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How long should father of the bride speech be?

Weddings are special occasions that are marked by beautiful memories and celebrations. It’s a moment of joy and happiness that’s cherished by everyone, especially the bride’s father. Traditionally, the father of the bride is expected to make a speech at the wedding reception. This speech provides an opportunity to share personal experiences and offer pieces of advice to the newly married couple. However, when it comes to crafting this speech, the most common question that comes to everyone’s mind is: how long should father of the bride speech be? In this blog, we’ll explore this question and provide some tips on how to create an ideal speech length.

The Shorter, The Better

When it comes to how long the father of the bride speech should be, the general rule is less is more. Ideally, you should aim for a speech that lasts between five to seven minutes. It may seem like a short time, but it’s long enough to convey your message without boring the guests or taking the spotlight away from the bride and groom. If you’re pressed for time, a three-minute speech can also be effective if you know how to use your time wisely.

The main reason to keep your father of the bride speech short is that people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Moreover, many guests at the wedding might be distracted by the beautiful surroundings or prefer visiting other guests. Therefore, it’s important to respect their time and keep your speech concise.

Avoid Ranting or Using Too Many Jokes

Another important factor to keep in mind is to avoid ranting about irrelevant topics or using too many jokes. It’s great to add some humor to your speech, but remember that overusing this tactic can make you appear less sincere and insincere. An excellent way to add humor to your father of the bride speech is to share funny stories that involve the bride or the groom. These stories help build a bond of closeness between you and the guests, making them more receptive to your message. However, when telling stories, remember that the speech isn’t about you but the couple. Therefore, avoid hogging the spotlight or making the stories more about you than the newlyweds.

Plan and Practice Your Speech

As the father of the bride, you’ve had many years to get to know your daughter and understand what she values. Take some time to reflect on your daughter’s character, her achievements, and her journey so far. Then, use these stories to add a personal touch to your speech. Plan your speech ahead of time so that you can express your thoughts coherently.

It’s vital to rehearse your father of the bride speech before the wedding day. Practice in front of a mirror or record yourself speaking, and then listen and learn from the feedback. Try to practice your speech as much as possible to ensure you feel confident on the day of the wedding.


In conclusion, how long the father of the bride speech should be is one of the most frequently asked questions. The general advice is to keep it short, concise, and focused on the couple. Although it might seem challenging to convey everything in a few minutes, it’s better to stick to this timeline, even if you have a lot to say. Remember, planning and practicing beforehand can help make your father of the bride speech a memorable moment for everyone.


Who speaks after the father of the bride?

Traditionally, wedding speeches follow a set order, with each speaker taking their turn to address the guests and share their thoughts and memories about the newlyweds. The first speech is usually given by the father of the bride, who welcomes everyone and provides some heartfelt words of wisdom and advice to the happy couple.

After the father of the bride, the next speaker is often the groom. The groom’s speech is typically focused on thanking the guests for attending and acknowledging the love and support of his new wife. He may also share some funny stories or anecdotes about how he and his bride met and fell in love.

Following the groom, the bride will often give a speech of her own. This is an opportunity for her to thank her guests, express her love and admiration for her new husband, and share any special memories or moments from the day.

Next up, the bridesmaids or maid of honour may give a speech. This is a chance for them to say a few words about the couple, and to share funny or touching stories about their friendship with the bride.

Finally, the best man will often round out the speeches with a toast to the newlyweds. He may also share stories or memories about the groom and his relationship with him, and perhaps offer some words of advice for a long and happy marriage.

That said, the order of wedding speeches is ultimately up to the couple. They may choose to mix things up, skip certain speeches altogether, or invite additional speakers to the floor. The important thing is to make sure that each speaker has an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings, and to share in the joyous celebration of the wedding day.

How do you end a wedding speech for the bride?

Ending a wedding speech for the bride can be a daunting task, especially if you are not used to public speaking. However, with proper planning and a little creativity, you can leave a lasting impression on all the guests present at the wedding ceremony. The conclusion of your speech should leave the audience feeling happy, inspired, and with a sense of hope for the future.

Before wrapping up your speech, it is important to express your gratitude to all those who contributed to making your special day a reality. This may include your family, friends, wedding planners, or vendors. You can appreciate their efforts by mentioning their names and thanking them for their support, kindness, and hard work. This will not only show your appreciation but also create a sense of inclusivity on your big day.

Another effective way of ending a wedding speech for the bride is by expressing your love and gratitude to your spouse. You can use this opportunity to share a personal story about how you met and how your relationship has evolved over time. Be genuine and let your emotions flow naturally. You can also express your hopes and dreams for your future together. This will make your spouse feel loved and appreciated, while at the same time inspire the guests.

Lastly, you can end your speech by raising a toast. This is a tradition that has been followed for centuries and is a simple way of wishing the newlyweds good luck in their future. You can ask the guests to raise their glasses, and then use a simple yet heartfelt phrase to toast your spouse and your future together. This will create a moment of excitement and unity, as everyone joins the celebration.

Ending a wedding speech for the bride should be a moment of joy and inspiration. By expressing your appreciation and love, as well as raising a toast, you can make this moment unforgettable for both you and your guests. Remember to keep it simple, genuine, and heartfelt.