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How was The Corpse Bride killed?

The Corpse Bride is a popular Tim Burton movie that was released in 2005 and is known for its dark storyline and beautiful animation. The film tells the story of Emily, who was killed on her wedding day and rises from the dead to marry a kind-hearted man named Victor. The cause of Emily’s death is one of the most intriguing aspects of the movie, and fans have been speculating about how she died ever since the film’s release. In this blog post, we will explore the various theories surrounding Emily’s death and try to uncover the truth about how The Corpse Bride was killed.

The Movie Plot

The Corpse Bride is a stop-motion animated movie that tells the story of Victor, a shy and introverted young man who is betrothed to Victoria, a woman he has never met. In a desperate attempt to escape his impending nuptials, Victor practices his wedding vows in the forest but accidentally places the ring on the finger of a dead woman named Emily, who rises from the grave and claims to be his wife.

As the story unfolds, Victor must navigate the world of the living and the dead to sort out the mess he has unwittingly created. Along the way, he learns the shocking truth about Emily’s death and the circumstances that led her to become the Corpse Bride.

Emily’s Death

The exact cause of Emily’s death is never explicitly stated in the movie, but there are several clues that can help us piece together what happened. In one scene, Emily tells Victor that she was murdered by someone she loved and trusted, but she does not reveal the identity of the killer or the exact details of her death.

Later, we see Emily waiting in the dark forest for someone to come along and marry her. She is initially elated when she sees a figure approaching, but her joy turns to horror when she realizes that the person is Barkis Bittern, a wealthy man who has seduced and abandoned countless women.

Barkis reveals that he knows about Emily’s undead status and tells her that he wants to take her back to the land of the living so that they can be together. Emily is hesitant at first, but she eventually agrees to go with him, hoping that she will finally be able to have the love and companionship she has been denied for so long.

Unfortunately, things take a dark turn when Barkis reveals his true intentions and tries to kill Emily in the forest. We do not see the actual murder on screen, but we do hear the sound of a sword being unsheathed and the sound of Emily screaming in pain.

When Emily confronts Barkis about his betrayal, he reveals that he left her for dead in the woods and that he never intended to marry her. It is implied that he killed her with his sword, but we cannot be sure of the exact details.

Theories About Emily’s Death

Despite the clues in the movie, there is still a lot of speculation about how Emily was killed. Here are some of the most popular theories:

The Poison Theory

One theory is that Emily was poisoned by someone she knew and trusted. This theory is supported by the fact that Emily’s skin is green, which could be a sign of poisoning. Additionally, Emily’s wedding bouquet contains hemlock, a poisonous plant that is often associated with death and betrayal.

While this theory is compelling, there is no concrete evidence in the movie to back it up. It is possible that Emily’s green skin is simply a result of her undead status, and the hemlock in her bouquet could be a nod to the movie’s themes of death and deception.

The Sword Theory

Another theory is that Barkis killed Emily with his sword. This theory is supported by the fact that Barkis is shown to be skilled with a sword, and Emily mentions being killed by someone she loved and trusted.

However, this theory raises several questions. For example, why did Barkis wait until Emily was already dead to reveal his true intentions? If he had simply wanted to kill her, he could have done so before she became the Corpse Bride. Additionally, why did Emily agree to go with Barkis if she knew that he was capable of killing her?

The Suffocation Theory

A less popular theory is that Emily was suffocated to death. This theory is supported by the fact that Emily’s throat appears to be bruised in some scenes, which could be a sign of suffocation.

However, this theory is not well-supported by the movie’s plot. There are no scenes that suggest that Emily was suffocated, and it seems unlikely that Barkis would have used this method to kill her when he had a sword at his disposal.


While we may never know the exact details of how The Corpse Bride was killed, the movie gives us plenty of clues to work with. It is clear that Emily was murdered by someone she loved and trusted, and that her death was a result of the same betrayal and deception that runs throughout the movie’s plot.

Ultimately, the cause of Emily’s death is just one small part of the larger story of love and loss that The Corpse Bride tells so well. Whether you believe that she was poisoned, stabbed with a sword, or suffocated, there is no denying that her tragic end is part of what makes the movie so haunting and memorable.


Who was Emily before she died in Corpse Bride?

Emily, the titular character of the 2005 animated film Corpse Bride, was a young woman who lived during Victorian-era England. She was born into a wealthy family, and her life was filled with opulence and glamour. Emily was known for her beauty and charming demeanor, and she quickly became the dream bride for many eligible suitors.

However, despite her privileged life, Emily was ultimately doomed to a tragic end. One day, she fell in love with a mysterious stranger whom she met in the woods. They exchanged vows to be married, but little did Emily know that her fiancé was actually a con man who only wanted to steal her family’s fortune.

On the day of the wedding, Emily’s fiancé revealed his true intentions, and a fight ensued. In the chaos, Emily was killed by her fiancé, who left her body to rot in the forest.

Years later, Emily’s spirit was still trapped in the forest, unable to move on to the afterlife. When Victor Van Dort stumbled upon her grave and placed a ring on her finger, she was brought back to life as a walking corpse. Despite her macabre appearance, Emily remained kind-hearted and compassionate, and she quickly fell in love with Victor.

Although Emily’s life was cut tragically short, her story serves as a reminder of the dangers of greed and deception. Despite everything that happened to her, Emily was able to find joy and love in her undead life, and she ultimately helped Victor and his fiancé Victoria find true happiness.

What did the dead do to Lord Barkis?

In the movie “Corpse Bride,” Lord Barkis was a villainous character who deceived Emily, the titular Corpse Bride. He planned to marry her only to gain access to her family’s wealth and steal their fortune. When Emily found out about his true intentions, she ordered him to leave the church where they were supposed to get married. However, before he left, he drank poisoned wine. This act turned him into an undead, and the other zombies present in the scene took advantage of his undead state.

As Barkis became helpless and vulnerable, the zombies took the opportunity to overwhelm him and exact revenge for his crimes. They attacked him, and it can be assumed that he suffered a terrible fate under their hands. The punishment that Barkis received was fitting for his treacherous actions towards the innocent Emily, who he planned to betray for his own selfish desires.

The dead in Corpse Bride took revenge against Lord Barkis for his deceitful actions, and they made sure he paid the price for his evil plans. The scene where the zombies overwhelmed him was a satisfying climax to the story, showing that justice can be served even after death.

Did Victor Van Dort love Emily?

Victor Van Dort is a character from the 2005 stop-motion animated movie “Corpse Bride.” The story revolves around an arranged marriage between the wealthy Victor and the sheltered Victoria, both of whom are initially reluctant to marry one another. However, when Victor accidentally proposes to the deceased Emily while practicing his vows in the woods, he finds himself drawn into a world of death, underworld creatures, and unexpected love.

Emily, the “Corpse Bride,” is willing to marry Victor and even claims him as her own after he accidentally placed the wedding ring on her finger. A heartbroken Victor decided to dedicate himself to her, even agreeing to give up his life for her, possibly for his own broken heart and also for Emily’s happiness. Despite Victor expressing deep feelings for Emily, it is clear that he was not in love with her.

Victor’s true love was Victoria, the woman he was supposed to marry. It is easy to see that Victor’s heart belonged to Victoria when he was torn between both women when he became aware that he was forced to marry Victoria. Emily, who initially won his affection with her wit, charm, and mystery, leaned towards letting Victor go and allow him to marry the woman he loved. Emily wanted Victor to be happy even if it meant breaking her own heart.

Victor Van Dort did not love Emily in a romantic way. Although he had a deep respect, affection, and admiration for her, his heart always belonged to Victoria. Emily was an extraordinary character who touched Victor’s life in many ways, but Victoria was the woman he truly loved. The movie, in its intricate and delightful way, teaches us that true love just cannot be forced, but it comes naturally and unexpectedly.

Was Lord Barkis a serial killer?

Lord Barkis Bittern is a character from the Tim Burton stop-motion animated film The Corpse Bride. He is portrayed as a wealthy and noble gentleman who appears to charm everyone around him, but this is all a façade for his true nature – he is a serial killer who marries wealthy women and then murders them to inherit their property and wealth.

The evidence for Lord Barkis being a serial killer is quite strong throughout the film. Firstly, he becomes engaged to the protagonist, Victoria, and immediately establishes himself as an insincere and manipulative individual. He is shown to be dismissive of Victoria’s feelings and dismisses her concerns about their arranged marriage.

As the movie progresses, we learn that Barkis has a history of marrying wealthy women and then killing them for their money. The other characters in the movie, including the deceased Emily the Corpse Bride, become increasingly suspicious of him and begin to investigate his past.

The final evidence of Barkis’s serial killer tendencies come to light during the climactic scene of the movie. With the help of Victoria and Emily, Barkis is confronted and reveals his true intentions. He’s shown standing over Emily’s grave, which also doubles as a hiding place for his previous wives’ corpses, as he prepares to murder Victoria.

Lord Barkis Bittern was, in fact, a serial killer. Throughout the course of the movie, The Corpse Bride, he exhibits manipulative and sociopathic tendencies leading to the revelation that he has killed many women before. Therefore, his actions cement his status as a serial killer that marries wealthy women to murder them, making him an infamous and terrifying villain in the film.