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How many people can attend a courthouse wedding in NY?

Are you planning to tie the knot in the Big Apple but don’t want to break the bank? Then a courthouse wedding might be the perfect solution for you. Not only is it more affordable than a traditional wedding, but it’s also a unique way to celebrate your special day.

Getting married at a courthouse in NYC is a straightforward process that doesn’t require a lot of planning. However, with the ongoing pandemic, the rules and regulations can be a bit confusing. One of the most frequently asked questions is, “How many people can attend a courthouse wedding in NY?”

The answer is simple: couples are currently allowed three guests to come with them, and one of them must also serve as a witness. A “limited number” of children under 12 years old are also allowed to attend.

Although the number of guests allowed is limited at the moment, it doesn’t make your courthouse wedding any less special. In fact, intimacy can make the ceremony more romantic, and you can spend your extra cash on other special items or experiences.

Here are some tips and tricks to make your courthouse wedding in NYC an unforgettable experience:

Getting Your Marriage License

Before you can get married at a courthouse in NYC, you and your partner need to get a marriage license. You can obtain it from the City Clerk’s Office, and it’s valid for 60 days. To get a marriage license, you and your partner must provide the following documents:

– Proof of identity (like a driver’s license or a passport)
– Proof of age (you must be 18 years old to get married in NYC)
– Your social security number
– A witness who is over 18 years old

Note that there’s also a fee for the license, and you need to make an appointment beforehand.

Choosing the Right Courthouse

In NYC, there are a few courthouses where you can get married. You might want to choose one that’s close to where you live or the one that has the most historic charm. Here are some options to consider:

– The City Clerk’s Office: This is where most couples get married. The office is located in Manhattan and has a beautiful rotunda.
– Brooklyn Marriage Bureau: This courthouse has historic charm and a stunning view of Manhattan.
– Queens County Supreme Court: This courthouse has a more modern feel and is perfect for those looking for a chic and minimalist vibe.

Dress Up for the Occasion

Just because you’re getting married at a courthouse doesn’t mean you have to wear casual clothes. You can still dress up for the occasion and look your best. Here are some outfit ideas:

– A simple white dress for the bride
– A suit or a tuxedo for the groom
– Chic outfits for your guests

Remember that less is more when it comes to courthouse weddings. You don’t want to look overdone or out of place.

Celebrate with a Small Reception

After your ceremony, you can celebrate with your guests by having a small reception. You can choose a nearby restaurant or a park for a picnic. Don’t forget the cake and champagne!


Getting married at a courthouse in NYC can be an affordable and intimate way to celebrate your special day. Although the number of guests is limited at the moment, you can still make it an unforgettable experience by following these tips and tricks. Remember, what matters the most is the love between you and your partner.


What do you need for a courthouse wedding in New York?

If you are planning to get married in a courthouse in New York, it is important to know what you will need in order to make the process go smoothly. Firstly, you will need to apply for a Marriage License with your prospective spouse. In order to do this, you both must have one form of proper identification, which can include a driver’s license, passport, military ID, or government-issued ID card. It is important to note that the identification must include a photograph and have an expiration date.

Additionally, New York state law requires documentation of proof of age. Since all forms of proper identification are also acceptable proof of age, holders of proper identification will not need additional documentation. However, if you do not have any of the forms of proper identification mentioned above, you may need to provide additional documentation to prove your age, such as a copy of your birth certificate.

Once you have obtained your Marriage License, you will need to schedule a ceremony at the courthouse. You may be able to do this on the same day as when you apply for the license, or you may need to schedule it for a later date. When you go to your ceremony, you will need to bring your Marriage License with you, along with any fees that may be required.

It is important to keep in mind that some courthouses may have additional requirements or restrictions for courthouse weddings, such as dress codes or limits on the number of guests that can attend. Therefore, it is a good idea to check with the courthouse beforehand to ensure that you are fully prepared for your wedding day.

To have a courthouse wedding in New York, you will need one form of proper identification for both you and your prospective spouse, as well as documentation to prove your age if necessary. Additionally, you will need to schedule a ceremony and bring your Marriage License and any required fees with you on the day of the ceremony.

What are the marriage laws in New York City?

Marriage laws in New York City, like other states, are governed by the civil laws and regulations of the state. If you are planning to get married in New York City, you must comply with the state’s regulations and requirements for obtaining a marriage license.

To get married in New York City, couples must apply in person for a marriage license to any town or city clerk in the state. The application for a license must be signed by both applicants in the presence of the town or city clerk. A representative cannot apply for the license on behalf of the applicant.

To apply for a marriage license, the couple must provide the clerk with valid photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. The applicants must also provide their social security numbers. If either party has been married before, they must provide a copy of the divorce decree or a death certificate of their previous spouse.

The minimum age to get married in New York City is 18. If you are between the ages of 16 and 17, you can get married with the written consent of both parents and the approval of a judge. If you are under 16, you cannot get married in New York City under any circumstances.

New York City has a waiting period for obtaining a marriage license. After submitting an application, the couple must wait 24 hours before the license is issued. Once the waiting period is over, the couple can pick up their marriage license, which is valid for 60 days.

If you are getting married in New York City, you have the option of having a civil ceremony performed by any judge or justice of the peace authorized to perform weddings in the state. You can also have a religious ceremony performed by a member of the clergy who is authorized to perform weddings in the state.

The marriage laws in New York City require couples to apply for a marriage license in person, provide photo identification and social security numbers, and wait 24 hours before the license is issued. The minimum marriage age is 18, and there are additional requirements for minors. Couples have the option of having a civil or religious ceremony performed by an authorized officiant. By following these laws and procedures, couples can legally and happily tie the knot in New York City.

What are the rules related to a person getting married in New York if that person is under 18?

In the state of New York, there are specific rules regarding a person under the age of 18 getting married. Firstly, it is important to note that in New York, you cannot marry anyone who is a close blood relative, such as a parent, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, niece, or nephew.

For individuals who are aged between 16 and 17 years old, they are allowed to get married with their parents’ consent. This means that both of the individual’s parents, or legal guardians if applicable, must sign the marriage application form. In the event that one or both parents are not available to provide consent, the individual can seek consent from a judge instead.

For individuals who are aged between 14 and 15 years old, they are only allowed to get married if a judge grants them permission. If the judge approves the marriage, then both of the individual’s parents must also provide their consent and sign the marriage application form.

Furthermore, it is important to note that in New York, the legal age of consent for sexual activity is 17 years old. Therefore, if an individual who is under the age of 17 gets married, they are still not legally permitted to engage in any sexual activity until they reach the age of 17.

New York has strict rules governing the marriage of individuals under the age of 18. While it is possible for those aged between 14 and 17 to get married with certain permissions in place, it is important to understand the legal implications of marriage and the responsibilities that come with it.