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How many #1 songs does Blake Shelton have?

Blake Shelton is one of the most recognizable names in country music. He’s known for his unique voice, charismatic personality, and hit songs that have dominated the charts for years. Shelton’s fans know that he has a long list of hits, but many are curious about one specific achievement: how many #1 songs does Blake Shelton have?

In this blog post, we’re going to answer that question in depth. We’ll explore Shelton’s career and the milestones he’s reached, and we’ll talk about his journey to becoming one of the most successful country artists of all time.

The Early Years

Blake Shelton was born in Ada, Oklahoma in 1976. He developed a love for music at a young age and learned to play the guitar by the time he was a teenager. After high school, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career in country music.

Shelton’s debut album, “Blake Shelton,” was released in 2001. It featured the hit song “Austin,” which became his first #1 single on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The success of “Austin” launched Shelton’s career, and he followed it up with a string of hits in the years that followed.

The Rise to Fame

After the success of “Austin,” Blake Shelton continued to dominate the country music charts. Some of his most popular and beloved songs include “The Baby,” “She’s Got a Way with Words,” and “God’s Country.”

Over the years, Shelton has amassed an impressive collection of awards and honors. He’s won multiple Grammy Awards, CMA Awards, and ACM Awards, and he’s been inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. His success has made him one of the most recognizable names in country music, and his loyal fan base continues to grow every year.

The Number One Hits

So, how many #1 songs does Blake Shelton have? As of December 2020, Shelton has charted 40 singles, including 28 number ones, 17 of which were consecutive. These numbers are impressive by any standard, but they’re especially notable in the world of country music, where chart success is hard to come by.

Some of Shelton’s most popular #1 hits include “She Wouldn’t Be Gone,” “Honey Bee,” and “Boys ‘Round Here.” These songs showcase his unique voice and his ability to connect with his fans through his music. Shelton’s fans have been loyal to him throughout his career, and his #1 hits have become anthems for country music lovers around the world.


Blake Shelton is one of the most successful country artists of all time, and his long list of #1 hits is a testament to his talent and hard work. His unique voice, easygoing personality, and relatable lyrics have made him a favorite among fans of all ages. As his career continues to grow and evolve, fans can expect to see even more success from this country music icon.


Who has the most #1 songs ever?

The question of who has the most #1 songs ever is a fascinating one, particularly for music enthusiasts who are interested in pop culture history and the evolution of popular music. The answer to this question is not straightforward since defining what counts as a #1 song can vary based on different charts and platforms, and different countries may also have varying criteria for determining such a feat. Nevertheless, if we look at the most widely recognized sources that determine #1 songs in the United States, the answer to this question would be The Beatles.

The Beatles, a British rock band from the 1960s, are widely regarded as one of the most innovative and influential acts in the history of popular music. Their catchy melodies, innovative production, and distinct fashion sense captured the hearts of millions of fans across the world. They produced a total of 20 #1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, a feat that no other artist has been able to match to date. These hits were spread across the band’s prolific career, spanning from their debut single “Love Me Do” in 1962 to “The Long and Winding Road” in 1970.

The Beatles’ impact on popular music culture is also evident in their ability to claim the top spot on other significant charts as well. For example, they have also achieved the most #1 songs on the UK Singles Chart, with 17 songs reaching the top spot in their home country. In addition to this incredible achievement, The Beatles have also sold more than 600 million albums worldwide, making them one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

The Beatles’ success has paved the way for many other artists to achieve the #1 spot on charts worldwide, and their influence can still be seen in contemporary music today. Their ability to write catchy songs that blended different genres such as rock, folk, and pop, to name a few, proved to be a revolutionary approach that inspired many artists to emulate their formula.

The Beatles’ 20 #1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart are a testament to their incredible musical talents, innovative approach, and their lasting impact on popular music culture. Although it is uncertain whether another artist will ever come close to matching their record, their music continues to resonate with fans across generations, ensuring that their legacy will endure for years to come.

Who has the most #1 hits in country music?

George Strait has the most #1 hits in country music as of 2015. The singer has a staggering 44 number-one singles to his name, which is a record in the genre. Strait began his music career in the 1970s and gained popularity in the 1980s with his traditional country sound. He has continued to release hit after hit, solidifying his status as a living legend in the music world.

Strait’s most recent #1 single was “Give It All We Got Tonight” in 2013. He has also won numerous awards for his music, including Academy of Country Music Awards and Country Music Association Awards. In addition to his music success, Strait has also dabbled in acting, with roles in the films “Pure Country” and “Grand Champion.”

It’s worth noting that while George Strait currently holds the record for the most #1 hits in country music, there are other artists who are close behind him. Conway Twitty and Merle Haggard both have 40 #1 hits, and there are several other artists with over 30 #1 hits. However, for now, George Strait remains the king of the country charts with his impressive list of hits.

Who has had 50 number one hits?

George Strait is the artist who has had 50 number one hits, which is a remarkable feat in the world of country music. George Strait is often referred to as the “King of Country Music” because of his immense contributions to the genre.

He began his career in the late 1970s and since then has released numerous albums, singles, and compilations that have received widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike. Throughout his career, Strait has been known for his traditional country sound, which has helped him to become one of the most successful country music artists of all time.

Strait has scored more number one hits than any other artist in the history of country music, surpassing other legendary figures such as Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, and Dolly Parton. He achieved this remarkable milestone in 2009 with his hit “River of Love,” which became his 44th consecutive number one single.

In recognition of his achievements, Strait has received numerous accolades and awards throughout his career. He has been awarded the Country Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year award three times and has been inducted into several halls of fame, including the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame.

George Strait’s impressive catalog of number one hits and his contributions to the country music genre have made him an icon in the industry. His music has touched the lives of millions of fans around the world and has helped to shape the sound of country music for generations to come.