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How do you end the father of the groom speech?

The father of the groom speech is a significant moment in a wedding reception where the father of the groom gets to express his feelings, love, and admiration for his son and his new bride. It’s a chance for him to offer words of wisdom, praise, and congratulations to the happy couple. Like any other speech, it’s important to make a lasting impression. Therefore, knowing how to end the father of the groom speech is just as essential as knowing how to start it.

Why the Ending Matters?

The speech’s ending is the most crucial part of the father of the groom speech because it’s what everyone will remember the most. The guests will remember the last thing you say, whether it’s emotional, humorous, or meaningful. Therefore, irrespective of how well your speech started or the anecdotes you shared, if the ending does not leave an impact, the guests will forget the entire speech. That is why it is crucial to end the father of the groom speech on a memorable and heartfelt note.

How to End the speech?

There are several ways to end the father of the groom speech. Below are some of the best ways to end it, ensuring the guests have a lasting impression.

1. Offer a toast

Ending the speech with a toast is an excellent way to signify the newlyweds’ happiness and celebrate the beginning of their marriage. You can offer a traditional toast or come up with a unique one, like a toast to happiness that your son and his new wife will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

2. Share your pride and love

The father of the groom speech is the perfect opportunity for you to tell your son and daughter-in-law how proud and happy you are for them. Therefore, ending the speech with a message of hope, pride, and love can be a heartfelt way of concluding the speech. You can share some of the moments that made you proud of your son and welcome your new daughter into your family.

3. Share a meaningful quote or poem

Sharing a meaningful quote or poem can be a poignant way to end the father of the groom speech. You can choose a quote or poem that resonates with the couple or one that has personal significance to you and your family. You can then add a few words on why the quote or poem you picked is special to you and how it applies to the newlyweds.

4. Humorous ending

If you have a natural sense of humor, ending the speech with a joke can be an excellent way to leave a lasting impression. However, it is essential to ensure the joke is appropriate, light-hearted, and not insensitive in any way. You could also share a funny anecdote about the bride and groom, but again, ensure it is suitable for a wedding reception.


The father of the groom speech is a touching moment where you get to express your love for your son and your excitement for his marriage. Ending the speech in a memorable and heartfelt way is essential to ensure that your words resonate with the guests, your son and his bride, and that it marks the beginning of a beautiful marriage. Whether you choose to toast to their happiness, share a meaningful quote or poem, express your pride, or end with some humor, remember to conclude on a memorable note and remind your son and daughter-in-law of your love and support for them.


Does the father of the groom say anything at the wedding?

Yes, traditionally the father of the groom has an important role to play in his son’s wedding celebration. The father of the groom is expected to give a speech or offer a toast to congratulate his son and his son’s new spouse on their union. This tradition is meant to recognize the father’s role in raising and guiding his son to become the man he is, and to offer well wishes for his son’s future happiness.

The father of the groom speech is usually given at the wedding reception after dinner and can take many forms. It can be lighthearted or sentimental, depending on the father’s personality and relationship with his son. However, it’s important to keep the toast relatively short and to the point. The father of the groom should aim to express his love and pride for his son, welcome his new daughter-in-law or son-in-law into the family, and offer some words of wisdom or advice for the newlyweds.

One popular theme for father-of-the-groom speeches is to share stories and anecdotes about the groom’s childhood, as well as advice about marriage and family life. This can help to add a personal touch to the speech and make it more meaningful for the couple and their guests. Alternatively, some fathers choose to include poems or quotes that capture the spirit of the occasion and offer inspiration for the newlyweds’ future together.

The father of the groom is expected to make a meaningful contribution to his son’s wedding celebration by offering a heartfelt toast or speech. While there are many ways to approach this tradition, the most important thing is to express love and pride for the couple and offer well wishes for their future happiness and success.

How long should parent speeches be at wedding?

Parent speeches at weddings are a wonderful opportunity for parents to express their love, joy, and pride for their children. However, knowing the appropriate length for a parent speech can be a tricky matter. Wedding day speeches are a significant aspect of any wedding reception, but it’s essential to keep in mind that guests and participants may lose focus if the speeches run too long. As such, the rule of thumb for parent speeches at a wedding is to keep it short and sweet.

The duration of wedding speeches, in general, varies depending on a number of factors. However, for parent speeches specifically, experts suggest that they last no more than six minutes. It’s even better if you can limit your speech to about three minutes. This is because too many speeches can lead to boredom among guests. It’s worth noting that multiple speeches can cause guests to become restless, and since some may have traveled long distances to attend, it’s essential to keep speeches brief but impactful.

Typically, parent speeches involve sentences of congratulation, stories about their child, and expressions of love for their offspring. These points should be delivered as concisely as possible to avoid losing the audience’s attention. Additionally, it’s recommended to create a shortlist of essential points you want to cover before getting up to speak. This will help you focus and stick to the time frame.

Many parents feel inclined to be as comprehensive as possible about their child’s achievements, especially if they played a significant role in the wedding process. However, it’s best to avoid this. Keep in mind that you’re not speaking at a graduation ceremony but rather at a wedding reception. So, a more general approach, sharing personal stories and own anecdotes, will lead to an enjoyable, quick, and engaging speech.

A parent speech should be short and to the point while giving a warm and supportive message. A duration between three and six minutes is ideal for speeches. By keeping the speeches concise, guests’ attention can be held, ensuring that they have an enjoyable and memorable experience attending your child’s wedding.

What should father of groom say at rehearsal dinner?

The father of the groom’s role at the rehearsal dinner is an important one. It’s a chance for you to welcome the wedding guests, thank those who have helped make the big day possible, and most importantly, offer some words of wisdom to your son and his new spouse.

Your speech should naturally start with a few sentences about your son. You can talk about how proud you are of the person they’ve become, what a joy it was to raise them, how much you’ve loved getting to know them as an adult, etc. Be sure to speak from the heart and let your emotions show. This is a special day not only for your son, but for you as well, so feel free to express your happiness and pride.

Next, you may want to offer some words of advice to the newlyweds. Think back on your own marriage and what helped you and your partner succeed. Perhaps you’ll remind them that good communication is key, or that it’s important to always make time for each other. Don’t be afraid to offer some humorous advice as well – after all, a little humor can go a long way in easing any pre-wedding jitters.

You should also take the time to thank any family members or friends who have traveled to be there for the wedding. Acknowledge the effort they made to celebrate with your family and express your gratitude for their support. Similarly, thank any vendors or planners who helped make the wedding day possible. They’re an important part of the team that has helped the couple arrive to this special day.

Finally, wrap up your speech with a toast to the happy couple. Wish them all the best in their life together and offer your support and love. Make sure your words come from the heart, and speak with sincerity. A great father of the groom speech doesn’t have to be long, but it should be heartfelt and authentic – and with your parental pride on full display, that should come naturally.