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Is a bridal hair trial worth it?

The wedding day is one of the most special days in a woman’s life. Everyone wants to feel exceptional on their wedding day, and the bridal hair and makeup play a vital role in it. Your hair is more than just a part of your look; it has an emotional connection with the bride that can take her to the next level of confidence. Before hiring someone for the wedding day hair styling, you should first consider a bridal hair trial. A trial can make things more manageable as it sets the perfect tone for the big day.

What is a Bridal Hair Trial?

A bridal hair trial is a rehearsal or a practice session for a bride’s hair styling before the big day. The bride comes with the selected hairstyle, and the stylist creates the look on the bride’s hair. This is a great way to confirm whether a particular hairstyle suits the bride or not. It also helps the stylist to understand what the bride wants and expects from her hair and makeup on the wedding day.

Why is a Bridal Hair Trial Important?

Let’s dive deeper into the reasons why a bridal hair trial is important:

To Confirm the Hairstyle

It takes some time to find a particular hairstyle that suits you and your wedding dress. A bridal hair trial allows you to see how the particular hairstyle looks on you practically. You can understand whether you feel comfortable with the hairstyle and see if it complements your dress. It gives you enough time to change the hairstyle and make other arrangements if you do not like the look.

Helps the Stylist to Understand your Vision

A stylist is an expert in hairdressing, and they know what works best for their clients. However, they may not be able to predict the bride’s tastes and preferences. Letting your stylist know what you want to look like on the big day is important. A bridal hair trial is a perfect way to explain your vision to the stylist. It helps to gather thoughts and communicate whether you want long or short hair, loose or slicked-back styles, etc.

Reduces Stress on the Big Day

Not having uncertainties on the big day regarding your hair and makeup is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You can be sure that the way you look and feel is in line with what you expect. You will not stress over your hair and makeup, as you already know what to expect. Overall, it will make the bridal party and the bride a lot calmer and happier.

Enables You to Make Changes

Through the practice run, you can suggest changes to the chosen hairstyle and make tweaks to perfect the look. You may prefer something different from the original idea you had. The stylist can help you experiment with multiple hairstyles on the day of the trial or even suggest some changes for improvement.

Time to Experiment

A bridal hair trial offers an opportunity to experiment and see which look suits you best. It can be helpful to see different hairstyles that you have never imagined would look fabulous on you. Similarly, the stylist can make recommendations and try various techniques to give you a unique and personal look for the big day.

When Should You Schedule a Bridal Hair Trial?

It’s best to schedule a bridal hair trial at least three to four weeks before the wedding day itself. This will give you enough time to change or fix anything if you don’t like something. It is also essential to schedule the trial in the morning hours as natural lighting will better reflect what your hair and makeup will look like in the daytime. Also, avoid scheduling the trial on the same day as the dress fitting or other events that may pressure your time.


A bridal hair trial is worth it, and you should not think twice before scheduling one. It helps you and your stylist to understand your preferences and tailor the hairstyle to your liking. It is also an excellent opportunity to calm your nerves and reduce stress on the big day. It gives you time to experiment and find the perfect look for your wedding day. Make sure you schedule the trial well before the wedding day to avoid any last-minute emergencies. By getting a bridal hair trial, you will look and feel your best, assuring that you will have wonderful memories of your special wedding day.