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How do you wear flowers in your hair at a wedding?

Weddings are momentous occasions, and you want every single detail to be perfect. From the gown to the bouquet, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to bridal style. One of the most romantic and timeless ways to add some flair to your wedding day hair is by wearing flowers.

Maybe you’re envisioning bold blooms woven through loose waves, or perhaps you see yourself with a delicate floral crown perched atop an elegant updo. Whatever your style, there’s a way to pull off floral hair accessories that looks stunning and perfectly-coordinated with your overall wedding look.

So, how do you wear flowers in your hair at a wedding? Read on for some tips and inspiration!

Types of Floral Hair Accessories

Before we dive into how to wear flowers in your hair, let’s take a look at various types of floral hair accessories:

1. Floral crowns: Perhaps the most popular floral hair accessory for brides! Crowns are made by threading together flowers, leaves, and sometimes even greenery to form a circle, which is then placed atop the head. Crowns can be dainty or grand, and can include different flowers and colors.

2. Hair combs and clips: Floral hair combs and clips let you pin flowers directly into your hair for a more subtle effect. These are great options if you’re wearing a hairstyle with braids or twists, or if you want to keep your hair more sleek and polished.

3. Floral wreaths: Think of floral wreaths as a cross between a crown and a hair comb. These pieces are made by weaving together flowers, vines, and greenery into a circular shape, which can then be pinned into the hair.

Picking the Right Flowers

The key to pulling off a successful floral hair accessory is choosing the right flowers. Some factors to consider when choosing your blooms include the season, the color scheme of your wedding, and the overall style of your bridal gown.

For a spring wedding, you might choose delicate, pastel-colored flowers like lilacs or sweet peas. Summer brides might opt for bright, bold colors, like sunflowers or marigolds. Autumn and winter weddings often call for warmer-toned florals, like roses or dahlias.

Think about your wedding colors, too. You might want to incorporate the same blooms and shades that will feature in your bouquets and centerpieces, or you could choose contrasting flowers that will make a statement.

How to Wear a Floral Crown

Floral crowns are a hugely popular way to wear flowers in your hair for your wedding. Here’s how to get the look:

Step 1: Gather your supplies.

You’ll need a selection of fresh flowers, a wire crown base, floral wire (to secure the flowers to the crown), and wire cutters.

Step 2: Select your flowers.

Choose a variety of blooms in different sizes and colors for maximum impact.

Step 3: Create your base.

Use the floral wire to attach the flowers to the crown base, starting at the center and working outwards.

Step 4: Wear your crown.

Rather than wearing the crown directly on top of your head, try placing it a little further back, towards the crown of your neck, for a more bohemian vibe.

How to Wear a Floral Hair Comb or Clip

If you’re looking for a more understated way to wear flowers in your hair, a hair comb or clip is a great option. Here’s how to wear them:

Step 1: Choose your clip or comb.

Pick a style that complements your wedding dress and hairstyle.

Step 2: Select your flowers.

You’ll want to choose flowers that are small enough to be securely fastened to the comb or clip.

Step 3: Attach your flowers.

Place your flowers where you want them on the comb, then use floral wire to secure them in place.

Step 4: Style your hair.

Once your hair is styled, gently slide the comb or clip into place, making sure the flowers complement your overall look.


Now that you have some ideas on how to wear flowers in your hair for your upcoming wedding, it’s time to start experimenting! Remember to choose flowers that complement your wedding colors and overall style, and don’t be afraid to ask your florist for inspiration.

Whether you choose a bold floral crown or a subtle floral hair comb, adding florals to your bridal look is a timeless and romantic choice that’s sure to turn heads.


What side do you wear a flower in your hair if you are married?

In Hawaii, wearing a flower in your hair has different meanings based on which side of your head you choose to place the flower on. If you are married or in a relationship, it is customary to wear the flower behind your left ear. This signifies to others that you are unavailable and off the market. It’s interesting to note that the tradition of wearing a flower on the left side is not exclusive to Hawaii, but can also be found in certain regions of Latin America as well.

On the other hand, wearing a flower on the right side of your head is interpreted as a sign that you may be single and potentially open to a romantic connection. This is a subtle way of expressing one’s relationship status without having to directly come out and say it. It’s worth noting that Hawaiian culture places a lot of value on nonverbal communication and symbolism, which is why something as simple as the placement of a flower in one’s hair can carry so much weight.

Of course, cultural practices are never set in stone and there may be variances from person to person or even from region to region. However, if you’re visiting Hawaii and want to pay homage to the local customs, it’s best to remember that putting a flower in your hair on the left side could imply that you are taken, while putting it on the right could signify that you’re single and ready to mingle.