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How do I incorporate my child into my wedding vows?

Getting married is a big step, and it’s not just a commitment between you and your partner, but also a commitment to your family. If you have children, it’s important to include them in this special day, and not just as guests. Incorporating your child into your wedding vows is a beautiful way to express your love and commitment to them, and to acknowledge the important role they play in your life. Here’s what you need to know about how to include your child in your wedding vows.

Talk to Your Partner

It’s important to have a conversation with your partner early on about how you want to include your child in the wedding vows. This will help ensure that you both agree on the language and phrasing that you use, and that your child’s feelings and needs are taken into account. You may want to consider writing your vows together, or at least sitting down and discussing the content of your vows with each other.

Include Your Child in Your Vows

When you’re writing your vows, you want to make sure that you include your child in a special way. You can do this by adding a separate promise to your child after your vows to your partner. This promise should acknowledge your family status, express your love and gratitude to your child, and promise your commitment to him or her, as well as to your new spouse.

Blend Your Families

If you’re entering into a blended family, it’s important to acknowledge this in your vows. Talk about how excited you are to be joining two families to create one, and how important your children are to you as you build this new family together. You may also want to talk about the support and love that you will offer to each other’s children, and how you will work together to create a loving and supportive home for everyone in your family.

Make It Personal

Your child is a unique and special individual, and it’s important to reflect this in your vows. You may want to talk about specific moments that you’ve shared together, or acknowledge your child’s strengths and personality traits that you admire. This will make your vows more personal and meaningful, and will help your child feel seen and appreciated.

Involve Your Child in the Ceremony

Including your child in your vows is just one way to involve them in your wedding ceremony. You may also want to ask them to play a special role, such as being a ring bearer or holding the bouquet. Including your child in the ceremony not only shows how important he or she is to you, but also helps your child feel like they are an important part of the family.


Incorporating your child into your wedding vows is a special and beautiful way to acknowledge the important role they play in your life, and to express your love and commitment to them. Whether you’re entering into a blended family or simply celebrating your love and family with a traditional wedding ceremony, including your child in this special day will help make it more meaningful and memorable for everyone involved. Take the time to talk with your partner, write personalized vows, and involve your child in the ceremony, and you’ll create a beautiful and lasting memory that your family will cherish for years to come.


How do I involve my child in vow renewal?

Renewing your wedding vows is a romantic and meaningful way to celebrate your marriage. It is a great opportunity to recommit to each other and reflect on all the beautiful times you’ve shared with your partner. If you have children, involving them in the ceremony can make it even more special and meaningful.

There are many ways to involve your child in a vow renewal ceremony. One way to include them is with symbolic additions. For example, you can light candles together as a family to signify the flame of love that burns within you. You can also plant a tree together to symbolize the growth of your family and the lasting love that you share. Another popular option is the Sand Ceremony, where the family members pour different colored sand into a container to represent the blending of their lives and the unity of the family.

If you have more than one child, you can have them each hold a colored cord, which could be braided together as a symbol of your family unit. This is a great way to symbolize the strength and togetherness of your family, showing how you have all grown together over the years.

Your child can also play a more active role in the ceremony. For example, you might have them walk with you down the aisle, giving them the chance to show their support for your relationship. They could even serve as ring bearers or flower girls.

Finally, consider giving your child the opportunity to share a few words. Whether through a reading, poetry, or a personal message, your child can share their thoughts about your relationship and congratulate you on your continued love and commitment.

Involving your child in a vow renewal ceremony can be an incredibly special and emotional experience for everyone involved. Whether through symbolic additions or more active roles, your child can help make the day even more meaningful and memorable.

What are the wedding vows that include children?

When a couple with children is getting married, it can be a great opportunity to include their children in the wedding ceremony and to make some special promises to them as well. Incorporating vows that include children can help make them feel important and loved on the wedding day and in the new family dynamic that will be formed after the wedding.

The vows that include children are typically included in the overall wedding vows or can be separate vows specifically addressed to the children. One common way to include children in wedding vows is for the officiant to ask the bride, groom, and children to join hands while speaking the vows. Some couples prefer to have their children stand with them at the altar and say vows as a family.

The words spoken in the vows can vary, but they should generally contain some promises to love, care for, and support the children. For example, one of the most common vows including children goes like this:

“As you have been a loving (mother/father) to (children’s names), now let us come together as a family – mother, father, children, together from this day on. I promise to love, guide, and respect (children’s names) and (spouse’s name) as long as we all shall live.”

This vow reflects the idea that the couple is not just marrying each other, but joining together as a family with the children included. It acknowledges the importance of the children in the newly-formed family, and sets the tone for the couple to take their roles as stepparents seriously.

Other possible vows that include children could include promises to support the children emotionally or financially, to prioritize family time, or to take an active role in parenting. It’s important to remember that these vows should be heartfelt and genuine, and should reflect the unique family situation.

No matter how the couple chooses to include their children in the wedding vows, the most important thing is to be sincere and authentic. By making promises to love and care for the children, the couple can start their new family dynamic with a strong foundation of trust, love, and commitment.