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How many photos should a wedding photographer give their client?

Wedding photos are an important piece of memorabilia for any wedding. A well-taken photo can hold memories forever. Therefore, it is essential to trust the photographer with getting it right. Wedding photography is a competitive field with many different photographers offering many different packages. One of the most significant concerns that often arise in the minds of couples preparing to tie the knot is how many photos they are supposed to get from their wedding photographer.

A wedding photo album is a perfect keepsake for the couple, and more importantly, photographs are a tangible way to remember the big day and relive those beautiful moments. As such, they are crucial in capturing the essence of the day, and when chosen correctly, they portray each couple’s story. Thus, the question of how many photos a photographer should give their client arises. There is no standard answer to this because, as with all art, quantity does not necessarily equal quality. However, there are a few industry standards to consider.

What Factors Affect the Quantity of Photos a Photographer Delivers?

Before discussing how many photos your wedding photographer should deliver after your wedding, it’s important to understand the factors that determine the quantity of photos you’ll receive:

Duration of the shoot

The duration of the shoot plays a significant role in determining the number of images you’ll receive. The longer the session, the more images the photographer will take.

Type of Shoot

The type of shoot also plays a role in the number of images you’ll receive. Engagements, pre-wedding, post-wedding, and wedding day shoots all vary in duration, which will have a significant impact on the quantity of photos you’ll receive.

Photographer’s shooting style

Depending on a photographer’s style, they may take more or fewer images. For example, those with a photojournalistic style may take fewer photos and focus on capturing candid moments, while others that specialize in traditional photography may take more posed shots.

Type of Photography Package Purchased

Some photography packages include only the ordered prints, while others include all the shots captured throughout the day. Furthermore, some photographers offer extra services, including high-resolution photos, additional retouching, custom-designed albums, or wedding videos, which could affect the number of images delivered.

How Many Photos Should a Wedding Photographer Give Their Client?

While there isn’t a fixed number, it’s important that the photographer delivers enough photos to capture the essence of the wedding day. Most couples tend to focus on the number of photos they’ll receive, and while that is essential, it is important to consider the quality of the images. It is important that the photographer delivers enough photos to tell the story of the day, but not too many that the quality deteriorates.

As a general rule of thumb, a wedding photographer should deliver between 400 and 800 images. However, some photographers may deliver more or less based on the factors discussed above. The number of photos delivered will likely depend on several factors, including the rules of the client’s contract, the duration of the shoot, and the photographer’s style.


In conclusion, the number of photos that a wedding photographer delivers to their client varies based on several factors like the duration of the shoot, the type of shoot, the photographer’s shooting style, and the type of photography package purchased. Rather than focusing on the number of images, couples should emphasize the quality of the photos to ensure that they tell the story of the day. When working with a wedding photographer, it’s essential to discuss with them the number of images they’re likely to deliver, and what is included in their services. Being prepared and discussing expectations ahead of time will help ensure that couples get the best photography experience on their wedding day.


How many photos should I give my client for a wedding?

One of the most common questions that photographers encounter is how many photos they should give their clients for a wedding. The answer is not straightforward, as it depends on several factors such as the duration of the wedding, the photography style, and the client’s requirements.

However, while it is not mandatory, it’s a good starting point to know the industry standards. For weddings, you can expect to give your clients ~50-100 photos per hour of wedding day coverage. This figure is derived from the basic standard that amateur photographers produce around 50 images per hour, while professionals capture up to 100 images per hour.

It’s essential to keep in mind that every wedding day is unique, and not all weddings have the same amount of photo opportunities. Hence, the final number will depend on how long the wedding ceremony, reception, and any photoshoot session (such as a bridal or couple shoot) last. For instance, a wedding that lasts for eight hours will have around 400 to 800 final images.

Additionally, some photographers have a particular style of photography that requires more time to capture the perfect shot. These photographers tend to produce a smaller number of images, but each photo is usually of high quality. On the other hand, some photographers take multiple shots of the same pose and choose the best images. Such photographers tend to produce more images, but each picture may not be of equal quality.

Furthermore, clients often have different expectations, and it’s best to discuss these expectations before the wedding day. Some clients may want to receive every photo that the photographer takes, while others may only want a select few. It’s important to manage these expectations and deliver the final output that aligns with the client’s wishes.

It’S difficult to give a specific number of photos for a wedding as it depends on various factors. However, using the industry standard of 50 to 100 images per hour of coverage is a good starting point. Ensure that everyone’s expectations align to prevent any confusion and deliver a final product that you and the clients are happy with.

Do photographers give you all the photos?

When you hire a photographer, you may be wondering if they will provide you with all of the photos they took during your session or event. However, it is important to understand that not all photographers operate in the same way. Some may provide you with all of the photos they took, while others may only provide a selection of edited photographs.

There are a few reasons why a photographer may not provide you with all of the photos. Firstly, it is common for photographers to take a large number of photos during a session or event in order to have a variety of shots to choose from. However, not all of these photos may turn out as well as others. As a result, photographers will typically go through their photos and select the best ones to edit and deliver to their clients.

Another reason for not providing all of the photos is that some may be duplicates or very similar to one another. Going through and selecting the best photos helps to eliminate these duplicates and ensures that the photos provided to the client are high-quality and representative of the photographer’s best work.

Additionally, some photographers may choose not to provide all of the photos as part of their business model. By only providing a selection of photos, they may be able to charge a higher fee for their services. In this case, it is important to discuss the photographer’s policies for photo delivery before hiring them, so that you know what to expect and can decide if their services align with your needs and budget.

While it is not guaranteed that photographers will provide all of the photos they took during a session or event, most will provide a selection of edited photographs that represent their best work. It is important to discuss photo delivery policies with a photographer before hiring them to ensure that their services meet your needs and expectations.

How do you distribute wedding photos to guests?

Wedding photos are a wonderful way to relive the memories of your special day. While you may have spent countless hours and a significant amount of money on your wedding photographer, what good are the beautiful photos if you don’t share them with your guests? There are a few ways to distribute your wedding photos to your guests that are both convenient and considerate.

The first way is to email them. You can compile all your favorite photos and attach them to an email that you can send out to your guests. This method is ideal if you have a smaller guest list, as it can be time-consuming to send individual emails to a large number of guests. However, it is a great option for guests who could not attend your wedding but would love to see pictures from your special day.

The second way to share your wedding photos is to send them through text. This is a popular option because most people always carry their phones with them. You can select photos that you think your guests would like to see and then send them in a group text message. This method is convenient for you and your guests and is ideal for sharing candid or fun photos.

Another way to distribute your wedding photos to your guests is to create a massive photo album on Facebook and tag as many of your guests as you can. This method is perfect for sharing your wedding photos with all your guests, regardless of how many there are. It also allows your guests to look through the photos at their convenience, and they can even download the photos they want.

While these are all fine on their own, they can either be too time consuming or feel a bit impersonal. One option that will make things easier and more special for your guests would be to print the photos and create a photo album. This is a great option if you have a smaller guest list, and it provides guests with a tangible reminder of your special day. Plus, this option can be customized with your wedding date and even personalized messages for your guests.

Sharing your wedding photos with guests is an essential part of the wedding experience. There are different ways to distribute your wedding photos, including email, text, Facebook, and print. You can select the method that suits you best, but always keep in mind that your guests will treasure these photos just as much as you do.