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21 Homemade Engagement Ring Ideas You Can DIY Easily

When the time comes to pop the question, the ring you hand over matters. You can simply buy something pretty from a store – but if you take the time to make it by your own hand, it will have infinitely more meaning.

For anyone who thinks they might want to try, we’ve scoured the internet to see what other people have been trying – and as a result, here are our top 21 plans for DIY engagement rings.

1. Hand Making An Engagement Ring

If you’re thinking of making an engagement ring for your beloved or are looking for inspiration to get started, this plan would be a great first stop. It includes all the information you need to make your own ring, including a list of materials and tools, a step-by-step guide and lots of illustrations to show you how to do it. A well-written plan and well worth a look.

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2. Making An Engagement Ring For My Fiancée

We’ve watched quite a few ring-making videos from this YouTuber and they’re always fun and informative. We love his enthusiasm for the craft, and he’s also clearly very talented. In this video, he shows you how he made an engagement ring – and in a later video, you can also see how he made the wedding ring itself. Great stuff Alec, keep it up!

3. DIY Engagement Ring

We always enjoy reading blog posts that give you a bit of background rather than just getting straight to business. With this plan, you learn something about his doubts and thought processes before making the ring, which might encourage you if you’re hesitant to try. The plan itself is clearly written and easy to follow, making this a recommended post for anyone considering having a go themselves.

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4. Making Cayla’s Engagement Ring

This video is so romantic. This YouTuber made an engagement ring for his fiancée, Cayla – and then with this upload, he reveals to her what he’s been busy working on all this time. It’s also a highly informative video since you can learn all about the process required for making an engagement ring – and if you’re feeling ambitious, you can also have a go yourself.

5. How To Make Your Own Engagement Ring

In this blog post, you’ll learn all about a guy who decided to make an engagement ring for his future wife – and you’ll find out about all the steps required to do it. There are loads of useful tips and tricks for any aspiring ring makers out there to learn from, and if you want a plan to follow, this one has all the info you need.

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6. Engagement Ring – How It’s Made

This video was uploaded by a professional ring maker, so the techniques and equipment he uses are probably out of reach for most amateur jewelry makers – but it’s still always informative to see the pros at work since you can learn so much. It’s fascinating to watch as the ring takes shape, and the result is stunning – so even if you can’t copy this plan yourself, at least it should give you a few ideas.

7. This Guy DIYed His Girlfriend’s Engagement Ring

When you’re looking for DIY plans, it’s always good to have lots of photos to show you what you can achieve – and also to get your creative juices flowing. This blog offers you exactly that, showing you how this project was completed in great detail. We’re sure you’ll also agree the ring he made is stunning – and that she’s a very lucky lady to have him!

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8. Making An Engagement Ring For Molly

Here’s another video made by a romantic YouTuber who decided he wanted to handmake his girlfriend’s dream engagement ring for her. In it, he takes us (or her?) through all the steps involved, giving us plenty of useful tips and info along the way. And how do you think the video ends? We’re sure you can guess, but we won’t spoil it for you – we’ll let you check it out and see!

9. DIY Wedding – The Engagement Ring

This blog is all about arranging a completely DIY wedding, and each entry deals with a different aspect. This post is all about the engagement ring and how the groom made it himself. A DIY wedding is an interesting concept, and this post will give you an insight into doing a homemade job on the ring – so maybe you’ll be tempted to try too!

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10. Making A $20 Engagement Ring For Millennials With White Sapphire In Silver Setting

If you’re short on cash but you need a ring to propose to the love of your life, options are available that won’t cost you several months of salary – and if that’s something that sounds like it might help, this plan is for you. It shows you how to make a super-cheap engagement ring that won’t cost more than 20 bucks, perfect for getting married on a shoestring.

11. Carving A Piece Of Wax Into A Lifetime Of Happiness

The highly original ring featured in this plan is beautiful – it wouldn’t even be a stretch to call it a work of art. Making it required at least 40 hours of sculpting the model from wax, but we’re sure almost everybody will agree it was worth every minute. A stunning ring, and if you’re feeling ambitious, one you might want to try to replicate at home.

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12. Making Sarah’s Engagement Ring

This video documents the three-month process this YouTuber went through from planning his ring through turning the plans into reality and finally popping the question. Turns out he didn’t waste his time, either – she said yes! A lovely story to follow and a plan that’s well worth checking out. We really enjoyed this one.

13. 3D-Printed Engagement Ring

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago when 3D printers first appeared and seemed like something out of a science fiction movie. But now they’re an established part of daily life for many of us, and this plan shows you how to use one to make an engagement ring. It’s a great tutorial if you have access to the materials, and one that most people will be able to attempt themselves.

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14. DIY Engagement Ring

Some videos on YouTube lack the necessary explanations to make them easy to follow, but what we like here is how the ring maker explains everything in a way that’s simple to understand. Not everyone has the skills to make an engagement ring, but if you want to learn the basics, this video can help.

15. Tips For DIYing An Engagement Ring

This is not exactly a plan for making a ring – but it gives you lots of tips and food for thought when choosing. For this reason, it’s worth reading before you start your ring-making project as it will help you achieve better results when you begin.

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16. Custom Engagement Ring – From Start To Finish

In this fascinating video, you get to watch the entire process of making an engagement ring from start to finish. You might not be able to copy all the techniques, but you’re sure to pick up some useful tips. This is another one we really appreciated.

17. How To Make An Engagement Ring In Your Workshop

Much of the fun of DIY is in the process of trial and error we go through while completing a project. In a way, the small imperfections are what make the finished item more attractive and meaningful, and that’s exactly what happens with this plan.

18. How To Make An Engagement Ring From A Coin

There are literally hundreds of plans for making rings from coins online because they’re so easy to do, so if you’re looking for a simple way to make a ring for your beloved, this plan will give you the guidance you need.

19. DIY-Ish Designer Engagement Ring

The first thing you’ll see when you open this page is a truly stunning engagement ring, and as the blogger explains, her husband-to-be made it himself. Want to know how? Then check out the rest of the blog to find out.

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20. 3D-Printed Engagement Ring

This video made us smile because it’s a confession. The YouTuber has already proposed and she has already said yes, and in this video, he explains to his fiancée that when he said he was off doing other stuff, he was actually making her engagement ring. A hugely romantic story –and you can check out the rest of the video to see how he did it.

21. Design Your Own Vintage Engagement Ring

When you make your own engagement ring, you can choose any style – and if you prefer a vintage style rather than a modern one, this blog is sure to give you plenty of ideas. Choose between Georgian, Victorian and more – they’re all gorgeous.

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Lots Of Beautiful Rings For That Special Moment

As you can see, there are so many original and creative ideas for making DIY engagement rings, and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching these plans as much as we did finding them for you.

We hope you’ve found all the inspiration you were looking for – and above all, we hope that she (or he!) says yes!