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How much should parents give their daughter for a wedding?

A daughter’s wedding day can be both an exciting and emotional time for parents. As a parent, you may feel like it’s your responsibility to make your daughter’s wedding day as special and perfect as possible. One question that many parents often wonder is how much they should give their daughter for her wedding.

While there’s no right answer or exact amount to give, this blog post will explore some of the factors to consider when deciding how much to gift your daughter on her wedding day.

Factors to Consider :

Here are some of the factors to consider when deciding how much to give your daughter for her wedding:

1. Your Financial Situation

Your financial situation should be the most significant factor to consider when deciding how much to give your daughter for her wedding. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t risk your financial stability by overspending on your daughter’s wedding day. Determine a budget that you can comfortably afford and stick to it. Avoid going into debt or putting yourself in a financially difficult situation in the future.

2. Traditional Giving Practices

Traditionally, some cultures have set expectations of how much parents should give their daughter on her wedding day. However, this can vary depending on each family’s financial status and cultural tradition. It’s important to do some research and consider your own cultural practices to avoid giving too little or too much.

3. Expected Expenses on Wedding

The wedding expenses can be a helpful guide in deciding how much to gift your daughter. For instance, if you’re contributing to your daughter’s wedding expenses, such as a venue, catering, or photography, you can consider gifting a smaller amount. Although it’s not to be expected that parents contribute to the wedding expenses, if they do, they may choose to give a smaller monetary gift.

4. Personal Relationship with your Daughter

Your relationship with your daughter can influence how much you decide to give. For instance, if there’s a strong, positive relationship with your daughter, you may want to give more. It’s a way of expressing your love and support on her special day.

How Much to Give Your Daughter on Her Wedding Day?

The amount you gift your daughter is ultimately dependent on your family’s situation. Having said that, it’s essential to consider the factors above when deciding how much to give. Here are some examples to help you set a budget:

1. Supportive Gesture: $50-$150

If you’re on a strict budget or not in a position to provide much financial support, you can show your love and support for your daughter by giving a smaller monetary gift. Typically, as a wedding guest, many people generally give between $50 and $150 as a gift.

2. Moderate Contribution: $500 – $1,000

If you’re in a financial position to provide moderate support, you may choose to give a gift that ranges from $500 – $1,000. This amount can be a good middle ground to ensure that you’re contributing support while still considering your financial stability.

3. Generous Gift: $1,000+

If you’re in a comfortable financial position and want to provide a more generous gift, you can choose to give $1,000 or more. If you can afford this, it’s an excellent way to express your love and share an unforgettable moment with your daughter.


In conclusion, there’s no right answer when it comes to how much parents should give their daughter for her wedding day. It’s a decision that should be made based on your financial situation, traditional giving practices, and personal relationship with your daughter. Consider the expenses of the wedding and the amount of support you are currently providing. It’s important to remember that your daughter will appreciate any gesture of love and support on her special day, regardless of its value.


Should the parents of the bride give a wedding gift?

When it comes to wedding gift-giving etiquette, it can sometimes be difficult to determine who should be giving gifts to whom. One question that often arises is whether or not the parents of the bride should give a wedding gift. While it is not mandatory for the parents of the bride to give a gift on the day of the wedding, it is becoming more common for them to do so.

Traditionally, the mother and father of the bride would receive a thank you gift from the newlyweds on the wedding day as a way of expressing gratitude for their help and support leading up to the wedding. This could include anything from a heartfelt note or small token to a more extravagant gift such as a piece of jewelry or a weekend getaway.

However, in recent years, some parents of the bride have also started giving a gift to their daughter on her wedding day. This is a way for parents to show their love and support for their child on her special day. It can also serve as a reminder of the bond between parent and child, even as the daughter embarks on her new life as a married woman.

The decision of whether or not to give a wedding gift as the parents of the bride ultimately comes down to personal preference and financial ability. If the parents choose to give a gift, it is important to remember that the gift should be a meaningful gesture and not something that is intended to outshine the wedding itself. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind any cultural or religious traditions that may dictate gift-giving etiquette.

While it is not obligatory for the parents of the bride to give a wedding gift, it can be a thoughtful and meaningful way to show their love and support on their daughter’s special day. It is ultimately up to each individual family to decide what works best for them, based on their own traditions and financial situation.

Is paying for my daughter’s wedding considered a gift?

The answer to the question of whether paying for your daughter’s wedding is considered a gift is not a straightforward one. In general, any transfer of property or money from one person to another is considered a gift and is subject to gift tax laws. However, there are certain situations in which paying for a wedding may not be considered a gift.

If parents write a check to their child for a lump sum to pay for the wedding, this is most definitely a gift and will be subject to gift tax. However, if the parents pay for specific wedding expenses, such as the catering, photography, or venue, these payments may not be considered gifts. This is because the payment is for a specific expense, and the child is not receiving cash or a lump sum of money.

It is also worth noting that there are certain exemptions to gift tax laws, which may come into play when paying for a wedding. In 2021, the annual gift tax exclusion is $15,000 per recipient. This means that parents could give their child up to $15,000 as a wedding gift without having to pay gift tax. Additionally, there is a lifetime gift and estate tax exemption, which is currently set at $11.7 million per person.

Whether paying for a daughter’s wedding is considered a gift will depend on the specific circumstances of the payment. If the payment is a lump sum of money given to the child, it is likely considered a gift and subject to gift tax. However, if the payment is for specific wedding expenses, the situation may be more complex. It is recommended that parents consult with a tax professional to determine the most appropriate course of action.