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How much weight did Ayesha Curry lose?

Ayesha Curry is a well-known food blogger, actress, and wife of NBA superstar Stephen Curry. Although she is known for her cooking and culinary skills, her weight loss journey has been making headlines in recent times.

The celebrity chef has been vocal about her struggles with body image issues and the challenges of maintaining a healthy weight. After giving birth to her third child, Canon W. Jack Curry in July 2018, Ayesha set out on a personal weight loss journey to improve her health and boost her confidence.

So, how much weight did Ayesha Curry lose?

According to reports and Ayesha’s own social media posts, she has lost an impressive 35 pounds. The star has been documenting her journey on Instagram, sharing her workout routines, dietary changes, and motivational moments with her followers.

Ayesha’s Exercise and Fitness Regimen

One of the major components of Ayesha Curry’s weight loss journey has been her commitment to exercise and fitness. She has been working out with her trainer, Jonny Roxx, and participating in various workouts.

Ayesha has incorporated a mix of activities in her fitness routine, including Pilates, HIIT workouts, and strength training. She has shared glimpses of her workouts on Instagram and has even created a separate fitness account, Stronger By Ayesha, to highlight her journey.

Despite her busy schedule, Ayesha has made a consistent effort to prioritize her fitness goals. She has emphasized the importance of working out regularly and finding enjoyable forms of exercise that keep her motivated.

Ayesha’s Dietary Changes

Aside from exercise, Ayesha has made substantial changes to her diet as part of her weight loss journey. Her focus has been on eating a balanced diet that is rich in healthy fats, lean proteins, and fiber-filled vegetables.

Ayesha has shared several healthy recipes on her blog, including meals made with fresh ingredients and nutritious snacks like smoothies and protein balls. She has also limited her intake of processed foods, sugary drinks, and snacks.

Despite her love for cooking and trying new recipes, Ayesha has remained consistent in her dietary changes, and the results have been impressive.

Ayesha’s Motivation and Inspiration

Ayesha’s weight loss journey has been incredibly inspiring to her fans worldwide. She has shared honest accounts of her struggles with body image and has emphasized the importance of self-love and acceptance.

Her dedication to her fitness goals and commitment to sharing her journey online have been widely praised. Ayesha has become an inspiration to others who are looking to embark on a similar journey towards healthier living.

In addition to her personal motivation, Ayesha also credits her husband, Stephen Curry, and their family for their support and encouragement throughout her journey.


Overall, Ayesha Curry’s weight loss journey has been a remarkable achievement. Her commitment to exercise, dietary changes, and self-improvement has been an inspiration to her fans worldwide.

By sharing her journey online, Ayesha is encouraging others to take control of their health and prioritize self-love and acceptance. She has shown that with dedication, hard work, and the right mindset, it is possible to achieve your fitness goals and transform your life.


How did Ayesha Curry lose all her weight?

Ayesha Curry is a well-known television personality, author, entrepreneur, and the wife of NBA superstar Stephen Curry. Many people are interested in how she managed to lose weight and maintain a fit and healthy body. Ayesha has openly shared her weight loss journey on social media and in various interviews, revealing that she works out regularly and makes conscious choices about her diet.

One of the things that Ayesha credits for her weight loss success is her dedication to working out. She has stated that she works out at least five times a week to stay in shape. Her workouts vary from high-intensity interval training (HIIT), strength training, and cardio. Ayesha has also mentioned that she loves to mix up her workouts and tries out new routines to keep things interesting. By doing so, she not only ensures that her body doesn’t plateau, but also avoids boredom, and stays motivated to continue working out.

Ayesha’s workout routine is not the only thing that contributes to her weight loss success. She also maintains a conscious and healthy diet. Ayesha believes in the importance of quality ingredients in her meals and always incorporates fresh and organic foods into her diet. She avoids processed foods as much as possible and opts for whole foods like lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. In an interview, she revealed that she even grows her own fruits and vegetables in her garden, which ensures she has access to fresh and healthy produce.

It is also worth noting that Ayesha has always been health-conscious, even before she started her weight loss journey. She has mentioned that her mother taught her how to cook with healthy ingredients and this has influenced her choices when it comes to her food. Apart from cooking healthy meals, Ayesha also enjoys cooking for her family, especially her husband and children. She even has her own cookbook, “The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith, and the Joy of Eating Well,” which features healthy and delicious recipes.

Ayesha Curry’s weight loss journey is the result of a combination of things. She dedicates herself to working out at least five times a week, maintains a healthy and conscious diet, and has always been health-conscious and mindful of what she eats. Her journey proves that with dedication, healthy choices, and consistency, weight loss and fitness goals can be achieved and maintained over time.

How old was Steph Curry when he met Ayesha?

Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s love story began when they were teenagers. Stephen Curry, the NBA superstar, and his wife, Ayesha Curry, have been married for more than a decade now. But their love story began when Stephen was just 15 years old and Ayesha was 14. The couple met in a church youth group in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they both grew up.

According to Stephen Curry, he immediately knew that Ayesha was the one for him when they first met. Nevertheless, the two lost touch for a while after meeting at the church. As fate would have it, they met again a few years later when Ayesha moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Stephen was also there, attending a basketball camp, and the two of them reconnected as friends.

When Stephen found out that Ayesha was living in Los Angeles, he asked her out on a date. Ayesha was hesitant at first because she didn’t want their friendship to be ruined, but Stephen insisted that he wanted to take her out to dinner. In their first date, they went to Hollywood Boulevard and had burgers at the now-closed In-N-Out Burger.

Their relationship blossomed from there, and the two of them have been inseparable ever since. In 2011, they got married in a beautiful ceremony in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they both grew up. Now, the couple has three children together and consider themselves fortunate to have met and fallen in love so young.

Does Ayesha Curry have kids?

Yes, Ayesha Curry has three beautiful children with her husband, NBA star player Stephen Curry. They got married in June 2011 and welcomed their first child, a daughter named Riley, a year later. After being in the public eye as Stephen’s partner, Ayesha also became known for her cooking skills, and she even got her own cooking show. Her family expanded again with their second daughter, Ryan, in 2015, followed by their son, Canon, in 2018. The couple shares their joys as parents, showcasing their children on social media and regularly uploading pictures and videos of them. Despite the pressure of having a famous husband, Ayesha continues to put her family first, focusing on raising their children while balancing her own career endeavors. Ayesha and Stephen Curry have a beautiful and loving family of five.

Who is the richest Curry?

When it comes to the Curry family, Stephen Curry is undoubtedly the wealthiest. As of 2023, Stephen Curry’s net worth is estimated to be around $160 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He has earned a significant portion of his fortune through his successful NBA career, having won three championships with the Golden State Warriors.

But Stephen Curry’s income isn’t just limited to his basketball career. He has a number of other business ventures that have contributed to his wealth, including several endorsement deals with major companies like Under Armour, Chase Bank, and JBL Audio. In addition to this, he launched his own production company, Unanimous Media, in 2018, which has produced several documentaries and other content.

In terms of his real estate holdings, Stephen Curry has purchased multiple properties over the years, including a $31 million mansion in Atherton, California, and a home in Walnut Creek, California, which he reportedly purchased for $3.2 million in 2020.

While Stephen is undoubtedly the wealthiest member of the Curry family, his brother Seth Curry also has a successful NBA career, having played for several teams, including the Philadelphia 76ers. Nonetheless, Stephen remains at the top of the Curry family’s earnings chart and will likely continue to be a major force in the NBA and business world for years to come.

Who is the highest-paid NBA player?

In the National Basketball Association (NBA), player salaries are determined by several factors including their performance, reputation, and market value. While some players earn relatively smaller salaries, others can make millions of dollars per year.

For the 2022-23 season, Stephen Curry, popularly known as “Steph,” is the highest-paid player in the NBA. As a point guard for the Golden State Warriors, he has been prominent in the league for several years and has demonstrated his exceptional skills on the court. His impressive stats include an average of 24.2 points per game, 6.4 assists per game, and a 3-point percentage of 43.1% throughout his career.

In 2021, Steph Curry signed a four-year contract extension with the Golden State Warriors worth $215 million, giving him a base salary of $43.2 million per year. This makes him the highest-paid player in the league, surpassing the previous record of $41.2 million set by Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns.

Aside from his salary, Steph Curry earns additional income from endorsements and sponsorships. He has signed endorsement deals with major brands such as Under Armour, Sony, JBL, and Chase Bank. His successful career both on and off the court has earned him a net worth of approximately $130 million.

Steph Curry’s excellent performances on the court and his market value have made him the highest-paid NBA player for the 2022-23 season, earning him a considerable amount of money both from his salary and endorsements.

What is Curries net worth?

Stephen Curry is a professional basketball player widely regarded as one of the best shooters in the history of the NBA. In addition to his impressive career statistics and accolades, many people are curious about Stephen Curry’s net worth.

As of 2021, Stephen Curry’s net worth is estimated to be around $160 million. This figure includes his NBA salary, endorsements, and business ventures. Curry currently plays for the Golden State Warriors and has been one of the team’s most valuable players for over a decade.

Curry’s NBA salary alone has contributed significantly to his net worth. In the 2020-2021 season, Curry earned a base salary of $43.6 million, making him one of the highest-paid players in the league. Over the course of his career, he has earned over $300 million in salary alone.

In addition to his NBA earnings, Curry has signed many lucrative endorsement deals with companies such as Under Armour, JPMorgan Chase, and Palm. He has also launched several business ventures such as his production company Unanimous Media, which has produced documentaries and television shows.

Stephen Curry’s net worth is a reflection of his hard work and success both on and off the basketball court. With his continued success and business ventures, it is likely that his net worth will continue to grow in the coming years.

What is the net worth of Stephen Curry’s wife?

Ayesha Curry is a successful entrepreneur, actress, chef, and author amongst other talents. She’s also the wife of NBA superstar Stephen Curry. Ayesha’s success in recent years has contributed to her impressive net worth. Since starting her own lifestyle brand in 2014, she has amassed a net worth of $10 million. She is the owner of a successful cooking show called “Ayesha’s Home Kitchen” which has aired on both Food Network and the Cooking Channel. In addition to her cooking show, Ayesha is also the author of several cookbooks, including “The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith, and the Joy of Eating Well.” This book is a New York Times bestseller, and it features an array of recipes that reflect her belief in healthy, wholesome food.

Ayesha’s business ventures extend beyond her cooking show and books as well. She is the co-founder of the meal-delivery service, Gather, which she operates with her sister-in-law, Sydel Curry. Gather’s mission is to inspire busy individuals and families to slow down and connect over great food. Other business ventures that have contributed to Ayesha’s net worth include a line of meal kits, a bestselling bedding collection, and a line of kitchenware.

In addition to her entrepreneurial success, Ayesha is also known for her philanthropic efforts. She and her husband, Stephen, have been actively involved in giving back to their community through their foundation, Eat.Learn.Play. The foundation strives to support underprivileged youth by providing access to healthy food, education, and sports.

Ayesha Curry has built a successful career as an entrepreneur and author, among other talents. Today, her net worth is estimated to be $10 million and continues to grow as she expands her presence in various industries.