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How do I get more likes on reels hashtags?

Instagram Reels has been a popular feature since its launch, and many influencers and brands are leveraging its benefits to reach a wider audience and increase engagement on their accounts. One of the most vital factors that determine the success of your Reels is the number of likes it gets. The more likes your Reels get, the higher the chances of Instagram featuring them on the explore page or recommending them to more users. In this blog post, we will be discussing how you can get more likes on Reels by effectively using hashtags.

Why Are Hashtags Important for Reel Likes?

Hashtags are an important tool in Instagram’s algorithm as they aid the platform in categorizing your content and making it easily discoverable to users who are interested in that particular category. By using relevant hashtags on your Reels, you are providing Instagram with necessary information about your content, making it easier for the platform to recommend your Reel to the right audience.

Furthermore, Instagram allows users to follow hashtags, which means that your Reel could appear in the feeds of users who follow the hashtags you use, even if they don’t follow your page. This is an excellent way to expose your content to new audiences and increase your reach.

How to Choose the Right Hashtags for Your Reels

Choosing the right hashtags for your Reels is crucial if you want to increase your chances of getting more likes. Here are some tips to help you choose the right hashtags for your Reels:

1. Research Relevant Keywords

Before you start using hashtags, it’s essential to research relevant keywords and phrases related to your content. You can start by thinking about the main topic of your Reel and then brainstorming keywords that users might search for when looking for that topic. You can also use tools like Google Keyword Planner, Instagram autocomplete, or hashtags research tools like Hashtagify, to discover more relevant and trending hashtags.

2. Use a Mix of General and Specific Hashtags

When using hashtags, it is best to use a mix of general and specific ones. General hashtags are the ones that are broader and have higher search volumes. Specific hashtags are more targeted and niche-specific and can help your Reel get discovered by a more relevant, engaged audience.

For instance, if you create a Reel about Yoga, you can use general hashtags like #yoga, #fit, and #health, as well as more specific hashtags like #yogalife, #yogaposes, and #yogainspiration.

3. Check Hashtag Popularity and Engagement

It’s crucial to check the popularity and engagement of the hashtags you plan to use. Hashtags with high popularity but low engagement might not yield the desired results as your Reel could get lost among the thousands of posts using the same hashtag. You can use tools like Instagram insights or Hashtagify to check the popularity and engagement of the hashtags you plan to use.

4. Use Location-Specific Hashtags

If you’re a local business or influencer, using location-specific hashtags can help you reach audiences in your area. You can use hashtags that are specific to your city, state, or country, or use neighborhood-specific hashtags to reach local audiences.

5. Create Your Own Brand Hashtags

Creating your own custom brand hashtags is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and to create a community around your brand. You can use your brand name or create unique hashtags specific to your product or service.

Best Practices for Using Hashtags on Reels

Now that you know how to choose the right hashtags for your Reels, here are some best practices to help you get the most out of them:

1. Use Up to 10 Hashtags per Reel

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags on a post, but on Reels, using fewer and more relevant hashtags is best. Using more than ten hashtags can make your Reel look spammy, and Instagram’s algorithm might flag it as such.

2. Add Hashtags in Your Reel Caption

While adding hashtags to the Reel itself is also an option, adding them in your caption can make them more visible and easy to read. Include relevant hashtags at the end of your Reel caption.

3. Change up Hashtags on Different Reels

Using the same hashtags on all your Reels might not be effective as it could limit your reach. Change up hashtags from Reel to Reel to increase your chances of reaching new audiences.

4. Engage with Hashtags

Engage with other users who use the same hashtags as you. Leave comments or like other posts that you find interesting. This is an excellent way to connect with users who are interested in your niche and might follow your account or like your content.


In conclusion, using hashtags on Reels is an excellent way to increase your reach and exposure on Instagram. By following the guidelines and best practices discussed in this post, you can effectively use hashtags to get more likes and increase engagement on your Reels. Remember, using a mix of general and specific hashtags, researching relevant keywords, and analyzing your hashtag’s popularity and engagement are crucial if you want to see results.


Do hashtags work for reels?

Instagram is a popular social media platform used for connecting with individuals and brands on a global level. One of its latest features, Instagram Reels, has taken the platform to a new level, allowing users to create 15-second video clips that can be edited with music, text, and effects. With Instagram Reels, you can create engaging and entertaining content for your followers.

However, a common question users ask is whether hashtags work for Instagram reels or not. The answer is yes! Hashtags help you connect with your target audience. People often search hashtags to find the content they desire. Hashtags help your Instagram reels show up for more search terms. New posts show up on the top of hashtag search results.

Using relevant hashtags with your Reels creates more visibility for your content and helps it to reach the desired audience. When you use hashtags, your content is easier to find, and it can even be featured on various hashtag channels on Instagram. This can increase your content’s reach and engagement with your followers.

Moreover, using popular and relevant hashtags can help make your content go viral. Users often browse through trending hashtags to find what is new and buzzing in the world. By associating your content with these trending hashtags, your content may make it to Instagram’s Explore tab, which will give your content more exposure.

Another important aspect of using hashtags on Instagram Reels is the ability to track performance. Using a specific hashtag for your content allows you to track the engagement and reach of your content. You can track how many views your Reel receives and determine which hashtags were effective in increasing your engagement. It is helpful to use a mix of popular hashtags relevant to your content and your niche-specific hashtags to reach your target audience more effectively.

Hashtags are an essential aspect of Instagram’s algorithms, which help your content to reach a larger audience. When used on Instagram Reels, hashtags can make a considerable difference to the performance of your content. By including relevant, popular, and niche-specific hashtags, you can make your content easier to discover, increase engagement, and track its performance.

Why my Reels are not getting viral?

Reels are the latest feature introduced by Instagram to compete with other social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube. They are a fantastic way to showcase your content in short and engaging videos. However, making a reel and getting it to go viral is not always easy.

If your reel is not going viral, it can be due to various reasons. Firstly, you need to understand that going viral is not an easy task. There is no surefire way to make a reel go viral on Instagram. The video algorithm on Instagram is unpredictable, and videos that do well one day might not do so well the next day.

One of the reasons why your reel is not going viral is because it might not align with Instagram’s algorithm. The algorithm favors content that is educational, inspirational, or relatable. Therefore, if your reel does not fit into any of these categories, it might not get as many views as you’d want. Make sure that your reels are not only visually appealing but also offer value to your audience. Every single reel that you put up should either teach your audience something within your niche, serve as an inspiration for your audience, or be relatable.

Another reason why your reels might not get viral is that you might not be making use of hashtags. Hashtags are an excellent way to get your content discovered. Instagram has a wide range of hashtags that you can use to get your content exposed to a broader audience. However, make sure that you use relevant hashtags, and do not overuse them as it might make your content look spammy.

Furthermore, if your reels are not getting viral, it might be because you are not engaging with your audience. Instagram is a social media platform, and engagement is key to your success. Make sure that you respond to comments and DMs promptly, and ensure that you are active on the platform. Be creative with your reels and encourage your audience to engage with your content by asking them to leave a comment or like your video.

If your reels are not getting viral, it can be due to various reasons. Ensure that your reels fall into the educational, inspirational, or relatable category, make use of relevant hashtags, and engage with your audience. Remember, going viral takes time and patience, and you should continue to create quality content consistently.