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How much should groomsmen spend on gift?

Being a part of a wedding is an honor, but it doesn’t come without expenses. As a groomsmen, you’re expected to not only spend money on attire and accommodations, but also on a wedding gift for the couple. However, it’s often misunderstood how much groomsmen should spend on a gift. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the appropriate amount to spend on a groomsmen gift to avoid any tension or confusion.

The Role of a Groomsman

Being a groomsman means being a trusted and cherished friend of the groom. There are various responsibilities that come with being a groomsman. One such responsibility is gifting the groom something special on his wedding day. The purpose of gifting is to express your love, appreciation, and support for the groom.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Groomsmen Gift

There are several factors to consider when you’re purchasing a gift as a groomsman. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Your Relationship with the Groom: How close are you to the groom? The kind of gift you get him will depend on your closeness. If you’re his childhood friend, you may know his tastes and preferences well enough to pick something very personal and intimate.

2. The Wedding Budget: The kind of wedding you’re attending can also help you determine the appropriate amount to spend on a gift. If the wedding is low-key and casual, you may not be expected to put in as much as you would in a more formal wedding.

3. Your Budget: It is also important to consider your own budget when purchasing a groomsmen gift. You don’t want to spend beyond your limits and end up feeling resentful or strained financially.

How Much Should You Spend on a Groomsmen Gift?

Now, getting to the question that we’re all interested in – how much should you spend for a groomsmen gift?

The general rule of thumb is that groomsmen should purchase a gift that costs anywhere from 10-25% of what they have spent on the wedding. For example, if a groomsman is charged with spending a total of $300 on the wedding, he should purchase a gift that costs between $30-$75.

It is also worth noting that the average price of a groomsmen gift ranges from $50-$200 per person, but this figure is dependent on various factors such as individual taste, budget, and the wedding location.

Top Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Now that we know how much should be spent on groomsmen gifts, it’s time to narrow down some gift ideas. Here are a few of the top groomsmen gift ideas:

1. Personalized Flask or Decanter: Flasks and decanters make a great gift for a groomsman who enjoys a good drink. Personalize the flask or decanter with the groomsmen’s name or initials for an extra touch.

2. Pocket Knives: Men love gadgets that can be used for practical purposes, and a personalized pocket knife fits the bill. This is a timeless and useful gift that will be appreciated.

3. Grooming Kit: A grooming kit that includes hair and beard products is a thoughtful gift for a groomsman who takes pride in his appearance.

4. Personalized Watch: A personalized watch is a sentimental gift that the groomsmen will cherish for a lifetime. You can engrave a message on the back of the watch for a personal touch.


In summary, the amount to spend on a groomsmen gift should not break the bank. It’s more about showing a thoughtful gesture than the actual dollar amount involved. Remember to consider your budget, your relationship with the groom, and the wedding budget when making a gift purchase. When in doubt, you can always lean towards classic and practical gift ideas such as a flask or pocket knife. May your gift be well-received and your friendship be strengthened!


Is it customary for the groom to give groomsmen gifts?

Yes, it is customary for the groom to give gifts to his groomsmen as a token of appreciation for their participation in his special day. In most cases, the groom will provide a gift to his groomsmen as a way of saying thank you for their support, time, and effort leading up to and during the wedding. While there is no rule about what the groom should offer as a gift, many grooms choose to give classic items that can be used again and again, such as custom cufflinks, personalized flasks, or monogrammed leather wallets.

It is worth noting that the tradition of groomsmen gifts has been around for many years, and it has become an integral part of wedding day culture. Many grooms consider the gifts they give their groomsmen to be a way of showing their appreciation for the shared experiences and memories made leading up to the wedding day. And while the groomsmen are not required to give gifts in return, it is not uncommon for them to present the groom with a thoughtful present as well.

It’s important to remember that not all groomsmen gifts need to be physical items. The groom can also offer his groomsmen a special experience such as a round of golf, a fishing trip, or a whisky tasting evening. the goal of these gifts is to recognize the groomsmen’s role in supporting the happy couple in their journey towards marriage.

Giving groomsmen gifts is a customary practice, and it is done to show appreciation to the groomsmen for their role in the wedding. While there is no set rule on what to give, the gifts are typically personalized and often cherished as a symbol of the memories shared leading up to and during the wedding day.

How much to spend on a wedding gift if you are in the wedding party?

As a guest attending a wedding, it can be tough to determine how much to spend on a wedding gift, and even more complicated if you are part of the wedding party. While there’s no hard and fast rule, there are certain guidelines that can help you decide how much to spend on a wedding gift if you are in the wedding party.

If you are part of the wedding party as a bridesmaid, groomsmen or maid of honor, you should consider spending more than the average guest. As a part of the wedding party, you have possibly spent several hundred dollars in expenses, including clothes, shoes, accessories, and accessories for the rehearsal dinner and bachelorette party. It is customary to give a wedding gift as a gesture of congratulations, love, and support.

If you are a close relative, your gift should be a reflection of your relationship with the couple. A gift between $100 to $150 is appropriate for close family members such as a sister, brother, or cousin. If you are a parent, you can consider spending more as a way of helping the newlyweds start their journey together.

For friends or relatives who are not particularly close to you, a gift between $75 and $100 is a reasonable amount. Keep in mind, however, that the amount shouldn’t put you in a difficult financial situation. You should only give what feels comfortable for you.

The amount you choose to spend on a wedding gift should reflect your appreciation for the happy couple and your personal financial circumstances. You don’t want to be stressed out making payments on a credit card just because you wanted to appear generous at a wedding. Remember, the couple’s focus is on the event, and they will appreciate the effort and presence more than anything.

Who is responsible for groomsmen gifts?

In many cultures and traditions, it is common for the groom to give gifts to his groomsmen as a way to thank them for their participation and support in his wedding day. However, determining who is responsible for groomsmen gifts can vary depending on the couple’s cultural traditions and location.

Traditionally, the groom and his family are responsible for providing gifts for the groomsmen. The groomsmen are an important part of the wedding party and their support and participation are greatly appreciated. Therefore, it is customary for the groom to give his groomsmen a personalized gift as a token of his appreciation.

In addition to providing groomsmen gifts, the groom’s family is also responsible for paying for the groomsmen’s lodging, whether it’s a hotel or Airbnb. This is another cost that has been passed on to the groomsmen in more modern weddings.

However, in contemporary times, the couple may choose to split the cost of groomsmen gifts, or even have the bridesmaids and groomsmen provide their own gift. This is particularly true in instances where the couple’s budget is limited, or if they simply prefer to have the wedding party more involved in the process.

The responsibility for groomsmen gifts can vary depending on the couple’s cultural traditions and preferences. Traditionally, it is the groom and his family who are responsible for providing gifts for the groomsmen, but this tradition is evolving and couples are finding new ways to share the costs and get more creative with their gifts. the important thing is to show appreciation for the groomsmen and their support on the wedding day.