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How many people is normal for a rehearsal dinner?

Wedding planning is full of decisions that need to be made. One of these decisions is figuring out the details of the rehearsal dinner. While the rehearsal dinner used to be a simple affair, nowadays, there are a lot more factors to consider when deciding on the size of the dinner. One of the most common questions that couples have is how many people are normal for a rehearsal dinner. In this blog post, we’ll explore this question in more detail and provide you with some insight into what you can expect.

The Average Rehearsal Dinner

According to wedding experts, the average rehearsal dinner ranges from 15 to 50 people. The exact number of guests you invite will depend on several factors, including the size of your wedding party, out-of-town guests, and close friends who have helped with the wedding preparations.

The size of the wedding party plays a significant role in determining the number of guests at the rehearsal dinner. The average couple has about ten to twelve wedding party members in total. If you have a larger wedding party, you can expect a larger rehearsal dinner. Additionally, if you have a lot of out-of-town guests or close friends who have helped you with the wedding planning, you may need to increase the size of your rehearsal dinner to accommodate them.

The Venue

Another major factor to consider when determining the number of guests for your rehearsal dinner is the venue. While many couples opt for a restaurant for their rehearsal dinner, some may choose to have it at a different location, such as a family member’s home or a community center. The size of the venue will ultimately determine the number of guests you can invite.

If you’re planning on having your dinner at a restaurant, make sure to call ahead and reserve a private dining room. This way, you can ensure that you have enough space to accommodate all of your guests comfortably.

The Budget

The size of your rehearsal dinner will also depend on your budget. According to wedding experts, your rehearsal dinner should account for about 10% of your total wedding budget. Keep in mind that this percentage is a general guideline, and you should customize it to fit your needs.

When planning your rehearsal dinner, make sure to consider all expenses, including the cost of food, drinks, decorations, and venue rental fees. Once you have a clear idea of how much you can spend, you can start to narrow down the guest list to fit your budget.

The Guest List

When it comes to deciding who to invite to your rehearsal dinner, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, you should invite anyone who will be attending the rehearsal itself. This includes the wedding party, parents of the bride and groom, officiant, and any readers or musicians who will be participating in the ceremony.

Additionally, you may want to invite close family members and friends who have traveled from out of town. If you have room in your budget and at your venue, you also may want to consider inviting other friends or family members who have played a significant role in your life as a couple.


In conclusion, the number of guests you invite to your rehearsal dinner will depend on several factors, including the size of your wedding party, out-of-town guests, venue, budget, and guest list. While the average rehearsal dinner ranges from 15 to 50 people, there is no hard and fast rule for determining the size of your dinner. Ultimately, you should customize your rehearsal dinner to fit your unique needs and preferences. By carefully considering all of these factors, you can create a memorable and enjoyable event for you and your loved ones.


What is the average size of a rehearsal dinner?

The rehearsal dinner is a pre-wedding event where the bride, groom, and their wedding party gather to rehearse their roles in the upcoming ceremony. Typically, the dinner takes place the night before the wedding, and it often includes the couple’s immediate family members and close friends. However, the question arises, what is the average size of a rehearsal dinner?

Hosting a rehearsal dinner is optional, and some couples choose not to have it to save on their budget. However, for those who opt to have one, the average size of a rehearsal dinner ranges from 15 to 50 people. The size of the dinner party usually depends on the size of the family and the wedding party.

It is important to keep in mind that the rehearsal dinner is meant to be an intimate gathering. Therefore, it is typically reserved for close family members and friends. However, some couples choose to invite out-of-town guests, the officiant, or other people involved in the wedding ceremony.

When it comes to budgeting for a rehearsal dinner, the cost per person can vary depending on the type of venue, catering, and drinks offered. Still, couples often treat the rehearsal dinner as an opportunity to express their appreciation for the support and help they have received in the wedding planning process.

The average size of a rehearsal dinner is between 15 and 50 people, but it is important to keep in mind that it is an intimate gathering for those involved in the wedding. The size of the rehearsal dinner will ultimately depend on the couple’s preferences and the size of their wedding party and family.

What is the ideal rehearsal room size?

Having an ideal rehearsal room size is crucial to ensure that musicians can practice and perform at their best. The size of a rehearsal room can greatly affect the quality of sound produced, the comfort of the musicians, and the overall experience of rehearsing.

When it comes to band or orchestra rehearsal rooms, it is recommended that the room should be able to accommodate around 60 to 75 musicians. For a room of this size, the ideal ceiling height would be between 18 to 22 feet. This ceiling height is important to ensure proper acoustics and to allow the sound to travel evenly throughout the room. Additionally, this height can also accommodate any sound-absorbing materials that might need to be installed.

In terms of floor space, an ideal rehearsal room should have a minimum of 2,500 square feet of floor space. This size can provide enough room for musicians to move around comfortably and set up their equipment without feeling cramped. Having enough space also allows musicians to hear themselves and their fellow musicians accurately.

When it comes to calculating the ideal size of a rehearsal room, it is important to consider the volume of air in the room. The recommended volume for a room of this size is around 550 to 700 cubic feet per musician. This volume provides enough space for sound to travel without becoming muffled or distorted.

Some additional factors to consider when choosing the ideal rehearsal room size are the shape and materials used in the room. A rectangular shape is ideal for a rehearsal room as it promotes even sound distribution. As for materials, it is important to choose materials that are acoustically sound and will absorb sound effectively. These include materials such as acoustic panels, sound curtains, and wood paneling.

The ideal rehearsal room size for a band or orchestra should be a minimum of 2,500 square feet of floor space, with a ceiling height of 18 to 22 feet, and a volume of around 550 to 700 cubic feet per musician. Having a room of this size and shape, with appropriate sound-absorbing materials installed, can greatly enhance the quality of sound and the experience of rehearsing for musicians.