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How long does a bridal makeup trial last?

The wedding day is one of the most important days in a woman’s life. As the bride, you want to look and feel your best on this special occasion. Making sure that your hair, dress, and makeup are perfect is essential. One way to achieve your desired look is by having a bridal makeup trial.

A bridal makeup trial is a practice run where you get to try out different makeup looks to see which one works best for you before the big day. It is a crucial step in the wedding preparation process as it helps to ensure that everything will be perfect on your wedding day.

Duration of Bridal Makeup Trials

One of the questions that come up when planning a bridal makeup trial is how long it will take. The duration of a bridal makeup trial depends on several things such as the complexity of your hairstyle, the style and amount of makeup you want to try on, the number of looks you want to experiment with, and the technique of the makeup artist.

On average, a bridal makeup trial takes approximately 3 hours for both hair and makeup. If you only want to have one service, it will take half the time.

What To Expect During a Bridal Makeup Trial

During the makeup trial, you will sit down with your beauty team and discuss the makeup looks you would like to try. You can bring in photographs of makeups that you love or talk to your makeup artist about the kind of makeup that you prefer. Your makeup artist will then try out different looks, taking note of the products used, colors applied, and the technique used.

The goal of the bridal makeup trial is to find a look that makes you look and feel beautiful. Once you have found your desired look, your make up artist will take notes and photographs of the products, shades, technique, and any other items needed to replicate the same makeup on your wedding day.

Things to Remember during the Bridal Makeup Trial

You and your makeup artist must work together during the trial to ensure that you achieve your desired look. Below are some tips to help ensure that you have a successful makeup trial:

  • Wear clothing that resembles your wedding attire to help visualize the final look.
  • Prepare your skin before the trial so that you will have a clean slate for the makeup application. Avoid any treatments that could irritate your skin.
  • Take photos of the different looks and then compare them to see which one is your favorite.
  • Be communicative and offer feedback to your makeup artist so he or she can achieve that perfect look you desire.


A bridal makeup trial is not only a chance to experiment with different looks, but also a way to ensure that everything will be perfect on your wedding day. It’s important to give your makeup artist sufficient time to create a look that suits your style and preferences. It’s also important to communicate with your make-up artist, with feedback. Be sure to take notes from their notes or even better, take pictures, which will be equally helpful when the time comes. By following these tips, you can ensure that your bridal makeup trial will be a success, and you will look stunning on your big day.