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Does Victor end up with Mia or Benji?

Love, Simon is a 2018 romantic comedy-drama film that tells the story of Simon Spier, a teenage boy who is grappling with his sexuality. The film was a hit, resonating with audiences around the world and inspiring countless discussions about LGBTQ+ representation in media. In 2020, Hulu debuted “Love, Victor”, a spin-off series set in the same universe. The show centers around Victor Salazar, a new student in Creekwood High School who is navigating his own journey of self-discovery. One of the biggest questions fans had when the show premiered was – does Victor end up with Mia or Benji?

Who is Victor Salazar?

Before we dive into the question of Victor’s love life, let’s take a moment to talk about who he is. Victor Salazar is a half-Puerto Rican, half-Colombian teenager who moves to Creekwood High School with his family. Victor has a lot to deal with – adjusting to a new school, making friends, and figuring out his own identity. Along the way, he gets roped into a love triangle with two of the show’s other main characters – Mia and Benji.

Mia Brooks

Mia Brooks is one of the first people Victor meets at Creekwood High School. She’s friendly, outgoing, and interested in him from the start. At the beginning of the series, Victor is attracted to her and considers pursuing a relationship with her. The two share a kiss at the school dance, but Victor never really seems fully invested in their romance. As the series goes on, it becomes clear that Victor is more interested in someone else.

Benji Campbell

That someone else is Benji Campbell. Benji is a classmate of Victor’s who works at the local coffee shop. He’s openly gay and proud of who he is. Victor is immediately drawn to him, but struggles with his own feelings – he’s still questioning his sexuality at this point in the series. As the show goes on, we see Victor and Benji grow closer. They bond over shared interests and experiences, and it becomes clear that there’s a spark between them. However, there’s a lot standing in the way of their relationship – Victor’s own insecurity, his fear of coming out, and Benji’s own complicated romantic history.

The Love Triangle

So, does Victor end up with Mia or Benji? The answer to that question is complicated. Throughout the series, Victor oscillates between his feelings for Mia and his feelings for Benji. At times, it seems like he’s more invested in Mia – he goes on dates with her and even agrees to be her boyfriend. However, there’s always a sense that Victor’s heart isn’t fully in it. He’s constantly distracted by thoughts of Benji, and even has a dream sequence in which the two of them kiss.

As the series progresses, Victor’s feelings for Benji become stronger and harder to ignore. He confides in Benji about his struggles with his sexuality, and the two of them become increasingly close. However, there are still some significant obstacles in the way of their relationship. Victor is afraid to come out to his family, and even when he finally does, it causes a rift between them. Benji, for his part, is still healing from a recent breakup and is hesitant to jump into another relationship.

The Finale

So, what finally happens between Victor, Mia, and Benji? The season and series finale of Love, Victor provides some closure. In the finale, Victor spends most of the episode trying to figure out which of the two he wants to pursue a relationship with. He goes on a date with Mia, and tells her that he cares about her but isn’t sure if he’s ready to commit to a relationship. Later, he has a heart-to-heart with Benji, who tells him that he’s afraid to get hurt again but is willing to try if Victor is.

Finally, in a moment that echoes Love, Simon, Victor and Benji ride the Ferris wheel together. At the top, they share a kiss and express their love for each other. The series ends on that moment, leaving viewers to assume that Victor and Benji will pursue a relationship.


So, does Victor end up with Mia or Benji? While Victor has feelings for both of them at various points throughout the series, it becomes increasingly clear that his heart belongs to Benji. The two share a sweet and romantic moment at the end of the series, and it’s left to the viewer to imagine what comes next. Regardless of who Victor ends up with, though, Love, Victor is a powerful and moving exploration of teenage identity, sexuality, and the complexities of young love.


Who does Mia from Love, Victor end up with?

Mia from Love, Victor ends up with Andrew. Throughout the series, Victor and Mia had a complicated relationship, with Victor trying to figure out his own sexuality while also trying to navigate his feelings for Mia. Though Victor and Mia had a strong connection, Mia did not get the answer she was looking for from Victor, leading to some tension between the two. However, this tension did not last for long, as Mia began to develop feelings for Andrew, whom she had been friends with for some time.

As the relationship between Mia and Andrew grew, so did their love for each other. Mia found comfort in Andrew’s unwavering loyalty and support, which was exactly what she needed during the time that she was struggling with her own emotions. When Mia finally announced to Victor and the rest of the group that she was moving away, Andrew was right by her side, showing that he was willing to go with her wherever she went.

In the end, Mia and Andrew end up together, and it is clear that they are deeply in love. Though it may not have been the ending that some viewers were expecting, it is ultimately a happy and satisfying resolution for Mia’s character arc.

What happens to Benji and Victor in season 3?

In season 3 of the popular series Love, Victor, viewers witness a significant shift in the dynamic between Benji and Victor. The two characters have been in a romantic relationship since season 1, and their relationship has played a central role in the show’s overall plot. In season 3, the stress of Victor leaving him caused Benji to break his sobriety that has been touched upon a couple of times in the previous seasons but was never explored further until this third season.

As the season progresses, viewers see Benji struggling with addiction, and it becomes clear that Victor exacerbates his drinking issues. In the premiere episode, Benji decides to seek help and goes off to rehab, leaving Victor to struggle with their relationship and his own personal demons. Victor tries to be supportive and attend Benji’s rehab sessions but quickly realizes that he is part of the problem.

Throughout the season, Victor wrestles with his feelings for Benji and his desire to support him while also recognizing that he needs to prioritize his own well-being. As he navigates his own journey of self-discovery, Victor comes to a realization about his relationship with Benji that forces him to make a difficult decision.

Season 3 of Love, Victor provides a nuanced and realistic portrayal of addiction and its impact on relationships. By exploring Benji’s struggles with sobriety and Victor’s efforts to support him, the show sheds light on a topic that is often overlooked in popular media. The season’s conclusion leaves open the possibility of a resolution to the characters’ relationship while also acknowledging the difficulty of reconciling the needs of others with one’s own personal growth.

Does Victor lose his virginity to Benji?

In the TV show “Love, Victor,” the main character Victor is involved in a romantic relationship with Benji, one of his classmates. The show addresses several aspects of their relationship, including their first sexual encounter. The show’s second season, episode 4, addresses whether Victor and Benji lose their virginity to each other.

Throughout the episode, Victor and Benji struggle with differing opinions regarding sex. Victor expresses his fears and anxieties surrounding sex, while Benji is more comfortable and open with the idea. Despite Victor’s initial hesitations, he ultimately decides that he wants to have sex with Benji.

The episode concludes with Victor and Benji in bed together, implying that they had sex. However, the show does not explicitly state whether this was their first time having sex.

It’s important to note that losing one’s virginity is a personal and often nuanced experience. The idea of virginity is socially constructed and differs from person to person. Some people might define losing their virginity as penetrative vaginal or anal intercourse, while others may define it differently. Therefore, it’s difficult to make a definitive claim about whether Victor lost his virginity to Benji or not.

The show “Love, Victor” addresses an important aspect of a teenager’s life – sexuality. Through depicting Victor’s sexual journey, the show may help viewers who are experiencing similar fears and anxieties. the show emphasizes that sex should be a consensual and enjoyable activity between two people who care for each other.