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How does a wishing well at a wedding work?

As weddings have evolved over time, the gift-giving customs of guests have too. One of the latest trends in wedding gift-giving is the wish well. A wedding wishing well is a container for guests to deposit either money gifts or small wish-list items, such as honeymoon funds or future home purchases.

Where Should I Place My Wishing Well?

A popular spot to place a wedding wishing well is at the reception, near the gift table, so guests can easily deposit their gift upon entry. Some guests prefer to see the gift table first and then add their gift or donation after the wedding has begun.

How Do Guests Know About the Wishing Well?

The invitation is the perfect place to let your guests know about your preferred gift-giving method. For example, you can add an insert to your wedding invitation with a small note letting guests know what kind of gift is preferred or requested. Guests can also receive the message through word of mouth, from family and friends or through your wedding website.

What Gifts are Appropriate for the Wishing Well?

The good thing about having a wedding wishing well is that anything can go in it. From envelopes of cash to small trinkets, the wedding wishing well can have any sort of item or gift that a couple would like to receive. Some popular items to add to the gift are honeymoon tickets, travel gift cards or tickets to an event, but that of course, varies from couple to couple.

The Best Time to Open a Wishing Well

Most couples choose to open a wedding wishing well during the reception. During the cocktail hour or dinner time, the couple will usually open their presents and cards in front of everyone. By doing this, you can show gratitude and thank your guests for their generous gift.

How Big Should the Wishing Well Be?

A wedding wishing well can come in many sizes, depending on the guest list. A small basket or decorative box may work for a smaller guest list, while a larger container is required for a larger wedding guest list. Make sure it is large enough so that everyone can easily deposit their gifts inside.

Keeping Track of Your Gifts

It’s important to keep track of your gifts during the opening ceremony. Assign a bridesmaid or groomsman to help record the gifts and who they are from. This not only keeps the couple organized but also helps them to remember to send a thank-you note to each guest and to express their gratitude.

In Conclusion

Having a wedding wishing well is a unique and creative way to receive wedding gifts. Whether the couple chooses to save up for a honeymoon or build a future home, the freedom of personalized gift-giving allows guests to be creative and provides the couple with a perfect gift tailored to their wants and needs.


What are the rules of a wishing well?

A wishing well is a man-made well or natural springwater source, historically used as a magical location where people make wishes in the belief that they will come true. The rules of a wishing well are simple. First, one has to approach the well with a clear intention in mind. You should be aware of what exactly you are seeking and what your wish is. Then, it is customary to throw a coin into the well while making the wish. Coins have been used to make wishes in wells since ancient times.

After uttering the wish, one would generally drop coins in the well. That wish would then be granted by the guardian or dweller, based upon the way the coin would land at the bottom of the well. If the coin landed heads up, the guardian of the well would grant the wish, but the wish of a tails-up coin would be ignored. This tradition dates back to ancient Rome when people threw coins into fountains to honor the gods and goddesses of water and to wish for their blessings.

Another rule to follow while making a wish at the wishing well is to maintain silence until the coin hits the bottom of the well. This silence is thought to show respect to the spirits that live in the well who are busy working to grant your wish. It is believed that if you disturb them or make too much noise, your wish might get neglected.

Some people also believe that the wisher should place the coin in their right hand and toss it into the well over their left shoulder. This ritual of tossing coins while making a wish is believed to help connect the user more deeply with the well’s spiritual energy and to increase the chances of their wish coming true.

The rules of a wishing well are quite simple, but each one has important meaning and significance. By adhering to these practices, we show our respect for the well’s guardian and its spiritual power, and we increase the likelihood that our wishes will come true. Just remember, be careful what you wish for, and always approach a wishing well with clear and good intentions.

How much do you give at a wedding wishing well?

Giving to a wedding Wishing Well is becoming increasingly popular on wedding days. It’s a great way for couples to indicate to their guests that they don’t want or need any traditional gifts like a toaster or microwave. Instead, they would like monetary gifts that can be used towards a honeymoon, house deposit, or any other future plans they may have. The amount that you choose to put into a wedding wishing well can depend on a number of factors including the type of relationship that you have with the couple, your own financial situation, and how much you feel comfortable giving.

One important factor to consider is your relationship with the bride and groom. Giving a gift that suits your relationship to the couple is always appreciated. For example, if you are a distant family member or a co-worker, you may choose to give around $50 to $75 as a wedding gift in a wishing well.

On the other hand, if you are a close friend or relative of the bride or groom, you may choose to give a larger amount, typically between $100 to $150. This is because you likely have a closer relationship to the couple and may feel more comfortable giving a more substantial gift. If you are part of the wedding party and very close to the couple, you may consider giving even more.

The amount you give will also depend on your own financial situation. It’s important to choose a gift amount that you are comfortable with financially. Don’t feel obligated to give more than you can afford, as your presence at the wedding is already a gift to the couple.

What you choose to put in the wedding wishing well should be a reflection of your relationship with the bride and groom, your financial situation, and any cultural or regional customs that you follow. Remember, the most important thing is to give a gift that is from the heart and shows your love and support for the couple on their special day.

Do you put the money in the card for wedding wishing well?

When attending a wedding, many guests wonder how to give their monetary gift to the couple. One popular option is a wedding wishing well, where guests can physically place cash or checks into a decorated container, resembling a well. However, the question remains: do you put the money in the card for the wedding wishing well?

The answer is no, guests should not put money inside a card and then into the wishing well. The reason for this is that it can become difficult for the couple to separate the card from the cash or check inside it. Additionally, guests may forget to put their money in a card, or they may not have brought one with them to the wedding.

Instead, it is recommended to put the cash or check in an envelope and place it in the wedding wishing well. This way, the couple can easily remove the money from the envelope without worrying about losing the card. Some couples even include small signs or instructions next to the wishing well, reminding guests to use the envelopes provided.

Another tip for using a wedding wishing well is to place it off to the side in a quiet corner, rather than in a high-traffic area. This can prevent guests from feeling rushed or uncomfortable while giving their gift. It’s also a good idea to include a pen and extra envelopes on the table next to the wishing well, in case guests forget to bring their own.

While a wedding wishing well can be a convenient way for guests to give a monetary gift, it’s important to remember proper etiquette. Place cash or checks in an envelope, and avoid putting them inside a card. Additionally, consider the placement of the wishing well and include instructions for guests as needed.