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How many #1 songs does Dan and Shay have?

If you’re a fan of modern country music, you’ve likely heard of Dan + Shay. The duo, comprised of Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, burst onto the scene in 2013 with their debut single “19 You + Me” and have been making hits ever since. One of the most impressive feats of Dan + Shay’s career is their seven number one hits on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Let’s take a closer look at each of these chart-topping songs.

“Nothin’ Like You” – 2015

Dan + Shay’s second single from their debut album, “Nothin’ Like You,” reached number one on the Country Airplay chart in November 2015. The song was written by Smyers, Mooney, and Chris DeStefano, and has a playful, upbeat feel. Its success helped establish Dan + Shay as a force to be reckoned with in the country music world.

“From the Ground Up” – 2016

“From the Ground Up” was the lead single from Dan + Shay’s sophomore album, Obsessed. The touching ballad tells the story of a couple building a life together and was inspired by Smyers’ grandparents. It topped the Country Airplay chart in November 2016, becoming the duo’s second number one hit.

“How Not To” – 2017

In May 2017, Dan + Shay scored their third number one hit with “How Not To.” The song was written by Smyers, Mooney, Kevin Bard, and Paul DiGiovanni, and features a catchy chorus and relatable lyrics about trying to move on from a failed relationship.

“Tequila” – 2018

Undoubtedly one of Dan + Shay’s biggest hits, “Tequila” topped the Country Airplay chart in July 2018 and remained there for two weeks. The song was written by Smyers, Jordan Reynolds, and Nicolle Galyon, and tells the story of a past love triggered by the taste of tequila. Its success helped Dan + Shay gain even more mainstream recognition and solidified their status as hitmakers.

“Speechless” – 2018

“Speechless” was released as the second single from Dan + Shay’s eponymous third album in May 2018. The song, which was written for Smyers’ wife Abby Law, reached number one on the Country Airplay chart in December 2018, making it the duo’s fifth number one hit. Its romantic lyrics and soaring chorus make it a popular first dance song at weddings.

“All To Myself” – 2019

“All To Myself” was the third single from Dan + Shay’s third album, and it reached number one on the Country Airplay chart in August 2019. The song, which was written by Smyers, Mooney, and Jordan Reynolds, has a fun, upbeat feel, with lyrics about spending time alone with a significant other.

“10,000 Hours” (with Justin Bieber) – 2019

Dan + Shay’s most recent number one hit is a collaboration with pop superstar Justin Bieber. “10,000 Hours” was released in October 2019 and quickly climbed the charts, reaching the top spot on the Country Airplay chart in November. The song, which was written by Smyers, Mooney, Bieber, Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, and Jessie Jo Dillon, is a love song about wanting to spend a lifetime with someone.


Dan + Shay have proved themselves to be one of the most successful country music acts of the past decade, with seven number one hits on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. From the catchy “Nothin’ Like You” to the romantic “Speechless” to the chart-topping “10,000 Hours,” Dan + Shay’s hits showcase a range of emotions and musical styles. It’s clear that Smyers and Mooney have a gift for crafting unforgettable songs that resonate with listeners. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


What was Dan Shay’s first number one song?

Dan + Shay is a country music duo that has experienced an incredible amount of success in a short amount of time. The duo consists of Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, both of whom are talented singers, songwriters, and musicians. The duo’s signature harmonies and relatable lyrics have quickly made them fan favorites in the country music scene.

Dan + Shay achieved their first number one hit with their third single, “Nothin’ Like You,” which was released in 2015. The song was written by Dan Smyers, Ashley Gorley, and Chris DeStefano, and it quickly climbed the charts. “Nothin’ Like You” is a catchy, upbeat love song that showcases the duo’s signature harmonies and infectious energy. The song’s upbeat tempo and relatable lyrics struck a chord with fans, and it became a fan favorite almost immediately after its release.

The success of “Nothin’ Like You” was a game-changer for Dan + Shay. It paved the way for their future success and helped establish the duo as one of the hottest acts in country music. Since then, the duo has continued to produce hit after hit, including chart-toppers such as “Tequila,” “Speechless,” and “10,000 Hours” with Justin Bieber. All of these songs have helped Dan + Shay cement their place as one of the best country music duos of our time.

Dan + Shay’s first number one hit was “Nothin’ Like You.” This catchy, upbeat love song quickly became a fan favorite and helped establish the duo as one of the hottest acts in country music. Since then, Dan + Shay has continued to produce hit after hit, cementing their place as one of the best country music duos of our time.

How popular are Dan and Shay?

Dan + Shay are a highly popular country music duo that have garnered a significant following since their formation. Their music spans across a range of genres, including country, pop and R&B, which has helped them to attract a broad fan base. With nearly 10 million global streams, Dan + Shay have proven to be one of the most successful country acts in recent years.

Their success is reflected in the numerous awards and accolades they have received, including multiple Grammy nominations, and CMT Music Awards. In addition to their critical acclaim, Dan + Shay have achieved commercial success, earning 46 total RIAA Platinum and Gold certifications within the US alone. This is a testament to the longevity of their music and the impact they have had on the country music industry.

One of the major reasons for Dan + Shay’s success is the quality of their music. Their songs are known for their catchy hooks, relatable lyrics, and polished production. Their songwriting skills have allowed them to create an array of hits, including ‘Tequila,’ ‘Speechless,’ and ‘10,000 Hours’ with Justin Bieber.

Furthermore, their live performances have contributed significantly to their success. They have toured extensively, performing at numerous sold-out shows across the US and beyond. Their energy and stage presence are undeniable, capturing audiences and leaving lasting impressions on fans.

Dan + Shay’s popularity can be attributed to their undeniable talent, relatable music, and compelling live performances. Their music has struck a chord with audiences across multiple genres, which has helped to solidify their position as one of the most successful country acts of recent times.

Was Shay pregnant?

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Are Dan & Shay a couple?

Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney are not a couple in the traditional sense of the word. In fact, they are both happily married to their respective wives. Dan Smyers married Abby Law in 2017 in a ceremony that took place on their property outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Shay Mooney married Hannah Billingsley in 2017 as well, in an outdoor ceremony in Arkansas.

The duo gained popularity for their hit songs like “Tequila,” “Speechless,” and “10,000 Hours,” but their relationship is purely professional. They first formed the duo Dan + Shay in 2012, after meeting in Nashville and bonding over their love of music. While they may seem like a couple based on their music videos, live performances, and social media posts, their relationship is focused on making great music rather than romantic involvement.

Their music is often inspired by their personal lives, including their relationships with their wives. Many of their songs capture the emotions and experiences of falling in love, like “From the Ground Up” and “All to Myself.” Their latest hit “10,000 Hours” was written in collaboration with Justin Bieber and explores the idea of commitment in a romantic relationship.

Although Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney look like they might be romantically involved due to their on-stage chemistry, they are not actually a couple. Both men are happily married to their partners, and their relationship is strictly professional. Nonetheless, their music undoubtedly inspires romantic feelings in their fans and their love songs have created unforgettable experiences for many people.

Does Dan and Shay have a baby?

Yes, Shay Mooney of the popular country music duo Dan + Shay has a baby. He and his wife Hannah Billingsley welcomed their third child on Tuesday. The couple already has two children, Asher and Ames, and they recently added a baby boy to their family. Shay shared the news on his social media accounts, writing, “Celebrating a sweet little addition to the family today. Grateful doesn’t begin to cover it.”

Fans of Dan + Shay were thrilled to hear the news and sent their congratulations to the couple. The duo has been known to write touching songs about family and love, and many of their fans appreciate their connection to their personal lives. The birth of Shay’s third child is a momentous occasion for him and his family, and the fans of the group share in their happiness.

Dan + Shay have been successful in both their professional and private lives. They are known for their catchy songs that have gained popularity both in country music and mainstream audiences. With their recent addition to the family, Shay and his wife Hannah have much to celebrate and cherish in the days to come.