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Do you need music during dinner at wedding?

Weddings are typically filled with love, laughter, and joy. However, as the day moves forward, it becomes more of a celebration. Nothing sets the mood for a celebration quite like music.

But, what about during dinner service? Do you really need music during this time, or is it best to stick with just conversation during dinner? This is a common question that many brides and grooms wonder as they plan their wedding. In this post, we’ll examine both sides of the argument and help you decide whether or not music during dinner is the right choice for you.

The Case for Music During Dinner

There is something to be said for having background music during dinner service. It adds an element of ambiance and can help to break the silence if your guests are hesitant to speak up. Additionally, music can help set the tone for the rest of the night and can be a great indication that the party is just getting started.

Another benefit of having music during dinner is that it can add some personality to your reception. Consider choosing a specific playlist that has songs that are meaningful to you as a couple. This can help to make the reception feel more personal and less generic.

It’s important to note that the type of music that you choose for dinner service is key. Many couples opt for instrumental music so guests can still have conversations without having to compete with the music. This can be a great way to add some ambiance without interrupting the natural flow of conversation.

The Case Against Music During Dinner

On the other hand, some couples believe that music during dinner service is unnecessary. The reasoning behind this is that dinner is a time for guests to eat, catch up with old friends, and enjoy each other’s company. Adding music to the mix can be disruptive and may detract from the overall experience.

Additionally, some couples believe that music during dinner can be a distraction. It’s possible that guests may focus more on the music than on their conversation or the food in front of them. And, if the music is too loud, it could make it difficult for guests to hear each other or for the waitstaff to take their orders.

How to Decide Whether or Not to Have Music During Dinner

Deciding whether or not to have music during dinner at your wedding can be tough. However, there are a few key factors to consider that can help make your decision easier.

The Formality of Your Wedding

If you’re having an ultra-formal wedding, it may be best to skip music during dinner service. In this case, the focus is more on the elegance and sophistication of the evening, rather than getting the party started early on. However, if you’re having a less formal event, playing music during dinner can be a great way to get your guests excited for the night ahead.

The Vibe You Want to Create

Consider the overall vibe that you want for your wedding day. If you’re hoping to create a lively and energetic atmosphere, music during dinner can help to set that tone. However, if you’re going for a more low-key vibe, it might be best to skip the music and let your guests enjoy their meals and conversation without any added distractions.

The Type of Music You Choose

As mentioned earlier, the type of music that you choose for dinner service can make a big difference. If you opt for instrumental music, it’s less likely to be a distraction and can just add a nice touch of ambiance. However, if you’re going to play something with lyrics, be sure to choose something that’s appropriate for the setting and won’t be too distracting for your guests.


Ultimately, whether or not you have music during dinner at your wedding is a personal choice. However, by considering the formality of your wedding, the vibe you want to create, and the type of music you choose, you can make an informed decision that will help create the perfect day for you and your guests.

Whatever you decide, the most important thing is that you and your significant other are happy and that your day is filled with love and joy.


Should you play music at a dinner party?

The question of whether or not to play music at a dinner party is a matter of personal preference and the type of atmosphere you want to create. However, music can be an excellent addition to any gathering, especially when hosting a dinner party. The right music can help set the mood and tone for the evening and help create a relaxed, enjoyable ambiance for your guests.

When deciding on the type of music to play, it is crucial to remember that this is a dinner party and not a dance club. Therefore, the volume and genre of music should be carefully selected to complement the meal and not overpower the conversation. Soft, background music that does not have noticeable transitions between songs is ideal for setting the mood.

Upbeat, instrumental music can be an excellent choice as it can add to the ambiance without being too distracting. Additionally, choosing music that matches the theme of your dinner party can be an excellent way to tie everything together. For example, if you are hosting an Italian-themed dinner party, playing instrumental Italian music can help your guests feel transported to Italy.

If you’re not sure what type of music to play, don’t be afraid to ask your guests for suggestions. You can even create a playlist based on their suggestions and play it throughout the evening. This way everyone gets a say in the music selection, and you can be sure to choose the right songs.

Playing music at a dinner party can add to the overall ambiance of the evening. It can help tie together the meal and create a relaxed, enjoyable environment for guests. When selecting the type of music to play, it is important to choose songs that are instrumental and do not have noticeable transitions between them. Additionally, matching the music to the theme of the evening can be an excellent way to create a cohesive atmosphere.

What does a DJ do during a wedding?

The role of a wedding DJ is to make sure that your reception is a party to remember. They are responsible for setting the mood and energy of your wedding reception through playing the right songs at the right times and keeping the crowd engaged. Throughout the night, they read the crowd and adjust the music accordingly so that everyone is comfortable and having a great time on the dance floor.

Before your wedding, your DJ will meet with you to discuss your preferences and music choices. They will also ask you about your event timeline, special announcements, and any activities you have planned so they can prepare accordingly. For example, they may create specific playlists for your first dance, father-daughter dance, or any other unique dance that signifies your special day.

During the reception, the DJ will typically start by playing softer background music at the start of the party. This allows guests to socialize and catch up with each other before things get too loud. They will then start playing music that will keep guests on the dance floor and encourage them to show off their moves. They will work in sets of music, usually playing up to three or four songs in a row, keeping the energy level high and the mood upbeat.

Throughout the night, the DJ will also help to facilitate special moments like the cake cutting, the garter toss, or the bouquet toss. They will also make any important announcements, such as introducing the newlyweds or directing guests to different parts of the event space.

In addition, a good wedding DJ is also skilled at reading the crowd. They understand that not all guests have the same music taste and can adjust the music accordingly to ensure that everyone has a good time. If someone requests specific songs, the DJ will do their best to incorporate them into their set or explain why they might not be suitable for the moment.

A wedding DJ’s job is to make sure that the reception is a party to remember. They provide the right music for each moment, get guests on the dance floor, facilitate important moments, read the crowd, and help make your wedding reception unforgettable.