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How many bottles of champagne do I need for a 100 person wedding?

When it comes to weddings, champagne is the drink of choice for celebrations and toasts. It’s a symbol of love, happiness, and joy. But when you’re planning a wedding, it can be challenging to determine how many bottles of champagne you’ll need for a 100 person wedding. There’s nothing worse than running out of champagne mid-toast or having too much left over. In this blog post, we’ll guide you on the number of bottles you should have for a 100 person wedding.

The Basics of Champagne Calculation

Champagne bottle sizes can vary from 1.5 litres to 15 litres, which is known as a Nebuchadnezzar. However, most champagne bottles come in a standard size of 750ml. A standard pour of champagne is about 4-5 ounces, which is a little less than half a cup.

For a wedding of 100 persons, there are a few factors to consider when it comes to the amount of champagne you’ll need. The duration of your event, the number of toasts you’ll have, and your guests’ drink preferences are some of these factors.

Catering Recommendations for Champagne Serving

A recommended serving of champagne for a toast is about 4-5 ounces, which is equivalent to a flute glass of ¼ to ⅓ full. Caterers also suggest planning for a maximum of 2 glasses per guest during the toasting period. The general rule of thumb is to have enough champagne to offer each guest two glasses during the toast.

Champagne wastage can also occur when you order too much, which can lead to unnecessary expense. It is, therefore, essential to determine the correct number of bottles to order.

How Many Bottles of Champagne Should You Order?

If you have a 100 person wedding, a safe bet for champagne is to order 15 bottles. This rule is based on the estimate that most of your guests will have one glass of champagne during the reception, and the remainder will have two glasses during the toasting period. You should also consider the additional factors: the duration of the reception, guests’ expected drinking patterns, the formality, and style of your wedding reception.

If Your guests prefer more wine: If your guests are more wine drinkers than champagne drinkers, you might want to consider ordering fewer bottles of champagne. This shift will allow you to have more red and white wine on hand without causing champagne wastage.

For longer receptions: If the reception is expected to last for more than four hours, you can consider adding more bottles of champagne. It would not be ideal to run out of champagne before the reception ends.

If your reception is more formal: You would want to ensure that every guest has a glass of champagne during the toast period in a formal reception—the suggested amount for a 100 person wedding is about 15 to 20 bottles, depending on the duration of the reception.


In conclusion, whether you’re in charge of ordering alcohol for your 100 person wedding or working with a vendor, planning is critical to ensure no bottle of champagne goes to waste or running short. Understanding the serving and bottle sizes, estimated number of guests, and the duration of the reception are key factors to evaluate how many champagne bottles to order. But the general rule of thumb is 15 bottles of champagne for a 100 person wedding, with a maximum of two glasses per guest. Remember, it’s better to have a little more champagne than not having enough to go around, and when it comes to champaign, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


How much does Champagne cost for 100 people?

The cost of champagne for 100 people will depend on several factors, including the type of champagne you want to serve, the size of the bottle, and the occasion at which you intend to serve it. On average, a bottle of sparkling wine can cost anywhere between $15-$25, and depending on the number of guests, you can estimate how many bottles of champagne you will need to purchase.

For instance, if you decide to serve half a glass of Champagne toasting to the newlyweds at a wedding or anniversary, then you can safely assume that each person will have one glass. Given that a standard bottle of wine can provide six to eight 4-ounce glasses, you will need approximately 13-17 bottles of Champagne for 100 guests. This means you should budget between $195-$425 on your champagne purchase.

However, it is worth noting that you do not necessarily need to stick to champagne for toasting purposes, and you can offer guests different sparkling wine options such as Prosecco and Cava. These options come at a lower price point than Champagne, with some bottles retailing for as low as $12. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, it is advisable to explore all the options available and choose the one that works best for you.

The cost of champagne for 100 guests varies depending on your preference, budget, and occasion. Budgeting between $195 to $425 should be reasonable for half a glass of champagne per person. However, it is essential to explore other sparkling wine options if you are looking to minimize costs.

What is the average cost of champagne?

Champagne is an indulgent beverage that is commonly associated with special occasions such as weddings, graduations, and New Year’s Eve celebrations. However, the price of champagne can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the brand, vintage, and region of origin, among others.

According to a report by the website PR Newswire, the average price of a bottle of champagne is $55.85 in the United States as of 2021. The report analyzed champagne prices in all 50 states and found significant price variations between different regions. For instance, Kansas, Idaho, and Alaska have the highest average prices in the country, with their residents paying over $67 for a bottle of champagne on average. Meanwhile, Texas has the lowest average rate, with its residents paying just $43.88 per bottle on average.

Several factors influence the price of a bottle of champagne. For example, the brand name can play a significant role in the price of the bottle. Some champagne brands, such as Veuve Clicquot or Dom Perignon, are known for their prestigious reputation and are often priced higher. The champagne’s vintage can also impact its price, as aged bottles that have been stored for several years can be sold at a premium price. Additionally, the region of origin can also affect the cost of the champagne, as certain regions such as the Champagne region of France have strict regulations on the production of the beverage, which can drive up prices.

The average cost of a bottle of champagne in the United States is $55.85 as of 2021, but the price can vary greatly by brand, vintage, and region of origin. Champagne is a luxurious beverage that can make any occasion feel special, but it is important to consider the cost when selecting a bottle.