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How many children does meteorologist Ashley Dougherty have?

Meteorologist Ashley Dougherty is a household name in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She’s worked as a meteorologist at WTAE since 2012 and is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist by the American Meteorological Society. She’s also a proud mother of one daughter.

Ashley Dougherty’s Early Life and Career

Ashley Dougherty was born and raised in Wampum, Pennsylvania, a small town just outside of Pittsburgh. She attended Penn State University and graduated with a degree in meteorology in 2009.

After graduation, Dougherty started her career as a meteorologist at AccuWeather, a weather forecasting company based in State College, Pennsylvania. She worked there for three years before moving to Pittsburgh and joining WTAE in 2012.

Since joining WTAE, Dougherty has become one of Pittsburgh’s most popular meteorologists. She frequently appears on the station’s weekday evening newscasts and has won several awards for her work, including the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters’ Excellence in Broadcasting Award.

Ashley Dougherty’s Family Life

In addition to her busy career as a meteorologist, Ashley Dougherty is also a mother. In November 2020, she and her husband Bobby welcomed their daughter, Willow Marie, into the world.

Dougherty frequently shares photos of her daughter on her social media accounts, including Instagram and Twitter. She’s spoken publicly about the challenges of working as a busy meteorologist and being a mother, but she’s also expressed her gratitude for the support she’s received from her colleagues and viewers.


Ashley Dougherty is a talented meteorologist and a devoted mother. Her career has taken her from small-town Pennsylvania to one of the largest television markets in the country, and she’s earned a legion of fans along the way.

As she continues to work at WTAE and raise her daughter, it’s clear that Ashley Dougherty will remain a beloved figure in Pittsburgh for years to come.


How much did Ashley Dougherty baby weigh?

According to a social media post made by Ashley Dougherty, her baby girl named Ashlyn Breanne was born on May 23, and she weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces. Ashley Dougherty is a weather anchor for WTAE, and her fans and followers were excited to hear the news about her baby. Many people consider her as part of their family, so they couldn’t wait for her to share the details about the new addition to her family. It is always a joyous moment for parents to welcome their little ones into the world and knowing their weight is an important detail that parents, family, and friends, want to know.

Does Ashley Dougherty have a degree in meteorology?

Yes, Ashley Dougherty has a degree in meteorology. She earned her broadcast meteorology degree from Mississippi State University. During her time at Mississippi State, she was also a member of the school’s broadcast meteorology program, which provided her with valuable experience in the field. Following her graduation from Mississippi State, Ashley began her career in meteorology, working at stations in Jackson, Mississippi and Louisville, Kentucky before joining the team at WTAE in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Today, she serves as the chief meteorologist for the station, delivering daily weather reports and providing viewers with important information to keep them safe during severe weather events. With her degree in meteorology and extensive experience in the field, Ashley is well-equipped to provide accurate and reliable weather forecasts to the Pittsburgh community.

What degree is best for meteorology?

Meteorology is the study of atmospheric phenomena, particularly weather systems and climate patterns. To become a meteorologist, you will need at least a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology or Atmospheric Science. The curriculum of these programs typically covers a wide range of subjects such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, and computer science, which are essential for understanding the dynamics of the atmosphere and analyzing weather phenomena.

A Bachelor’s degree in meteorology can provide a solid foundation to start a career in the field. However, it’s important to note that the jobs available to those with only a Bachelor’s degree may be limited and typically on the lower end of the salary scale. Therefore, acquiring a Master’s Degree or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is becoming more common, especially for those who want to work as research meteorologists or teach at the university level.

A Master’s degree in meteorology typically requires two years of coursework, during which students focus on advanced topics in meteorology such as atmospheric dynamics, climatology, and weather forecasting. A Ph.D. in meteorology is usually a research-based degree, which can take four to six years to complete. The degree program requires original research, often resulting in a dissertation or a thesis to contribute to the field of meteorology.

While earning a Bachelor’s degree is the first step towards becoming a meteorologist, obtaining an advanced degree can significantly increase one’s earning potential and provide greater opportunities for career growth. Moreover, advanced degrees allow one to enter a specialty field, such as climate modeling, research, or teaching. though a Bachelor’s degree provides a good start, going for a Master’s degree or Ph.D. can increase job opportunities, pay, knowledge, and overall career success.

Does Jim Cantore have a meteorology degree?

Jim Cantore is a popular meteorologist who has gained widespread recognition for his coverage of severe weather events. Born on February 16, 1964, in Beacon Falls, Connecticut, Cantore grew up in Vermont, where he developed an early interest in weather phenomena. He attended Lyndon State College in Lyndonville, Vermont, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in meteorology.

After completing his studies, Cantore was hired by The Weather Channel, where his expertise and affable personality quickly made him a fan favorite. He made his on-air debut in July 1986 and has been a fixture at the network ever since. Over the years, he has covered a wide range of weather-related events, including hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and more.

Despite his decades of experience in the field, Cantore is still passionate about meteorology and remains committed to ongoing learning. He regularly returns to his alma mater to work with students in the meteorology program, sharing his knowledge and expertise with the next generation of weather professionals.

Jim Cantore does have a meteorology degree, which he earned from Lyndon State College in Vermont. His educational background, combined with his years of experience at The Weather Channel, have made him one of the most respected and trusted voices in weather forecasting today.