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How does the maid of honor end?

When it comes to romantic comedies, “Maid of Honor” is one of the most beloved of all time. Released in 2008, this film tells the story of a woman who is getting married and has to choose between the safe, comfortable man she’s with and the wild, exciting man she’s loved for years. The movie is full of laughs, tears, and great performances from a talented cast. But how does it all end? In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the ending of “Maid of Honor” to analyze what it means and why fans still love it after all these years.

The Story So Far

Before we talk about the ending, let’s recap the story thus far. The movie centers around Hannah (played by Michelle Monaghan), who is getting married to a man named Colin (played by Kevin McKidd). She has been best friends with a man named Tom (played by Patrick Dempsey) since college, but he’s always been the wild, unpredictable type. Colin, on the other hand, is a successful businessman who is about to move to Scotland to take a high-powered job.

As the wedding draws closer, Hannah begins to feel increasingly uncertain about her decision to marry Colin. Her doubts only increase when Tom comes to the wedding and shows her a slideshow of all their memories together over the years. She starts to wonder if she’s making a mistake by settling for a safe, comfortable life instead of taking a chance on love.

The Ending

So how does it all end? After a series of heartfelt conversations with both Colin and Tom, Hannah has to make a decision. She realizes that she loves both men, but in very different ways. Colin represents security and stability, while Tom represents excitement and passion. In the end, she decides to go with her heart and chooses Tom.

The movie ends with a beautiful scene of Tom and Hannah standing on a hill overlooking Scotland, with Colin in the background driving away. Tom declares his love for her, but then she turns the tables and says that she loves him more. They share a passionate kiss as the camera pans out and the credits roll.


So what does this ending mean? On the surface, it’s a classic love story where the girl ends up with the guy she’s been in love with all along. But there’s more to it than that. The real message here is about taking a chance on love, even if it’s scary and uncertain. Hannah had a great life lined up with Colin, but she wasn’t truly happy. By choosing Tom, she’s making a decision to pursue a different kind of life, one that’s full of adventure and spontaneity. It’s a reminder to all of us that sometimes the safe choice isn’t the right one.

Another interesting aspect of the ending is that Colin is not portrayed as a villain. In many romantic comedies, the girl’s current boyfriend is painted as a boring, uninteresting person who is only there to make the hero look better. But in “Maid of Honor,” Colin is a genuinely good guy who loves Hannah and wants the best for her. The fact that she chooses Tom is not a condemnation of Colin’s character, but rather a reflection of Hannah’s own desires and needs.


In conclusion, the ending of “Maid of Honor” is a satisfying conclusion to a classic romantic comedy. The movie is about the struggle between security and passion, and in the end, the hero chooses passion. But it’s also about more than that – it’s about taking risks in life and following your heart, even when it’s scary and uncertain. So if you’re ever faced with a tough decision like Hannah’s, just remember that sometimes the safe choice isn’t the right one.


Do they get together in maid of honor?

“Maid of Honor” is a romantic comedy movie that was released in the year 2008. The movie revolves around the life of Hannah, a young woman who is asked to be the maid of honor in her best friend Tom’s wedding. Throughout the movie, the audience is intrigued by the relationship between the two leading characters, Hannah and Tom.

As the story progresses, it becomes evident that Tom is not happy with his decision to marry his fiancée, Melissa. At the same time, Hannah is shown to have a deep-seated affection towards Tom, which she has been hiding for a long time. There are several instances where the two characters share romantic moments and it is clear that they have feelings for each other.

However, it is not until the end of the movie that the audience gets to know whether they end up together or not. Towards the climax, Hannah confesses her love to Tom and he reciprocates her feelings. The two decide to leave Melissa’s wedding and go back to New York together. In a heartwarming scene, the couple is shown getting married on a rooftop under the stars, surrounded by their friends and family.

“Maid of Honor” is a movie about love, friendship, and taking risks. The chemistry between Hannah and Tom is evident throughout the movie, and the audience is left wondering whether they will ever get together. However, the ending of the movie brings a perfect conclusion to the story, with the two characters finally confessing their love for each other and living happily ever after.

Did Tom and Hannah kiss in Made of Honor?

In the romantic comedy “Made of Honor,” the main character, Tom, played by actor Patrick Dempsey, finds himself in a difficult situation when he realizes that he’s in love with his best friend, Hannah, portrayed by Michelle Monaghan, who is about to get married to a Scottish Duke named Colin. While the storyline of the movie focuses on Tom’s attempts to ‘win’ Hannah, there is a particular scene in the movie that raises questions on whether the two characters kissed or not.

The scene in question takes place when Tom and all the bridesmaids arrive in Scotland and greet Colin and Hannah. Tom, who is wearing a kilt, hugs Hannah, and then, in what appears to be a spontaneous gesture, kisses her on the mouth, which is unlike their usual greeting, where they kiss on the cheek. The moment is short-lived, and no one else seems to notice, but it has left many viewers wondering if the kiss was a sign of romantic affection or merely a cultural difference in how to greet someone in Scotland.

It is uncertain whether the kiss was intentional on Tom’s part or if he was caught up in the moment. However, the look on Hannah’s face after the kiss is ambiguous, leaving the audience to speculate about its meaning. Some viewers believe that the kiss was a significant step forward in Tom’s pursuit of Hannah, while others think that it was just a friendly gesture, a sign of their close friendship, or meant to impress the Scottish men at the event by adhering to their customs.

The scene in Made of Honor where Tom kisses Hannah on the mouth remains open to interpretation, and it is unclear whether it was a romantic gesture or just a friendly greeting. Regardless of its meaning, the scene adds depth to the dynamic between Tom and Hannah, making their journey towards a conclusion all the more intriguing.

What does Tom do in Made of Honor?

Tom is the main character in the romantic comedy movie Made of Honor, portrayed by famous actor Patrick Dempsey. In the film, Tom is depicted as a successful businessman who appears to have it all – wealth, good looks, and an active social life.

During his college years, Tom invents a product called the “coffee collar,” which is a cardboard sleeve meant to be placed around a hot coffee cup for easy handling. The invention becomes extremely successful and generates substantial wealth for Tom. He also enjoys the perk of being a millionaire, which enables him to lead a life of comfort and luxury.

However, despite his lavish lifestyle, Tom has a major setback when the love of his life and best friend, Hannah (Michelle Monaghan), gets engaged to another man. Determined to win Hannah’s heart, he sets out on a mission to convince her that he is the one for her.

Tom’s love for Hannah is so strong that he comes up with a plan to sabotage her wedding and make her realize that he is her true soulmate. He takes the role of the maid of honor in Hannah’s wedding, hoping to use this position to his advantage and win her back.

Throughout the film, the audience follows Tom’s journey as he navigates through love, friendship, and loyalty. Against all odds, he works to finally win Hannah’s heart and start a new chapter in his life.

Who ends up with who in maid of honor?

In the 2011 romantic comedy, “Maid of Honor,” the main character, Hannah, finds herself torn between two men: her longtime best friend, Tom, and her fiancé, Colin. As the wedding approaches, Hannah begins to have doubts about her relationship with Colin and realizes that she may have deeper feelings for Tom than she originally thought.

After a series of mishaps and misunderstandings, Hannah finally comes clean to Tom about her feelings, only to discover that he is in a serious relationship with someone else. Devastated, Hannah tries to move on and reconcile with Colin, but ultimately realizes that she can’t ignore her true feelings for Tom.

In the film’s climactic moment, Hannah interrupts Tom’s girlfriend’s performance at the wedding rehearsal dinner to profess her love for him. Tom, who has also realized that he has feelings for Hannah, breaks up with his girlfriend and the two share a passionate kiss.

Hannah then tells Colin that she is very sorry and that he is the perfect guy, just not the perfect guy for her. In the end, Tom and Hannah get married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their friends and family. The movie ends with the newlyweds driving off into the sunset, ready to start their life together.

Does maid have a happy ending?

The short answer is yes, Maid does have a happy ending. The book, written by Stephanie Land, tells the story of a single mother named Alex, who faces a series of challenges while trying to provide for her daughter, Maddy. Alex experiences poverty, homelessness, and even domestic violence before being able to find stable employment and housing.

Throughout the book, we see Alex struggle with a range of issues that many low-income families face, such as inadequate housing, the challenges of finding affordable childcare, and the need to rely on governmental assistance to make ends meet. However, despite these challenges, Alex’s resilience and determination allow her to persevere. She is eventually able to secure a job as a maid and work her way up to financial stability.

The ending of the book sees Alex and Maddy overcome the difficulties they faced earlier in the story. Instead of describing a day in the past, the book narrates their trip to Missoula, where they hike up Sentinel Mountain and look over their new town. This is a sentimental, hopeful ending that gives us hope for her and Maddy’s future in Montana. The journey is not an easy one, but their perseverance and strength pay off in the end, making for a happy ending where they find a sense of stability and peace.

Maid may have some difficult moments throughout the story, but the book ultimately provides a sense of hope and optimism. Through Alex’s journey, readers are able to see the challenges that low-income families face and how difficult it can be to rise above them. However, the book also shows that with determination and strength, it is possible to overcome these difficulties and find a happy ending.

Do the maid of honor and best man walk together?

One of the many details that weddings require careful consideration for is the bridal party processional. While it may seem like a small detail, the order and who walks with whom can make a significant difference in the overall feel of the ceremony. One question that often arises when planning the processional is whether the maid of honor and best man walk together.

Traditionally, the maid of honor and best man do walk together during the processional. They usually follow the bridesmaids and groomsmen and precede the bride. This order creates symmetry and balance, with the maid of honor and best man serving as the final members of the wedding party before the bride’s grand entrance.

However, it’s essential to note that there is no hard and fast rule mandating that the maid of honor and best man must walk together. Some couples choose to mix things up and have them walk alone, while others have the maid of honor walk with the groomsmen or the best man walk with the bridesmaids.

It’s also worth considering the practicalities of the situation. If you have an uneven number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, you may need to adjust the walking order or pair the maid of honor and best man together. Additionally, you should consider any logistics that might impact the processional, such as the width of the aisle or the number of guests.

Whether the maid of honor and best man walk together is entirely up to the couple’s preferences and the logistics surrounding the wedding ceremony. While there is a traditional order to follow, there is also room for customization to make the processional fit the overall style of the wedding. the couple should choose an order that feels right for them and their wedding.