief and how she has been coping with losing her husband. She has shared her story in the hopes of helping others who are going through a similar experience.


To sum it up, yes, Alan Jackson’s daughter Mattie is remarried. Mattie Jackson and Connor Smith got married in October 2020 and have been enjoying their life as a newlywed couple. Fans all over the world are delighted for them and wish them all the love and happiness in the world. Congratulations to the amazing couple!


What does Mattie Jackson do for a living?

Mattie Denise Jackson Selecman is a woman of many talents and passions. She is known for her expertise in the world of wine as a certified sommelier. Her passion for wine and its complexities lead her to pursue studies in the craft, including traveling to Greece to learn the art of winemaking from the masters.

In addition to her sommelier certification, Mattie Jackson has had experiences working at Joseph Phelps Vineyard in the Napa Valley, where she learned about grape growing, fermentation, and the bottling process. These experiences provided her with the necessary knowledge and skills to help her clients choose the best wines to pair with their meals, along with understanding more about the history and culture of wine.

Furthermore, Mattie Jackson has appeared in several TV shows and interviews, showcasing her expertise and sharing her passion for wine. She was featured on the TV series “Music City,” where she participated as a cast member and has also been a guest on various talk shows discussing wine pairing.

Mattie Jackson is a certified sommelier who is passionate about wine and the complexities of the craft. She has gained experience from working at Joseph Phelps Vineyard in the Napa Valley and has traveled internationally to expand her knowledge. She continues to share her expertise through her involvement in TV shows and interviews, helping people choose the perfect wine to complement their meals.

Where did Mattie Jackson go to college?

Mattie Jackson attended the University of Tennessee, where she obtained a degree in creative writing. She found her passion for writing at a young age and was determined to pursue it as a career. The University of Tennessee provided the perfect environment for her to hone her skills and develop a knack for storytelling. During her time at the university, she took advantage of opportunities to participate in writing workshops, literary events, and other extracurricular activities related to creative writing.

After obtaining her undergraduate degree, Mattie Jackson was eager to explore new horizons and gain new experiences. She decided to move across the country to California and further her studies in writing. While she did not pursue a formal degree at this stage, she continued to write and develop her craft by attending writing workshops and other events in the Los Angeles area.

Mattie Jackson’s time at the University of Tennessee was instrumental in shaping her career path and providing her with a solid foundation to achieve her goals. The skills and knowledge she acquired during her studies have been invaluable to her success as a writer, and she continues to draw on those experiences and incorporate them into her work today.

What happened to Alan Jackson’s son in law?

Alan Jackson’s son in law, Ben Selecman, died tragically at the young age of 28. The son in law of famous country music singer Alan Jackson was a District Attorney in Tennessee and was known for his dedication to his profession and his family. However, on September 12, 2018, Ben Selecman passed away after he fell and hit his head while helping a woman on a boat in West Palm Beach, Florida.

According to reports by the Miami Herald, Selecman was in Florida for a boating trip and was boarding the boat with friends and family when the accident occurred. Selecman was helping a woman onto the vessel when he slipped and fell, hitting his head on a dock. His injuries were severe, and he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. However, doctors could not save him, and he passed away a few days later.

The death of Ben Selecman was a shock to his family and friends, who mourned the loss of a bright and promising young man. Selecman had recently married Alan Jackson’s daughter, Mattie, in 2017, and the couple was reported to be very much in love. Alan Jackson, who is known for being a private person, released a statement in which he said that “Our daughter’s husband, Ben Selecman, died unexpectedly yesterday morning. We are in disbelief… It’s the worst news you could ever get. Ben was a good man. He was an attorney and a good one, and a great friend.”

Selecman was a successful lawyer who worked as an Assistant District Attorney for Davidson County in Nashville. He was also an alum of the University of Memphis and the University of Texas School of Law and was reportedly loved and respected by his colleagues and peers.

In the wake of Ben Selecman’s tragic passing, his family, friends, and colleagues set up a foundation called the ‘Ben Selecman Foundation.’ The foundation’s goal is to help raise money for charitable organizations that Ben supported during his lifetime, and to provide financial support to those affected by brain injuries, which is the cause of Selecman’s death.

The loss of Ben Selecman was a tragedy that shocked and saddened many. His memory and legacy live on, and his family and loved ones will continue to honor him through the charitable work of his foundation.