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How did the overtones get together?

The Overtones are a British-Irish band that has been entertaining audiences around the world since 2010. With their distinctive, smooth vocal harmonies and their sensational live performances, they have become one of the most popular vocal groups of all time. But how did The Overtones get together? In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the origins of the band, explore their journey from humble beginnings to international fame and success, and highlight some of their most memorable achievements.

The Origins of The Overtones

The story of The Overtones begins with the group’s two founding members, Mark Franks and Mike Crawshaw. Both were talented singers with a love of doo-wop and old-school R&B music, and they had been performing together in various pubs and clubs around London for a few years when they decided to audition for the 2009 series of The X Factor. Unfortunately, they were not successful in getting through to the live shows, but this setback did not dampen their spirits.

Shortly after their rejection from The X Factor, Franks and Crawshaw met a fellow singer named Timmy Matley, who was also a fan of vintage music and shared their passion for harmony singing. The three of them began performing together as a street corner-style trio, under the name of Lexi Joe, which was a tribute to one of their most beloved doo-wop groups, Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers.

Over the next few months, the trio honed their sound and built up a small but loyal following, playing gigs in pubs, clubs, and on the street. They even managed to attract the attention of a few record labels, but these deals never materialized. Undeterred, they continued to perform and write their own songs, always hoping that their big break would come.

The Arrival of Lockie Chapman and Darren Everest

Their breakthrough came in early 2010 when they met two more singers, Lockie Chapman and Darren Everest, who had been performing in other vocal groups. Chapman had been a member of G4, who had reached the final of the 2004 series of The X Factor, while Everest had been singing with groups in Spain and Portugal. Both were immediately impressed by the talent and energy of Franks, Crawshaw, and Matley, and they soon joined forces to form the quintet that would become The Overtones.

The newly expanded group decided to ditch the name of Lexi Joe and rebrand themselves as The Overtones. They also began to work on a new sound that blended their love of old-school harmony singing with more contemporary pop and soul influences. They spent several months rehearsing and recording demos, and in the summer of 2010, they caught the attention of a talent scout at Warner Music.

The Rise to Fame

Warner Music signed The Overtones to a record deal and released their debut album, ‘Good Ol’ Fashioned Love’, in November 2010. The album was a critical and commercial success, reaching number four in the UK charts and earning a gold certification. It featured classic doo-wop covers like ‘In the Still of the Night’ and ‘The Longest Time’, as well as some original songs co-written by the group.

The Overtones went on to release several more hit albums over the next few years, including ‘Higher’, ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’, and ‘Sweet Soul Music’. They also embarked on several sold-out tours of the UK and Europe, performing at venues like the Royal Albert Hall and the O2 Arena.

Despite their success, tragedy struck in 2016 when Timmy Matley passed away at the age of 36, following a battle with skin cancer. The remaining members of The Overtones released a tribute album in his honor, ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’, which featured covers of some of his favorite songs.

The Legacy of The Overtones

Today, The Overtones continue to perform and record music, with Darren Everest returning to the group after a brief hiatus in 2018, and they have become one of the most beloved vocal groups of their generation. They have influenced many other artists and inspired a renewed interest in doo-wop and harmony singing around the world.

In conclusion, The Overtones got together through a combination of talent, dedication, and a shared love of vintage music. From their humble beginnings as a street corner-style trio, they have risen to become one of the most successful and beloved vocal groups of all time. Their legacy will continue to inspire generations of music lovers for years to come.


What happened to the original overtones?

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Why did Lockie leave The Overtones?

In 2018, Lockie, whose real name is Mark Franks, announced that he was leaving the popular vocal harmony group, The Overtones, after seven years of being with the band. The news came as a shock to many fans who had followed the group’s journey since it was formed in 2010.

After the tragic loss of one of the band members, Timmy Matley, in 2018, the remaining members of the group continued to record and tour. However, according to Mike Crawshaw, one of the members of the band, they always felt that The Overtones needed to be a four-piece.

Despite the success of the album releases and tours post-Timmy Matley, Lockie decided to pursue a solo career, which he felt would be a better fit for him and his musical aspirations. This decision ultimately led to his departure from the group, which left fans curious about the future of The Overtones as a quartet.

However, Lockie’s departure did not mark the end of The Overtones as a group. The remaining four members continued to perform and record new music. The group has since released a Christmas album titled “Good Ol’ Fashioned Christmas,” and has continued to build on their loyal fan base.

Although Lockie’s departure from The Overtones was unexpected and bittersweet, it allowed both Lockie and the group to pursue different paths and reach new heights in their music careers.

Who were the original members of The Overtones?

The Overtones, a popular vocal harmony group from the United Kingdom, were originally formed as a five-piece band. The original members of The Overtones included lead vocalist Timmy Matley, bass singer Lachie Chapman, falsetto Darren Everest, and harmony singers Mark Frank and Mike Crawshaw.

These five talented singers came together in 2010 and quickly gained popularity for their smooth harmonies and soulful renditions of classic tunes. They released their debut album, “Good Ol’ Fashioned Love,” in 2010, which went on to become a top ten hit in the UK album chart.

The unique blend of vocals, combined with their stylish suits and 1950s-inspired aesthetic, helped The Overtones stand out from other contemporary acts. They became known for their covers of popular songs from various eras, including doo-wop and Motown classics, as well as their own original songs.

Despite losing one of their original members, Timmy Matley, in 2018, The Overtones continue to perform and release music today. Their legacy as one of the leading vocal harmony groups in the UK is a testament to the originality and talent of the five singers who started it all.