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How to start a speech for a wedding?

The day has arrived and you have been asked to give a speech at a wedding. It might be the bride or groom’s best friend, father, mother, brother, or another person close to the couple. Whatever your relationship to the couple might be, giving a speech at a wedding can be nerve-wracking. If you are struggling with where to begin, here are some tips to get you started.

Start with a Greeting

The best way to begin a speech at a wedding is to welcome everyone and acknowledge the significance of the day. You can thank the couple for inviting you to be a part of their special day and express how honored you are to speak.


“Welcome to the most important day in the lives of [NAME] and [NAME].”

Introduce Yourself

Next, it is essential to introduce yourself so that everyone knows who you are and your connection to the couple. It is also a great idea to briefly explain to the guests why you were chosen to give the speech.


“For those of you who do not know me, my name is [YOUR NAME], and I am [NAME]’s [RELATIONSHIP].”

Tell a Story

Once you have introduced yourself, the next step is to relax and make a connection with the audience. You can do this by telling a story or sharing an anecdote that is relevant to the wedding.

This story could be centered on the couple, your own relationship with them, or just something amusing to get the guests smiling. A funny story could also help to break the ice and get the guests more relaxed before you delve into your main points.


“Before I dive right into my speech, let me share a quick story about [NAME] and [NAME].”

Remark on the Couple’s Relationship

After you have the attention of the audience, it’s time to transition into the heart of your speech. Your biggest focus should be on the couple, their love, and the significance of their wedding day. This is your chance to praise their relationship, talk about what you love about them, and acknowledge their commitment to each other.


“Today, promises have become permanent and friends have become family.”

Offer Advice or Wisdom

Your next goal is to offer the couple some advice for a happy marriage. This is commonly done by offering stories or anecdotes from your own experience, being honest and open with your thoughts to the couple.


“Marriage is not always easy, but the patience and compromise you show each other today will provide the foundation for a beautiful life together.”

Thank the Guests

Finally, express your gratitude for the guests and wish the couple the very best for their future together. Make it clear that you are a part of their lives and will continue to support them throughout their journey.


“Thank you for joining us today on such a wonderful occasion. [NAME] and [NAME] are truly blessed to have each and every one of you here to celebrate with them.”


In conclusion, a wedding speech can be daunting, but with a simple structure and a few heartfelt memories, you can become an excellent orator and deliver an unforgettable speech. Remember, the most crucial point is to speak from your heart, be true to yourself and the couple, and end with a toast to their long and beautiful lives together.


What do you say when giving a wedding speech?

Giving a wedding speech is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the bride and groom on their special day. It is important to put some thought and planning into your speech to ensure that you convey the right message and make the bride and groom feel special.

The first thing to think about when preparing a wedding speech is to plan early. Don’t wait until the day of the wedding to start thinking about what you want to say. Take some time in advance to prepare and practice your speech so that you are confident and comfortable when it’s time to deliver it.

When giving a wedding speech, one of the first things you should do is introduce yourself and how you know the bride and groom. This helps to establish a connection with the audience and gives context to your relationship with the couple.

After the introduction, it is essential to thank the hosts, guests, and wedding party for being a part of the special day. You can also take this opportunity to congratulate the couple and wish them well for their future together.

To make your speech personal, try to think of three traits that you admire about the bride or groom and come up with a story that illustrates each trait. This can be a funny or sentimental story that showcases the best qualities of the couple.

When speaking about the couple, be sure to talk about their relationship and what makes them special. You can talk about shared interests or how they complement each other. If appropriate, you can include quotes or poems that reflect the couple’s feelings for each other.

When structuring your speech, it is important to have a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning should be an attention-grabbing opening that establishes your relationship with the couple. The middle should include stories and examples of why the bride and groom are perfect for each other. The end should be a heartfelt conclusion that leaves the audience with a positive message.

Consider your audience when giving a wedding speech. It is important to be respectful to all individuals involved in the wedding, including family members, friends, and any cultural or religious considerations. Keep your speech appropriate and avoid any embarrassing stories or inappropriate jokes.

Giving a wedding speech is an opportunity to celebrate the bride and groom and make them feel special on their big day. With a little bit of planning, practice, and creativity, you can create a memorable and heartfelt speech that celebrates the love and happiness of the happy couple.

What is an example of a wedding toast speech?

Sure, I’d be happy to provide you with a more detailed answer.

A wedding toast speech is an integral part of any wedding ceremony, where individuals are given the opportunity to address the bride, groom, and guests. In a way, it is a way of paying tribute to the couple and celebrating their union. Wedding speeches can come in a variety of forms, and there is no one ‘correct’ way to give one. However, there are a few key elements that are common among most wedding speeches.

First and foremost, it is important to make sure the speech is appropriate and respectful of the occasion. While humor can definitely be incorporated, it’s important to make sure that it’s tasteful and in good taste. Wedding speeches should aim to uplift and celebrate the couple, not make anyone feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Generally, a wedding toast speech will start with an opening remark thanking the couple for inviting everyone to be a part of their special day. The speaker may then share close moments or memories they have shared with the bride and groom, emphasizing how much the relationship means to them. Then, the speaker may offer words of advice to the couple, imparting wisdom and encouragement as they begin their married lives together.

A great way to wrap up a wedding speech is by inviting everyone to raise their glasses in honor of the newlyweds. This raises the level of sentimentality in the room for the couple and the guests as well, and is a great way to conclude the speech on a celebratory note.

Here’s an example of a wedding toast speech: “Watching [bride] and [groom] together has renewed my faith in true love. I have never seen a couple so perfectly matched for each other, and it fills me with such joy to see them tie the knot today. [Insert a personal anecdote, such as a shared moment with the bride or groom] [Insert wisdom/advice to the couple] Let us all raise a glass to [bride] and [groom], toast to their happiness, and send them our love and support on this wonderful journey.”

How do you start a wedding speech for the bride and groom?

When giving a wedding speech for the bride and groom, it’s important to start off on the right foot. The beginning of your speech should set the tone for the rest of your remarks, and help you to establish a connection with your audience. Whether you’re the maid of honor, best man, or a parent of the happy couple, the following tips will help you deliver a memorable and heartfelt speech.

Firstly, begin by thanking both of your parents, families, and wedding party for all the support they’ve provided during the planning process. This is a great way to acknowledge everyone who has contributed to making the wedding day special, and to express gratitude for their efforts. Make sure that you mention the wonderful memories that you have shared with the bride and groom so far.

It’s also important to address the bride and groom directly. You can begin by congratulating them on their wedding day and wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness together. You may also want to share some advice or words of wisdom, especially if you have been in a long-term relationship yourself.

A touch of humor can be a great way to lighten the mood and connect with your audience. If appropriate, you can include some jokes or funny anecdotes. However, it’s important to ensure that any humor you use is tasteful and doesn’t offend anyone.

If you are the maid of honor or best man, you may use this opportunity to share some stories about the happy couple. Think back to some of the funny, romantic, or touching moments you’ve shared with them, and share these memories in your speech. This can be a great way to illustrate the special bond that you share with the bride or groom.

Finally, consider ending your wedding speech with a heartfelt toast. Raise your glass to the bride and groom, and wish them all the best in their future together. Encourage the guests to join you in the toast, and celebrate the beginning of a beautiful new journey for the happy couple.