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How often does Phish play farmhouse?

Phish is known for their unique and ever-changing setlists that keep fans guessing what songs will be played at each show. One song that has been a staple in their live performances is “Farmhouse.” But just how often does Phish play this beloved tune? Let’s dive into the statistics and find out.

The History of “Farmhouse”

“Farmhouse” was first released on Phish’s album of the same name in 2000. The song quickly became a favorite among fans for its catchy melody and introspective lyrics. It has since been played at nearly every Phish show, and has become one of the band’s most beloved tunes.

The Statistics

According to, there have been 806 shows since the live debut of “Farmhouse.” In that time, the song has been played approximately once every 23.6 shows. This puts its frequency of play at just under 5% of all Phish shows.

While this may not seem like a lot, it’s important to remember that Phish is known for their vast catalog of songs, with over 200 originals and countless covers. In fact, Phish is known for creating setlists that rarely repeat songs from show to show, which makes each performance a unique experience for fans.

The Importance of “Farmhouse” in Phish’s Catalog

While “Farmhouse” may not be played at every show, it holds a special place in Phish’s catalog. The song is a favorite among fans for its contemplative lyrics that explore themes of love, loss, and redemption. Its gentle melody also serves as a calming and reflective interlude in otherwise high-energy Phish shows.

Furthermore, “Farmhouse” has become a symbol for the band’s evolving sound and style. The song was released during a transitional period for Phish, when they were moving away from their more experimental jams and towards a more structured, song-based approach. This new style, exemplified by “Farmhouse,” allowed Phish to explore new musical territory while maintaining their signature sound.


In conclusion, “Farmhouse” has been played at nearly every Phish show since its release in 2000. While the song’s frequency of play may not be the highest among Phish’s vast catalog of songs, it holds a special place in the band’s history and is beloved by fans for its catchy melody and introspective lyrics. Whether you’re a diehard Phish fan or simply a casual listener, “Farmhouse” is a song that’s worth exploring and appreciating.


How many times has Phish played Terrapin station?

Phish, a popular American band known for its improvisational style of music, has always been a fan favorite for its diverse range of music and captivating live performances. The band has covered a variety of songs over the years, including the iconic “Terrapin Station” by the Grateful Dead.

However, the question remains – how many times has Phish played Terrapin Station? Well, according to available data, “Terrapin Station” has been played at a mere 0.05% of live Phish shows. This means that out of the thousands of live performances that the band has delivered over the years, the song has only been played a few times.

In fact, the last time Terrapin Station was played by Phish was on August 9, 1998. This means that it has been a long time since the band has performed the song live for their fans. As of today, there have been 752 shows since the live debut of Terrapin Station by Phish. This means that “Terrapin Station” has been played approximately once every 1957 shows.

“Terrapin Station” is a rare performance by Phish, having been played only a handful of times in their live shows. Despite its rarity, the song remains a classic and a fan favorite, with its meaningful lyrics and catchy tune still resonating with music lovers today.

What song has Phish played the most?

Phish is an American rock band known for their improvisational and eclectic style. The band has a huge fan following due to their unique sound and style of music. One question that Phish fans often ask is, “What song has Phish played the most?” Out of hundreds of songs that Phish has played over the years, one song stands out as the most played song of all times.

Another Phish classic from the group’s 1989 debut, “You Enjoy Myself” has been played the most of any track by the band. It’s a fan favorite and has been a staple of their live performances, having been played 33% of the time during their first 1,800 shows. The song is loved by fans for its intricate and complex composition, starting with an acappella vocal segment, and moving onto an instrumental interlude where the band members showcase their skills on their respective instruments.

The song is known for its long and intricate jam sessions, which often last for more than 25 minutes during live performances. The band members play off each other, weaving intricate melodies into the song’s structure and building the energy to a fever pitch before reaching a satisfying conclusion.

“You Enjoy Myself” has been played over 593 times since the band’s first performance in 1985. The song has been played at a variety of different venues, from small clubs to large festivals, and has become a fan favorite. While Phish has a vast repertoire of original compositions and cover songs, “You Enjoy Myself” remains the most played song of all time.

“You Enjoy Myself” is the most played song in Phish’s history, having become a staple of their live performances and a fan favorite due to its intricate composition and long jam sessions. It’s a testament to the band’s unique style and improvisational skills, and is the perfect representation of Phish’s eclectic sound and style.

What is the longest Phish show ever?

Phish, the American rock band known for their improvisational skills and marathon concerts, has played countless shows throughout their career. However, one particular performance stands out as the longest Phish concert ever played, lasting an incredible seven-and-a-half hours.

This historic event took place on December 31, 1999, during Phish’s Big Cypress festival in the Florida Everglades. The festival was a massive undertaking, featuring multiple stages, art exhibits, and food vendors, and it drew a crowd of over 80,000 fans.

On New Year’s Eve, Phish took the stage just before midnight to kick off what would become an epic second set. The band played without interruption for seven and a half hours, ending their final note just as the sun rose on January 1, 2000.

During the course of the set, Phish played a range of fan-favorite songs, including “Down with Disease,” “Ghost,” and “You Enjoy Myself,” and they welcomed guests like the trombone player Carl Gerhard and the percussionist Sikiru Adepoju on stage to add to the musical mix.

The Big Cypress festival and the record-breaking New Year’s Eve show were a fitting end to a decade of Phish concerts. The band took a hiatus in 2000, returning to the stage in 2002 with an enduring legacy as one of the most skilled and unpredictable live acts in rock music history.