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Does MacLaren’s bar exist?

Many fans of the iconic TV show “How I Met Your Mother” (HIMYM) have wondered whether MacLaren’s Pub, the central hangout spot for the show’s characters, actually exists. The bar first appeared in the show’s pilot episode, and it quickly became a beloved and integral part of the series. In this blog post, we’ll explore the history of MacLaren’s Pub, whether it is a real place, and its significance to fans of HIMYM.

The Inspiration Behind MacLaren’s Pub

Before we dive into the question of whether MacLaren’s Pub actually exists, let’s first examine the inspiration behind the fictional bar. Show creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays were working as writers for “The Late Show with David Letterman” when they began discussing the idea for the show. During a night out for drinks, they stumbled upon a bar called McGee’s, located at 240 W. 55th St. in New York City. They were immediately struck by the bar’s unique character and decided to use it as the inspiration for MacLaren’s Pub.

McGee’s quickly embraced its newfound connection to HIMYM, and the bar’s popularity soared among fans of the show. The bar’s exterior was even used as the establishing shot for MacLaren’s Pub in the show’s opening credits. Over the years, McGee’s has hosted HIMYM-themed nights and events, and it remains a popular destination for fans of the show.

Is MacLaren’s Pub a Real Place?

So, is MacLaren’s Pub a real place? The answer is both yes and no. On one hand, MacLaren’s Pub is not a real bar in the sense that it does not exist as a physical location. The bar used in the show was a set built specifically for HIMYM, and it was dismantled after the show’s final season.

On the other hand, the inspiration for MacLaren’s Pub, McGee’s, does exist as a real bar. However, it should be noted that while McGee’s served as the inspiration, it is not an exact replica of MacLaren’s Pub. The interior of McGee’s differs significantly from that of the bar in the show, and the two establishments have different layouts and atmospheres.

The Significance of MacLaren’s Pub to Fans of HIMYM

Despite the fact that MacLaren’s Pub is not a real place, it holds a special significance to fans of HIMYM. For many viewers, the bar served as a symbol of the characters’ close friendship and the importance of having a place to call home.

Over the course of the show’s nine seasons, MacLaren’s Pub became a central location for the characters’ significant life events, including birthdays, breakups, and even Barney and Robin’s wedding. The bar’s iconic booths, jukebox, and neon sign made it a place that many fans of the show wished they could visit in real life.

For some diehard fans of HIMYM, the lack of a physical MacLaren’s Pub has even inspired them to create their own versions of the bar at home. From homemade cocktails to replica neon signs, fans have found creative ways to bring the spirit of the show’s central hangout spot into their own lives.


In conclusion, while MacLaren’s Pub is not a real place in the sense that it does not exist as a physical location, it remains a beloved part of HIMYM lore. The bar’s significance to fans of the show is a testament to the powerful connection that viewers can form with fictional places and characters. Whether you’re a diehard fan of HIMYM or simply appreciate the show’s iconic setting, MacLaren’s Pub will always hold a special place in television history.


Where is the MacLaren’s pub in How I Met Your Mother?

MacLaren’s pub is a central location in the American television sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.” It is where the main characters of the show regularly meet up to hang out, have drinks, and discuss their lives. However, many fans of the show may not be aware of the real-life inspiration for the fictional pub.

In reality, MacLaren’s pub is based on a real NYC pub called McGee’s, which is located at 240 W. 55th Street. The show’s creators, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, spent time at McGee’s during their early days working for the “Late Show With David Letterman.” They fell in love with the pub’s padded booths and muraled walls, and decided to use it as the main inspiration for MacLaren’s.

While the pub on the show is fictional and set in New York City, the real-life McGee’s has become a popular spot for fans of the show to visit. Fans can sit in the same booth as the characters or check out the memorabilia and photos of the cast that adorn the walls. Some fans have even recreated scenes from the show, complete with costumes and props.

The name “MacLaren’s” was chosen as a way to honor one of the show’s production assistants, Carl MacLaren. Since the show premiered in 2005, MacLaren’s pub has become an iconic location in popular culture, with many fans considering it to be just as much of a character on the show as any of the main cast members.

While MacLaren’s pub is a fictional location on “How I Met Your Mother,” it is based on a real-life pub in New York City called McGee’s. The real pub has become a popular destination for fans of the show, and its creation and naming are both a tribute to the show’s production assistant Carl MacLaren.

What bar is MacLaren’s based on?

MacLaren’s Pub is a popular bar in the TV series How I Met Your Mother. It is a favorite hangout spot for the main cast who spent a great deal of their time here talking, drinking, socializing, meeting new people, and creating memories. Many fans of the show wonder if MacLaren’s Pub is a real place and, if so, what bar it is based on.

To answer this question, we need to take a trip to New York City. In Manhattan’s Upper West Side neighborhood, there is a bar known as McGee’s Pub. This cozy Irish pub is not only a great place to grab a drink or some delicious pub grub, but it’s also where How I Met Your Mother show creators and writers, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, used to hang out. In fact, McGee’s was their go-to spot where they would meet up with other writers and brainstorm ideas for the show.

It is also believed that several scenes from How I Met Your Mother were shot in McGee’s Pub, such as the exterior shots for MacLaren’s Pub and some interior clips as well. Therefore, we can safely say that MacLaren’s Pub is based on McGee’s Pub, and the inspiration for the show came from the writer’s personal experiences at this bar.

The bar has embraced its connection to How I Met Your Mother and created its own fan tours, where people can get a glimpse of locations featured in the show. For instance, visitors can take pictures of the famous MacLaren’s sign outside and other familiar props like the “Lebanese-themed” toilet stall. Besides, the bar has partnered with the show to create signature cocktails named after How I Met Your Mother characters.

Maclaren’S Pub is based on and modeled after McGee’s Pub, with the show creators spending a lot of time here. Fans of the show can visit McGee’s Pub in New York City to experience a little bit of the How I Met Your Mother world in real life.

How much would Ted and Marshall apartment cost?

In the popular TV sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” Ted and Marshall lived in a beautiful apartment located in the Upper West Side of New York City, which served as the backdrop to their many adventures and moments of hilarity throughout the show. As a result, fans of the show have often speculated about how much it would cost to live in such a place in today’s real world.

To determine the possible cost of Ted and Marshall’s apartment, we can look at current rental rates in the Upper West Side area of NYC. Based on recent data, a real two-bedroom apartment in this neighborhood would cost an average of $7,100 per month to rent, which is quite expensive for most people. This high cost is due to the affluent nature of the area, its close proximity to many popular attractions and institutions in the city, and the numerous amenities that Upper West Side apartments tend to offer.

Of course, it’s worth noting that “How I Met Your Mother” is a fictional show, so the exact details of Ted and Marshall’s living arrangement may not fully correspond to real-life housing options. Additionally, factors such as the size, amenities, and specific location of the apartment can significantly affect its rental cost. Nevertheless, based on the available data, we can assume that Ted and Marshall’s apartment was likely quite expensive to rent, and not something that most people could afford easily.