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How to decorate a wedding basket?

A wedding basket is an essential accessory for any wedding ceremony. It is a beautiful way for guests to deposit wedding cards, gifts, or well-wishes for the bride and groom. Decorating a wedding basket is an easy and fun way to make it look stunning and Instagram-worthy.

In this post, we will go through some great tips on how to decorate a wedding basket that will make it look beautiful and eye-catching.

Choose a Basket

The first step in decorating a wedding basket is to choose the right one. The basket you choose should match the overall theme of the wedding and be able to handle the number of cards or gifts that you expect to receive.

Wicker baskets are the most popular choice for wedding baskets. They are affordable, easy to find, and can be decorated in a variety of ways. If you want a more elegant look, try using a metal or wire basket. For a rustic feel, choose a basket made of wood.

Decorate with Flowers

Adding flowers to your wedding basket will instantly make it look more beautiful and romantic. You can choose flowers that match the wedding theme or colors. Fresh flowers are the best option, but if you want a long-lasting decoration, you can use artificial flowers.

To add flowers to your basket, start by wrapping the stems in floral tape to hold them together. Then, arrange the flowers in a bouquet and tie it to the handle of the basket with ribbon.

Use Ribbon

Ribbon is an easy and affordable way to decorate your wedding basket. You can choose ribbon that matches the wedding colors or use a neutral color to keep it simple. To decorate the basket with ribbon, start by tying a bow around the handle. You can also wrap ribbon around the basket or use it to create a crisscross pattern on the sides.

Add a Sign

Adding a sign to your wedding basket is a great way to give guests instructions on where to deposit cards or gifts. You can create a sign using a chalkboard or paper and attach it to the front of the basket with ribbon. Make sure the sign is visible and easy to read.

Include Personalized Items

Adding personalized items to your wedding basket is a way to make it special for the bride and groom. You can add personalized items like monogrammed tags, or colored ribbons with their names.

For example, if the bride and groom met at a music festival, you can add wristbands or badges from the festival to the basket. If they are avid travelers, you can add postcards from their favorite destinations.

Decorate with Lights

Adding lights to your wedding basket is a great way to make it stand out. You can use fairy lights or string lights to create a romantic and magical effect. To add lights, wrap the strand around the basket or weave it in and out of the flowers or ribbons.


Decorating a wedding basket can be a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to your special day. There are many ways to decorate a wedding basket, from adding flowers and ribbons to including personalized items and lights.

Remember to choose a basket that matches the wedding theme and can hold all the guest cards and gifts. With these tips, you can create a beautiful and unique wedding basket that will be remembered by the bride and groom for years to come.


What is the purpose of a wedding basket?

A wedding basket is a beautifully crafted basket that is traditionally used in Navajo wedding ceremonies. Beyond being just a decorative piece, the wedding basket has a deep and profound symbolism and purpose in Navajo culture.

One of the key purposes of the wedding basket is to serve as the vessel for the wedding cake. In Navajo culture, weddings are very sacred and important events. The wedding cake, or kinaalda, is an integral part of the ceremony. It is made from cornmeal and represents the sweetness of life. The wedding basket, which is usually made of willow, is the perfect vessel for holding the kinaalda.

Aside from being the container for the wedding cake, the wedding basket also serves a much deeper and more symbolic purpose. In Navajo healing ceremonies known as “Sings,” the marriage basket is used as a powerful healing tool. The basket is used to hold sacred items that are believed to have healing properties. The items are carefully selected and placed in the basket in a specific order that is believed to maximize their power.

The marriage basket also represents the womb from which all things are birthed. In Navajo culture, the mother is seen as the sacred vessel through which life enters the world. The marriage basket is seen as an extension of this maternal energy and is associated with the feminine aspects of creation.

In essence, the wedding basket is a symbol of the circle of life. It represents the sweetness of life and the power of creation. It serves as a vessel for the sacred kinaalda and is used in healing ceremonies to channel powerful energies. It is a powerful symbol of Navajo culture and tradition.

What is a good basket filler?

When putting together a gift basket, choosing the right filler can make all the difference in the overall presentation and effectiveness of your gift. A good basket filler can help enhance the theme of the basket and make it look more attractive and appealing to the recipient. There are a variety of options available for basket fillers, ranging from practical to decorative, and the choice you make will depend upon the type of basket you are putting together and the message you want to convey.

One popular option for basket filler is shredded tissue paper, which comes in a variety of colors and can match the color scheme of your basket. It is also soft and provides a cushion for delicate items in the basket. Shredded newspaper is another cost-effective option that can be used for heavier items and is also eco-friendly. Easter grass is another popular filler used for baskets for Easter or Spring celebrations, and it adds a colorful, festive touch to the basket.

Large pieces of confetti is a trendy and fun option for gift baskets. It gives the basket a celebratory and lively look, perfect for birthdays and other special occasions. Packing straw and colored foam balls are also popular options, especially for a more modern and sleek look.

There is no right or wrong type of filler for a basket – it depends on your personal preference and the message you want to convey through the gift basket. The most important thing is to ensure that the filler complements the theme of the basket and any other items included in the basket.

What do you put in a round wicker basket?

Wicker baskets are versatile storage options that can be used in almost every room of your home. Round wicker baskets, in particular, are especially useful for storing a variety of household items. In the living room, a round wicker basket can make a great storage option for blankets, decorative pillows, magazines, or books. The natural, warm tones of wicker can blend with any decor style, making it a timeless choice for storage solutions.

In a bathroom, a round wicker basket can provide a charming storage solution for towels, toiletries, or hair-styling tools. The basket can be placed on a shelf or vanity countertop to keep everything easily accessible, while also keeping the space organized and tidy.

If you have a child’s room or playroom that needs some extra storage, a round wicker basket can be a great option for toys, stuffed animals, or dress-up costumes. The natural texture of the wicker can add a cozy touch to any child’s space, while also providing an easy option for tidying up at the end of the day.

In the kitchen, a round wicker basket can be a great option for storing fresh fruit, vegetables, or bread. The natural ventilation of the wicker can help to keep produce fresh, while also providing an attractive display for your kitchen counter.

A round wicker basket can be a versatile storage option that is both functional and visually appealing. With a variety of uses in different rooms throughout your home, a wicker basket can help to keep your space organized while also adding a touch of natural beauty.