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How do you throw an Alice in Wonderland party?

Alice in Wonderland themed parties have been a favourite of both children and adults since the release of Lewis Carroll’s book in 1865. The story of a curious girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole and enters a world full of puzzling characters and mind-boggling experiences tied with a peculiar sense of humor has fascinated people for ages. The magic, mystery, and wonder of this beloved tale make it an ideal theme for a party. It’s easy to plan an Alice in Wonderland party, and you don’t have to break the bank to make this a unique experience that your guests will remember.

Table Settings

The table is the focal point of the Alice in Wonderland party. Try and create a mismatched atmosphere with a variety of different coloured teapots, teacups, and plates. You can achieve this by visiting local thrift stores to find unique pieces. Alternatively, you can always rent dinnerware. The colour scheme should be bright, bold, and eye-catching.

To create a striking centrepiece, create a cluster of vibrant flowers in a teapot or oversized teacup. You can attach long-stemmed flowers with floral wire or create an enchanted garden with paper flowers. The centrepiece sets the mood of your party table, so try to make it as magical as possible.

Food and Drink

No Alice in Wonderland party is complete without a Tea party! When it comes to catering for the guests, finger foods and small snacks that can be eaten with one hand work well. You can incorporate some traditional tea party foods such as scones, cucumber sandwiches, and fruit tarts.

For the drinks, have a selection of teas, and you could even make your own wacky potions or “Drink Me” concoctions. If you want to offer alcohol, cocktails such as Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – which combines blackberry tea, vodka, triple sec, and lemonade – would be a great option.


The decor is where you can let your creativity run wild and create a magical atmosphere for your guests. You could create tabletop signs with quotes from the book like ‘If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense’ or ‘we’re all mad here’, and hang these up to decorate the walls. You can also create the illusion of a black and white chequered floor by using black and white paper, and have the cards, inspired by the story, painted on the floor.

Another way to create a Wonderland atmosphere is using vines, trees, and flowers, because the story takes place in a garden. You can create a photo booth wall with wilting vines, foliage, and artificial flowers, and provide props for your guests, such as hats, pocket watches, and fun masks.


The costumes are perhaps the most fun element of an Alice in Wonderland party. Encourage your guests to come up with their unique interpretations of Wonderland characters. For example, the Mad Hatter could be dressed in a bright green jacket, or Queen of Hearts wearing an oversized paper crown or hair with roses. You could provide guests a trunk of odd clothing, hats, and accessories for those who didn’t have time to prepare their costume.


In conclusion, throwing an Alice in Wonderland-themed party can be a remarkable experience for everyone involved. Whether it be for a birthday celebration, Halloween party, or just for fun, this event can awaken the imagination of both children and adults alike. With these tips on table settings, food and drink, decor, and costumes, you can create a Wonderland-themed party that is both unique and unforgettable. Remember: “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”


What type of party does Alice have in Alice in Wonderland?

In Lewis Carroll’s classic novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” Alice finds herself in a surreal world inhabited by eccentric and whimsical characters, including the March Hare and the Mad Hatter, who invite her to an outdoor tea party.

The tea party Alice attends in the story is a wildly unconventional and nonsensical event, befitting the overall tone of the book. It is an un-birthday party, meaning that the participants celebrate their un-birthdays rather than their actual birthdays. This may sound confusing, but in the magical world of Wonderland, it makes perfect sense.

The March Hare’s house is a chaotic and disorderly setting, and the tea is equally haphazardly served. Instead of formalities like plates or cups, the tea is poured haphazardly from a pot and passed around in cups without saucers or handles. The Mad Hatter is the master of ceremonies, and he delights in breaking rules and engaging in whimsical activities.

Despite the confusion and insanity that characterizes the party, Alice tries to be a good guest by following the “rules” of the nonsensical event. However, she finds it difficult to keep up with the odd behavior and random conversations between the March Hare, Mad Hatter, and Dormouse.

The tea party scene in “Alice in Wonderland” represents the absurdity and surrealism of Carroll’s story. It is a celebration of all things illogical, irrational, and whimsical. Alice’s participation in the party leads her to question her own sense of reality, and the whole episode adds to the overall appeal of the book as a surreal masterpiece.

What happens in Alice in Wonderland Tea Party?

In the classic novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Alice finds herself in a whimsical world where everything is chaotic and unpredictable. One of the most memorable scenes in the story is the tea party with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare.

Alice approaches a large table set under the tree outside the March Hare’s house. She comes across the Mad Hatter and the March Hare taking tea. They rest their elbows on a sleeping Dormouse who sits between them. They tell Alice that there is no room for her at the table, but Alice sits anyway. The conversation at the tea party is strange, to say the least. The Mad Hatter asks Alice the famous riddle, “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” Alice tries to give several answers to the riddle but none of them satisfy the Mad Hatter.

During the tea party, Alice gets frustrated with the characters because of their nonsensical behavior. She becomes angry with the Mad Hatter when he keeps changing his watch without any clear reason and interrupts her constantly. The March Hare is also no help as he keeps making weird statements and puns. Alice witnesses the Dormouse falling asleep several times, only to be rudely awakened by the Hatter and March Hare.

Eventually, Alice loses her patience and storms off, which concludes the tea party. The scene epitomizes the chaos and mayhem that Alice encounters during her journey through Wonderland. It also showcases the absurdity of the world that Alice has entered and the challenges she faces as she tries to navigate her way through it.

What kind of party does the Mad Hatter host?

In Lewis Carroll’s classic novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, the Mad Hatter is a whimsical character that Alice encounters during her journey through Wonderland. The Mad Hatter is known for his eccentricity and his love of tea parties. In the seventh chapter of the book, aptly titled “A Mad Tea-Party”, Alice stumbles upon the Hatter having tea with the March Hare and the Dormouse.

The tea party that the Mad Hatter hosts is unlike any other. The Hatter and the March Hare are constantly engaging in nonsensical conversation and riddles, while the Dormouse sleeps throughout most of the party. The Hatter is famous for his riddle “why is a raven like a writing desk?”, which even he admits he does not know the answer to.

The tea party itself is also quite unusual. Instead of simply pouring tea, the Hatter and the March Hare pour hot tea into the saucers and blow on it to cool it down, much to Alice’s surprise. Additionally, they use butter as their main source of spread for their bread, which is not exactly common practice.

The Mad Hatter’s tea party is a reflection of the nonsensical and absurd world of Wonderland. It is a gathering that is chaotic, bizarre, and unlike any other tea party that Alice had ever attended. The Mad Hatter’s whimsical nature and love of tea parties have made him one of Wonderland’s most beloved and memorable characters.